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The Top 20 Fastest-Growing Jobs To Consider in the New Year

March 29, 2021

While millions of people remain without work due to COVID-19, there is hope on the horizon for 2021 as the labor market continues to rebound. New Indeed data shows that some industry growth may have even emerged because of the pandemic directly—including professions like travel nursing and telemedicine, which exponentially increased this past year as health care facilities were forced to evolve to meet the needs of the population.

Below, we list the top 20 fastest-growing jobs of 2020 and explain their rise during the pandemic and why you might want to consider them in your job search in 2021.

We also discuss how to update your resume and cover letters in the new year and how to use Indeed’s resources to make your job search successful. For a list of all jobs available now, start your search on

Fastest-growing jobs in 2020

Below, you’ll find a list of the fastest-growing jobs from 2017-2020—with jobs that had the highest growth at the top. You will also find information about the jobs including national average salary and primary job duties. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, click on the salary link for each job title below:

Growth in job postings, 2017-2020: 600%

National average salary: $52,670 per year

Primary duties: Relocation assistants typically work for consulting companies that help businesses relocate current or newly-hired employees. Relocation assistants often help consultants with administrative duties while learning the relocation industry, as it is typically an entry-level job. They may learn about real estate, transportation of household goods and how to review contracts.

This industry has seen recent growth as companies headquartered in places with a higher cost of living—such as New York City or San Jose—were drawn by lighter tax burdens and a lower cost of living to secondary cities like Austin, Atlanta, Dallas and Phoenix. In 2020, local governments also sought relocation assistants to help low-income citizens facing eviction or homelessness during the pandemic.

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Growth in job postings, 2017-2020: 269%

National average salary: $103,093 per year

Primary duties: A travel nurse is a registered nurse—encompassing various clinical backgrounds—who fills short-term employment needs in hospitals, clinics and other health care facilities. Travel nursing became popular when there was a nationwide shortage of nurses, and it has surged in 2020 as facilities sought assistance to cover nurse shortages when coronavirus cases skyrocket in their area. To attract RNs, health care facilities offer to cover housing and relocation costs in addition to higher pay. A travel nurse usually stays in one location for 13 to 26 weeks or until the health care facility they are working at no longer needs them.

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Growth in job postings, 2017-2020: 254%

National average salary: $158,473 per year

Primary duties: A telemetry nurse generally works with patients who are placed in the telemetry unit of a hospital and are suffering from heart disease, heart failure and complications associated with cardiac conditions. They use specialized equipment like EKGs and breathing machines to monitor patients' progress and provide cardiac intervention methods in the event of an emergency. Nurse placement companies are reporting all-time-high demand for this specialty.

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Growth in job postings, 2017-2020: 213%

National average salary: $82,689 per year

Primary duties: Real estate agents assist clients with the sale, purchase and rental of residential, commercial and industrial property. They manage everything from finding real estate that meets clients’ needs and preparing contracts to creating property listings and arranging viewings. A typical real estate agent works under a licensed broker to develop a client roster, publish and review listings, arrange property viewings, negotiate purchase offers, and create contracts and deeds.

The rise and resilience of the real estate industry has been a cornerstone of 2020, as many buyers began house hunting to take advantage of low mortgage rates, and sellers were motivated to take advantage of rising property values due to demand.

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Growth in job postings, 2017-2020: 212%

National average salary: $192,755 per year

Primary duties: Telemedicine physicians communicate with patients via telephone, online chat or through a video call. Telemedicine jobs were already on the rise, but the field has seen accelerated growth in 2020 after the CDC issued guidance to adopt social distancing practices, specifically recommending that health care facilities and providers offer virtual clinical services. This allowed patients to seek care for nonemergency conditions, get prescriptions renewed or changed, or get a referral to other physicians without going into a hospital or doctor’s office.

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Growth in job postings, 2017-2020: 201%

National average salary: $89,863 per year

Primary duties: A roofing consultant provides expert guidance to property owners on the design, installation, maintenance, repair and replacement of their roofing. The industry has weathered the pandemic by using satellite imagery to prepare roofing proposals and contacting property owners virtually to replace in-person sales.

Growth in job postings, 2017-2020: 187%

National average salary: $96,813 per year

Primary duties: Construction planners develop a plan to complete a construction project on time and within budget with available resources. Construction planners also make organizational decisions to make a construction project come to life. As COVID-19 continues to disrupt job sites, construction planners are needed to adapt projects faced with materials shortages, furloughs and shipping delays.

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Growth in job postings, 2017-2020: 181%

National average salary: $71,560 per year

Primary duties: Infection preventionists work with other infection professionals like epidemiologists and biologists to control the spread of infectious disease, so it may come as no surprise that these professionals have been in high demand lately.

Nurses are often involved in training staff and enforcing infection control policies. Infection preventionists track down sources of outbreaks and prepare reports to mitigate the effects on the community.

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Growth in job postings, 2017-2020: 169%

National average salary: $106,072 per year

Primary duties: General engineering relates to the design, building, maintenance and use of engines, machines and structures. These professionals encompass a wide variety of engineering roles, including electrical, chemical, mechanical, civil, architectural and computer engineering. As businesses have shifted their operations to remote workplaces, demand has increased for software engineers, for example, as they are needed to examine remote frameworks.

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Growth in job postings, 2017-2020: 159%

National average salary: $90,862 per year

Primary duties: Logistics management specialists, sometimes called logistics managers, oversee the supply chain of an organization. These professionals are responsible for managing and maintaining an accurate inventory of product storage warehouses, facilitating business relationships with clients, discussing and negotiating shipping rates, setting up and maintaining shipping schedules and supervising the work of the rest of the logistics team. The continued shift to online shopping has caused a surge in demand for logistics services.

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Growth in job postings, 2017-2020: 140%

National average salary: Salary data not available at this time

Primary duties: A digital transformation consultant or consulting company's role is to help an organization identify ways to become more profitable by implementing strategic changes with the help of technology. As many companies had to shift their business models to attract online customers with the onset of the pandemic, this career path only continued to grow.

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Growth in job postings, 2017-2020: 124%

National average salary: $78,440 per year

Primary duties: A realtor is a real estate agent or broker who belongs to the National Association of REALTORS®. A realtor pays annual dues to the association and subscribes to its extensive code of ethics. Realtors assist residential and commercial property owners with the buying and selling process. They might take clients to property viewings, prepare properties for showings and open houses, negotiate the terms of a purchase and prepare the necessary paperwork and documents for a sale. Industry experts predict the real estate market to continue to rise in 2021.

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Growth in job postings, 2017-2020: 124%

National average salary: $129,437 per year

Primary duties: Site reliability engineers create general software requirements before sending it into production and then closely monitor the development process. These professionals are also responsible for conducting incident responses in case the platform has issues running properly, installing updates and error fixes to platforms and tracking the full development process.

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Growth in job postings, 2017-2020: 119%

National average salary: $78,419 per year

Primary duties: A dermatologist assistant is a physician assistant who works with dermatology patients to diagnose and treat skin conditions. A professional in this role is supervised by a licensed dermatologist in a medical office or clinical setting. They may also update medical charts, administer medications and provide patients with advice regarding care plans. Much of the demand for dermatology jobs is a result of population growth.

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Growth in job postings, 2017-2020: 118%

National average salary: $105,989 per year

Primary duties: A ServiceNow developer is responsible for managing an organization’s ServiceNow platform, which supports IT service management to automate business processes. These professionals design, configure, develop, troubleshoot and implement baseline and custom applications to enhance the platform. ServiceNow is still a relatively new technology, so growth is expected to persist as companies continue to implement it.

Growth in job postings, 2017-2020: 115%

National average salary: $130,138 per year

Primary duties: A type of web designer, back-end developers ensure that all aspects of a site’s infrastructure work as intended. This includes maintaining databases and troubleshooting the part of the website users don't see. A senior back-end developer uses their experience to solve more complex technical problems. These professionals work with product managers and front-end developers to solve problems and achieve common goals.

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Growth in job postings, 2017-2020: 114%

National average salary: $53,983 per year

Primary duties: Criminal investigators, also known as detectives, investigate various types of crimes. Investigators commonly conduct interviews with witnesses, suspects and victims of crimes, compile and analyze evidence, prepare and deliver search and arrest warrants and make arrests. Criminal investigators may also testify in court if necessary.

Demand for this field has continued to grow as the need for securing private data online increases. As more companies evolve to online platforms, new types of insurance fraud, banking fraud and identity theft have emerged—all of which require criminal investigation.

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Growth in job postings, 2017-2020: 113%

National average salary: $142,649 per year

Primary duties: Product designers create product specifications based on feedback from internal and external partners, draw a product and design it. Senior product designers may use their experience to lead a team of designers, as well as research various product creation techniques, test a product's functionality and improve the design of older products. Professionals who specialize in industries with rapid growth, such as tech or health care, may see more job opportunities.

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Growth in job postings, 2017-2020: 112%

National average salary: $147,956 per year

Primary duties: A director of people is an upper-level human resources role that oversees an organization's company culture and the policies and budgeting that go into improving it. This field has seen an increase in jobs in 2020 as more companies publicly promised to fight for equality in the workplace.

A director of people might help set mission and vision statements for the company and lead the establishment and implementation of new policies and procedures, employee engagement programs, continued learning and skill-building funds and hiring and training processes. They may also manage conflicts and reform hiring practices to correct prior diversity and discrimination concerns.

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Growth in job postings, 2017-2020: 111%

National average salary: $85,848 per year

Primary duties: Cybersecurity specialists monitor networks for any vulnerabilities or potential threats to an organization's data. These professionals create, test, implement and analyze the effectiveness of various security systems by building firewalls and managing any attacks on network infrastructures.

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Tips for job searching in the new year

Like so many others, you may also be starting or continuing a job search as we enter the new year. While job searching can be hard work, there are a few steps you can take to set yourself up for success to find the right job for you. Below, we’ve outlined how to approach job searching in 2021:

Set goals for yourself

Goals can help you make more informed decisions and increase your motivation. Follow these steps to set the appropriate goals for you:

1. Set SMART job search goals
SMART goals—goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound—offer specific steps to help you successfully find a job. Include deadlines and amounts so you can measure your success; it should be challenging but realistic to help keep your confidence high during your job search. For example: “I will apply to two new job openings every week” or “I will make a connection with one new person in my industry this week.”

2. Write down your goals
Physically putting your SMART goals in writing makes them tangible and real. Using language like “I will” instead of “I would like to” is also a small but powerful way to give you the necessary confidence that you can achieve your goal.

3. Create an action plan
Write down specific steps for how you plan to achieve your goal of finding a new job. The process of crossing off each step as you accomplish it can be personally satisfying and keep you motivated, as it serves as a literal reminder that you're getting closer to achieving your goal.

For example: “Redesign resume” / “Update professional online profiles” / “Ask a colleague to proofread cover letter” / “Submit application” / “Follow up with hiring manager.”

4. Track your progress
Evaluating your progress can help you stay motivated throughout your job search. If you realize you're not on track with where you think you should be, you can re-evaluate and make changes to your action plan. Consider creating a spreadsheet to track your job application progress: link to the job description, note the date you applied, when you followed up, whether or not you interviewed, when you send a thank you note and other details related to each job you apply for.

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Update your resume and cover letter

The world of work has evolved since pre-pandemic times. Refresh your resume and cover letters to reflect that:

1. Showcase your 2020 accomplishments
Include specific accomplishments that demonstrate the scope and impact of your work in 2020. If you lost your job due to COVID-19, directly state that and point to achievements you made beforehand.

For example: “Drove sales through new business development and existing client relationships; team was on track to deliver $100K in new sales for second quarter prior to COVID-19-related layoffs.” This feels more authentic and personable than a general bullet point about your skills or responsibilities at your past employer. You should also highlight any upskilling you did during the pandemic.

2. Summarize why you think you’d be a good fit
If you are attempting to shift to a different field—for example, you have experience in retail sales but you’d like to pivot to an industry with more growth, such as real estate—highlight your transferable skills or add a summary section to your resume to reframe your career path to fit.

3. Include context in your cover letter
Because a cover letter is more flexible than a resume, there is more opportunity to explain the circumstances of your situation. If the pandemic forced a career switch, for example, describing your decision can justify why your experiences coming from a different industry might be valuable to the hiring manager.

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Find the right jobs for you

Follow these steps as you search for work in 2021:

1. Reflect on what’s prompted you to look for work
Spend some time deciding what you want in a job. Do you want to keep doing the same type of work for a new employer? Are you looking to switch to a growth industry? Are you finally ready to reenter the workforce after losing your job during the pandemic? Create a target list of jobs you think you’d be a good fit for and companies you think you’d enjoy working for.

2. Determine your must-haves
Knowing what you require in a job beforehand can save you from wasting time with jobs that won’t match your needs. These can range from anything like location to salary and health benefits. Use Indeed’s salary trends tool or peruse Indeed Company Pages to read reviews, salary information, current job openings and feedback from others about the interview process.

3. Set up job alerts
Be one of the first to apply to a new job posting by creating job alerts to get email updates about new jobs that fit your criteria. You can create multiple job alerts to be sent to you either daily or weekly depending on how motivated you are to find work.

Indeed compiled this list of the fastest-growing jobs in 2020 by including jobs with an average base salary of at least $75,000, combined with consistent growth in the share of job postings from 2017-2020.


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