21 High-Paying Jobs in Boston (With Job Duties and Salaries)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published November 25, 2021

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The city of Boston offers many resources, activities and employment opportunities, and many jobs in Boston pay above the national average. If you're moving to the area and looking for a new job, or if you live in the Boston area and want a better-paying position, there are many jobs you can pursue. Learning about high-paying jobs available in Boston can help you find a desirable position. In this article, we highlight 21 high-paying jobs in Boston that pay over $60,000 per year, along with their job duties and annual salaries.

21 high-paying jobs in Boston

Here are 21 high-paying jobs in Boston for you to consider in your job search. For the most up-to-date Indeed salaries, please click on the links below:

1. HVAC technician

Average salary: $62,049 per year

Primary duties: An HVAC technician works to install, maintain and repair the heating and cooling systems of homes and commercial buildings. HVAC technicians work with heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and refrigeration. They make sure that the systems are running properly, check for and resolve maintenance issues and follow government regulations for emissions and environmental concerns.

2. Financial analyst

Average salary: $72,076 per year

Primary duties: A financial analyst is responsible for analyzing an individual's or company's financial data, such as overall profits, market trends, stock prices and average expenses. They make recommendations about various financial, business and investment decisions that the person or company might be considering. Financial analysts usually study accounting, business or finance and can help their clients in those areas.

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3. Marketing manager

Average salary: $76,710 per year

Primary duties: Marketing managers are responsible for promoting a company's products and services. They identify and attract potential customers and build their customer base to increase business and sales for the company. Marketing managers typically work with a team of marketing and advertising professionals, market researchers and product development experts to develop and distribute effective marketing campaigns.

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4. Human resources manager

Average salary: $77,986 per year

Primary duties: Human resources managers work as the intermediary contact between company owners or management and staff. They make sure that everyone follows the proper rules and policies for the company. Human resources managers also listen to employee concerns, organize company activities and help encourage staff morale. They also help with hiring, training, payroll and benefits.

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5. Purchasing manager

Average salary: $78,011 per year

Primary duties: Purchasing managers acquire the products, supplies, equipment and services that a company needs to run its business. Some purchasing managers order and receive items directly, while others manage people who complete these processes. They typically perform tasks such as ordering supplies, negotiating prices, arranging the delivery of items, finding storage for products once they arrive and coordinating replacements or returns if necessary. Some purchasing managers also track a company's inventory so they know when to replace items.

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6. Biomedical engineer

Average salary: $78,476 per year

Primary duties: Biomedical engineers use engineering practices in the medical field to design, develop and improve medical technology, such as pacemakers, artificial limbs or insulin pumps for diabetics. They work to create new devices and improve older ones so that people can use the most modern and efficient equipment in the health care industry. Biomedical engineers usually work in hospitals, labs and medical research centers.

7. Chemical engineer

Average salary: $85,039 per year

Primary duties: Chemical engineers use math, physics, chemistry and biology to address issues in fuel, chemicals, food, drugs and other products. They plan and test treatment and production methods and design equipment. Chemical engineers also help develop manufacturing processes and products and oversee safety protocols for handling chemicals.

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8. Real estate agent

Average salary: $87,710 per year

Primary duties: Real estate agents help people buy, sell or rent property, such as houses and commercial buildings. They search listings to help clients find a property that best meets their needs or sell a property they own. Real estate agents arrange viewings of properties and assist with the logistics involved in buying or selling real estate, such as making offers, arranging closings and understanding the terms of a sale. They may also organize open houses to attract more buyers. Real estate agents stay informed about trends in the real estate market and help set prices for sale.

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9. Computer programmer

Average salary: $95,628 per year

Primary duties: Computer programmers, or coders, write code for computers and software programs and complete tests to make sure everything is functioning correctly. If there are any errors, they work to fix them or change the coding to remove any errors. Computer programmers usually work with several different computer programming languages.

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10. Architect

Average salary: $106,926 per year

Primary duties: Architects design and draw plans for a variety of buildings, including commercial buildings, office buildings, skyscrapers and private homes. They review the space available and meet with others to discuss what the building might look like and what amenities it should have. Architects often work with construction managers, engineers and interior designers to help execute their building plans and make sure the building they've designed is safe and functional.

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11. Electrical engineer

Average salary: $115,943 per year

Primary duties: Electrical engineers are professionals who work with electrical systems. They design, develop and test electrical systems for a range of products and items, such as computers, televisions, cars and airplanes. They also help with large-scale electrical systems, such as power generators and navigation systems. Electrical engineers often assist with the manufacturing and installation of electrical equipment, and they test and monitor it afterward to make sure it's functioning properly and follows codes. They also find ways to use electricity for new products or use it to improve older ones.

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12. Veterinarian

Average salary: $117,510 per year

Primary duties: Veterinarians are doctors who examine and treat animals. They check animals' overall health, diagnose diseases, run tests or do lab work and prescribe medication. Many vets work with smaller domestic animals such as cats and dogs, while others work with animals on a farm or at a zoo.

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13. Loan officer

Average salary: $124,639 per year

Primary duties: Loan officers work for banks, credit unions and other financial institutions, helping people who want to borrow money for a home renovation, a mortgage for a house, a small business loan and other purposes. They suggest different loan options to clients and help them find the loan that works best for them. They also explain the details of the loans, the interest payments and other lending information to clients. Loan officers often help their customers throughout the various steps of the lending process.

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14. Professor

Average salary: $125,421 per year

Primary duties: Professors teach students at universities at the college or graduate level. They also do research, write papers about topics in their field and publish them. Many professors work full time, and some work part time as adjunct professors. Their duties include lecturing students during classes, preparing lesson plans for their teaching, assigning work to students, evaluating students' work and giving feedback.

15. Nurse practitioner

Average salary: $129,193 per year

Primary duties: Nurse practitioners are registered nurses who have additional training in nursing and specialize in a particular area of medicine. They can diagnose diseases, order and interpret medical tests and lab work, assist patients and prescribe medications. Nurse practitioners may also provide primary care or urgent care, and they often help patients with chronic or long-term diseases.

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16. Pharmacist

Average salary: $129,855 per year

Primary duties: Pharmacists fill prescriptions and distribute medication to customers and patients based on recommendations from their doctors. They dispense pills and other medications and often communicate with insurance companies and medical professionals. Pharmacists tell patients how to take their medication safely and any side effects that may occur. They also answer people's questions about medications and recommend treatments for certain health concerns.

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17. Economist

Average salary: $132,850 per year

Primary duties: Economists analyze the finances of a particular group, business or community to discover the health of a particular economy and find ways to improve it. They review what a group is producing and spending and what resources they have. They may also study people's spending habits, disposable income, salaries and cost of living. Additionally, economists examine past and future spending to recognize trends and study economic laws such as supply and demand.

18. Dentist

Average salary: $223,802 per year

Primary duties: Dentists are doctors who provide care for people's teeth. They work with a team of dental professionals to relieve people's dental problems and complete duties such as filling cavities, treating gum diseases and cleaning their patients' teeth. They often advise patients on how to better care for their teeth, prevent tooth decay and manage other important issues related to oral care. Some dentists may perform surgical procedures.

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19. Orthodontist

Average salary: $226,004 per year

Primary duties: Orthodontists work to straighten or correct patients' tooth and jaw placement. They may put braces and other oral appliances on someone's teeth and perform surgery when needed. Their main job is to fix patients' teeth or jaws to alter their appearances. Orthodontists regularly see patients and often arrange long-term treatment plans for them.

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20. Optometrist

Average salary: $278,941 per year

Primary duties: Optometrists are medical doctors who work with the eyes. They examine their patients' eyes to make sure they're healthy, diagnose and treat any health problems of the eyes and test their patients' vision. They may help patients get eyeglasses or contact lenses if needed, and they often refer people to eye surgeons for eye concerns that require further attention.

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21. Anesthesiologist

Average salary: $395,453 per year

Primary duties: An anesthesiologist gives medicine to patients before surgery to numb body parts or to allow patients to sleep through the surgery process. Anesthesiologists watch and monitor patients during and after surgical processes to ensure they're feeling well, and they might administer more pain medication if needed. They usually work with other doctors or nurses in hospitals, clinics and doctor's offices to ensure excellent patient care.

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