18 High Paid Jobs Requiring Organized Jobs

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Updated August 16, 2022

Published November 23, 2021

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Being organized is a useful skill for professionals in any industry. Some careers require more organizational expertise than others, and these careers can be a good career choice for people who enjoy incorporating organization into their processes and physical spaces. If you are organized and enjoy making rules and processes, you can find a career path that compliments this personality trait. In this article, we discuss 18 high-paid organized jobs.

18 high-paid jobs that include organizing

Here are 18 high-paid jobs that require a highly organized person to be successful:

1. Event planner

National average salary: $39,376 per year

Primary duties: An event planner works for a firm or independently, helping their clients plan and execute events. They work on corporate, public and private events. Clients may hire an event planner for their experience working with vendors and executing well-organized and entertaining events for their guests. Using the client's vision as a guide, they can coordinate decorations, venues, catering and entertainment or acts for the event. Event planners' salaries can depend on their location and how much experience they have. For example, in New York City, NY, event planners make an average of $61,134 per year.

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2. Media planner

National average salary: $52,573 per year

Primary duties: A media planner works for a marketing firm or a business in their marketing department. They analyze advertisement placement to find the best time and sites for their clients to post their advertisements. They gather data about audience viewing and reading habits and analyze patterns that reveal information about target audiences and their buying patterns. Planners then use this information to design a comprehensive plan for their clients. They use organizations to keep track of clients and their various data.

3. Proofreader

National average salary: $53,167 per year

Primary duties: A proofreader works with manuscripts and written materials to find and correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. They often work in publishing, journalism or advertising, reviewing material written by authors or copywriters. Proofreaders may check the formatting and additional materials, the indexes and charts. They use the organization to track their various materials and clients and the different rules and formats they check their work against. Their salary can depend on how much experience they have and where they live. For example, a proofreader in Los Angeles, CA, has an average salary of $65,394 per year.

4. Executive assistant

National average salary: $53,287 per year

Primary duties: An executive assistant works for an executive suite member of a company, supporting their administrating and operational needs. They schedule meetings and appointments, organize events and manage office operations. They may take messages for their boss, record minutes for their meetings, and oversee additional staff depending on the size of the office. An executive assistant uses organization skills to track the schedule of their bosses and can be responsible for their contacts list and supply purchases.

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5. Travel agent

National average salary: $59,021 per year

Primary duties: A travel agent works at a travel agency and manages client travel plans. They organize flights, hotels, car rentals and events the client wants to participate in during their travels. Agents establish relationships with various travel vendors and plan trips around the connections and packages they organize. They use organization skills to keep track of the different trips they plan with vendors and their various add-ons and customizations. Agents use organization skills to track their client's information and travel need to assist them while searching for a trip and while on the trip.

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6. Archivist

National average salary: $59,801 per year

Primary duties: An archivist works in a museum or university, overseeing obtaining and preservation of different artifacts. Once an organization has received an artifact, archivists categorize the item, record basic information about it to make it easy to locate in the future, and determine where to keep the item. They use pre-developed systems to assess the value and purpose of each item. Archaists typically work with paper documents, photographs, maps, films or computer records. They use organization and data entry skills to ensure the items in the archive are easily accessible.

7. Public relations specialist

National average salary: $59,853 per year

Primary duties: A public relations specialist works for a marketing department or a public relations department managing the press releases and press communications for a client or company. They endeavor to preserve the good brand image of their client by releasing positive information about the company and establishing relationships with the press to monitor public opinion. They are often working with reporters to release information in a controlled way and to get updates about any negative news stories the press may have. PR specialists use organizations to monitor communications and track contacts.

8. Logistics manager

National average salary: $60,302 per year

Primary duties: A logistics manager handles the flow of a product through the stages of production and distribution. They track the product at every stage to ensure that it leaves each stage at the appropriate time to meet deadlines set by the production and marketing teams. Every department reaches out to the logistics manager to get status updates. The logistics manager can also control distribution processes to make sure they are efficient and up to date.

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9. Dean of students

National average salary: $61,141 per year

Primary duties: A dean of students works for a university or college and is in charge of the student body. They organize health services, financial assistance and academic support for the student body as a whole. Deans may also take responsibility for personal matters concerning individual students as needed. They also make and enforce school regulations and policies to ensure the safety and security of students on campus. They use organization skills to manage the different procedures and student cases they handle.

10. Operations manager

National average salary: $63,540 per year

Primary duties: An operations manager handles the various operations and production processes in a business. They may work in a factory or production environment, but they can also in offices control the working conditions and processes of the product and company as a whole. They hire and train employees, oversee quality assurance and analyze processes to increase productivity and efficiency. In production environments, they may also oversee the implementation of new machines and regularly assess their productivity. They use organizational skills to manage different employees and processes in various departments.

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11. Data analyst

National average salary: $65,408 per year

Primary duties: A data analyst works in various industries, collecting, organizing and analyzing data to conclude their business prospects. They use different computer programs and tools to analyze the data, enter it into databases, and organize it into information that business strategists use. They often compile reports based on the data they collect to present their findings. Data analysts use organizational skills to maintain the integrity of the data they collect, ensure readability, and store it so that it is easily retrievable.

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12. Financial planner

National average salary: $70,141 per year

Primary duties: A financial planner works with clients to help them establish and meet their long-term financial goals. They use their knowledge of personal finance, taxes, budgeting and investing to create a plan for their clients that outlines recommendations and tools they can use to meet their goals. A financial planner may work at a financial firm or freelance and work directly for clients. Some financial planners may work in asset allocation and risk management for companies as well. They use organization skills to manage the different regulations and tax laws and their clients' account information.

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13. Lawyer

National average salary: $73,544 per year

Primary duties: A lawyer works in the judicial system, representing clients in court proceedings, giving advice about the legality of business decisions and tracking laws and regulations. They communicate the law to their clients and government agencies. They often develop arguments using their understanding of rhetoric and interpretations of the law. Lawyers can also mediate between different parties in a civil dispute, helping two people reach a legally binding compromise. They use their organizational skills to keep a strong understanding of new laws and interpretations and case proceedings and client information.

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14. Product manager

National average salary: $95,825 per year

Primary duties: A product manager works with the development team to design and manufacture products to sell. They have expertise in the industry they work in, including the design and production of products. They oversee the process from conception to distribution, often handling quality assurance. Product managers create and make sure each team adheres to the production schedule to be ready to sell by a certain date. They also communicate with the sales and marketing departments to make sure all teams have the necessary information. They use organizational skills to manage the different departments and product information.

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15. Visual Merchandise Manager

National average salary: $78,941 per year

Primary duties: A visual merchandise manager develops visual merchandising programs across a large store. They typically work for grocery stores and chain retailers to organize the retail store's layout and how employees can display the merchandise to align with the company's marketing objectives. Visual merchandise managers design floor plans, draw up samples, create models, and distribute them to different retail stores. They may also write a list of instructions for how to set up each display. Visual merchandise managers use organizational skills to create the plans and use visual organization skills to develop the designs.

16. Construction superintendent

National average salary: $80,920 per year

Primary duties: A construction superintendent works for construction companies, coordinating construction teams and overseeing the process from concept to execution. They monitor day-to-day operations on the construction site, ensuring the productivity and safety of each crew member. A construction superintendent also serves as the primary source of communication between the construction crew and the company's administration. They use organization skills to manage the construction plans and the responsibilities of each crew member.

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17. Real estate agent

National average salary: $94,115 per year

Primary duties: A real estate agent works for a real estate brokerage, selling and renting properties to clients. They can help clients find commercial properties for their business or residential properties. Many real estate agents run their small businesses, networking with property owners and people looking to purchase new homes to use their connections to make sales. They use organization skills to handle their client's information and the various listing clients have hired them to represent.

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18. Project manager

National average salary: $73,871 per year

Primary duties: A project manager works for a company that produces a product, usually a tech firm. They work with a team of developers to establish a timeline of tasks and a plan to accomplish them. Many project managers use the organization to track how long each task may take, which departments handle each task, and how the tasks relate to each other in terms of dependencies for their completion. They are usually the connection between management and the team, communicating the expectations for each project.

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