26 High-Paying Communications Jobs (With Salary Information)

Updated February 16, 2023

Communications is a versatile area of study can prepare students for a wide variety of careers. These career options include working in marketing, public relations, writing and business. If you know you'd like to work in communications, learning about high-paying job options may help you plan your career effectively. In this article, we list 26 high-paying communications jobs, including a detailed list of 16 jobs with salaries and detailed primary duty descriptions and 10 jobs more with salary information.

16 High-paying communications jobs

Here's a list of 16 high-paying jobs to consider if you're interested in a career in communications, that all pay over $60,000 per year. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, visit indeed.com/salaries:

1. Journalist

Average salary: $62,231 per year

Primary duties: Journalists write articles and reports for publication in newspapers, magazines, online publications, radio or television. They may first develop an idea for a story, then pitch their idea to the network or manager. If granted permission, they can use research, interviews or investigative journalism techniques to learn more about their chosen topic. Next, they can write a first draft of their article and work with editors to prepare it for publication.

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2. Brand manager

Average salary: $65,601 per year

Primary duties: This marketing and communications professional helps to create and maintain the personal brand for an individual or organization. This might include creating a distinctive logo or visual representation of the brand and collaborating with marketers to decide how best to represent the client or product to appeal to the target audience. Other common brand manager duties include analyzing consumer demand, communicating with consumers and expressing brand identity to marketing professionals or stakeholders. These individuals might also create branded pitches, write articles or provide input on social media strategy.

3. Business development representative

Average salary: $65,343 per year

Primary duties: Business development representatives are specialized sales professionals who focus on identifying and contacting new prospective customers, or prospects. They might use networking or research skills to identify prospects, then contact them by phone, email or social media. The main goal of these professionals is to expand the number of customers for the company at which they work. After a successful initial communication, at which the business development representative might establish interest or set up a follow-up meeting, they might refer the prospect to another member of the sales team who can focus on completing the sale.

4. Director of public relations

Average salary: $66,519 per year

Primary duties: The director of public relations creates and implements strategies within a company that help it form a strong relationship with the public. This includes managing the public perception of the company through media, events, speeches and public outreach. These professionals may use communications skills to determine how to express information to the public in a way that favors the company's image. They may also be responsible for managing a team of public relations professionals and professional contacts.

5. Communications manager

Average salary: $68,185 per year

Primary duties: A communications manager ensures that all company messaging and communications align with the company mission statement and values. This can include statements made in social media posts, emails, public speeches and interviews. These professionals may also collaborate with marketing and other communication professionals to ensure that the company's communications are engaging to the target audience and that they're consistent in their message. Specific duties may include writing press releases, reviewing marketing materials, meeting with shareholders and preparing communications reports.

6. Proposal writer

Average salary: $68,240 per year

Primary duties: These professionals use writing to communicate why a particular company or project deserves support. Proposal writers may work for private companies, government agencies or nonprofit organizations to help them fundraise or otherwise gain external support. Specific duties for this professional may include meeting with clients, conducting interviews, researching opportunities, writing proposals and editing previous work. They might also work on a variety of proposals or specialize on a particular type. A few examples of types of proposals include internal, external, solicited, unsolicited and renewal proposals.

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7. Sales representative

Average salary: $69,837 per year

Primary duties: A sales representative helps represent a company and sell the product that company produces. They might identify new potential clients and convert those prospects into paying customers. To do this, sales representatives might communicate product or service information by email, phone or in-person meeting. They might offer a presentation about the product benefits and answer questions from the customer. They can negotiate prices and delivery options with the customer as part of this process. Sales representatives can also work in collaboration with other members of the sales or marketing departments to help increase the company influence.

8. Senior communication specialist

Average salary: $71,984 per year

Primary duties: These professionals help create a communications strategy that offers an effective and consistent company message. They also help communicate the company's goals, values and brand. This can include creating and monitoring content for social media, press releases, television, radio and public events. As a senior-level position, this role can also entail leading teams of marketing, advertising, public relations or communications professionals. This part of the job can include assigning projects, coordinating projects between departments, managing campaigns and mentoring lower-level professionals.

9. Senior editor

Average salary: $73,933 per year

Primary duties: Senior editors use their expertise in the written language to help create error-free written products for publication. A senior editor might work for a newspaper, magazine, website, book publisher or news station. They can review pieces to help produce professional and engaging content that's grammatically correct. Senior editors may also assign simple work to junior or freelance writers while taking on more complex projects themselves.

10. Internal communications executive

Average salary: $76,577 per year

Primary duties: These professionals help facilitate effective communication within a company. This might include the communication between upper and lower levels of management or team members. It might also include communication across departments. Specific duties of internal communications executives may include meeting with company executives and shareholders to learn about their goals, then communicating those goals to other departmental figures. They may also help create opportunities for lower-level team members to express their opinions to company management. As executive professionals, these individuals might collaborate with departments like human resources or internal communications to create an effective company-wide communication strategy.

11. Development director

Average salary: $80,873 per year

Primary duties: Development directors help organizations create an effective plan for company growth and development, then raise the money necessary for the company to achieve its development goals. To do this, a development director might organize fundraising events or programs. They can also develop campaigns to convert previous or current customers into donors and work to maintain relationships with previous donors. Other duties may include contributing to company budget management solutions, recruiting development staff or training fundraising volunteers.

12. Senior copywriter

Average salary: $85,424 per year

Primary duties: These professionals write and produce copy, or written content, for websites, advertising campaigns, videos and other publications. They might write short-form content, which is typically under 1,500 words. This can include blogs, social media posts, advertising slogans, emails, short articles and how-to guides. They can also write long-form content, which may be over 1,500 words. Examples of long-form content include detailed articles, case studies, e-books and reports. Senior copywriters may also assign articles to junior copywriters. Some assist with editing or publication.

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13. Director of Business Development

Average salary: $97,637 per year

Primary duties: The director of business development at an organization may identify new business opportunities to expand its influence and increase its revenue. They might do this by leading teams that create and maintain relationships with customers, partners, manufacturers and distributors. They can also help set goals and make strategic company decisions that might help facilitate future growth. Areas of influence might include budgeting, hiring, spending, partnerships and product development.

14. Vice president of business development

Average salary: $131,758 per year

Primary duties: The vice president (VP) of business development helps business development executives and other high-level management professionals make decisions about the company's future. This might include decisions about company partnerships, branding or future projects. The VP of business development might also help negotiate contracts and lead a team of lower-level sales professionals. These individuals often report to the director of business development and may also collaborate with managers or vice presidents from the marketing, sales and public relations teams.

15. Vice president of marketing

Average salary: $140,967 per year

Primary duties: The vice president (VP) of marketing helps create and implement a company-wide marketing strategy. This can include collaborating with other executives to create a yearly marketing plan and presenting it to the rest of the marketing team. The VP of marketing might also help analyze successful marketing strategies and implement them in their plans. As an upper-level position, professionals in this role might also help hire, train, manage and mentor lower-level marketing professionals. This can include building project teams, offering advice, managing budgets and directing marketing research.

16. Vice president of sales

Average salary: $142,663 per year

Primary duties: The vice president (VP) of sales helps oversee sales teams and sales strategy for a company. This can involve analyzing past sales strategies, drafting sales reports and presenting new sales opportunities and tactics to the sales department. To present new sales goals, the VP of sales might provide annual or quarterly sales goals and feedback to their team. Other duties include creating and maintaining important customer relationships and collaborating closely with the marketing department to promote company products and services. This individual may also recruit and hire new sales staff.

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10 more high-paying communications jobs

Here are 10 more communications jobs that pay more than $50,000 per year, according to Indeed. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, visit indeed.com/salaries:

  1. Public relations manager: $56,356 per year

  2. Media planner: $57,305 per year

  3. Event planner: $53,657 per year

  4. Digital marketer: $57,756 per year

  5. Social media manager: $59,643 per year

  6. Marketing communications manager: $66,096 per year

  7. Communications consultant: $67,588 per year

  8. Account executive: $68,055 per year

  9. Business development manager: $68,226 per year

  10. Director of communications: $72,795 per year


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