13 of the Highest-Paid Jobs in Maryland

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published November 23, 2021

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Regardless of your industry or position, you may be interested in obtaining a job that pays a higher salary. If you're seeking a high-paying job in the state of Maryland, it's helpful to know which positions offer the highest earning potential. Understanding the jobs that can provide you with the highest potential income can help you find a role that aligns with your professional and financial goals. In this article, we provide a detailed list of 13 high-paying jobs in Maryland, with the average salary and responsibilities for each position.

13 high-paying jobs in Maryland

Your salary might depend on several factors, including the job's location, your work experience and the hiring organization. Here's a list of 13 high-paying jobs in Maryland that offer salaries of at least $60,000 a year. For the most up-to-date Indeed salaries, please click on the links below:

1. Pediatrician

Average salary: $68,130 per year

Primary duties: Pediatricians examine children and babies to monitor and record their health and physical development. These professionals are responsible for diagnosing and treating illnesses, injuries and diseases. They may provide preventative care like vaccines and prescribe medications with detailed administration instructions for family members. A pediatrician communicates a patient's health, nutritional and fitness needs to their guardians. In certain cases, they might recommend that a patient visits a specialist for further treatment.

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2. Sales representative

Average salary: $69,034 per year

Primary duties: A sales representative is responsible for selling products and meeting customer needs. These professionals often investigate customer complaints, develop solutions, prepare reports and make recommendations to management teams. They may perform market research and monitor competing businesses, focusing on pricing, products, delivery schedules and merchandising techniques. Sales representatives establish and maintain positive relationships with companies and customers.

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3. Judge

Average salary: $89,170 per year

Primary duties: A judge listens to allegations of prosecuting and defending parties during court cases. Their responsibilities include listening to witness testimonies, ruling on the admissibility of evidence and informing defendants of their rights. These professionals often instruct the jury and rul on motions presented by lawyers. In criminal cases, a judge may determine the guilt or innocence of defendants and determine sentences for guilty defendants.

4. Architect

Average salary: $96,819 per year

Primary duties: Architects design buildings and ensure the safety of their structural plans. These professionals are responsible for researching, planning and administering buildings project for clients. They apply their knowledge of architectural design, construction procedures and building codes to produce conceptual plans and documents. An architect may work with a team of engineers and project managers to coordinate materials and products for project specifications. They supervise construction teams to ensure that the work is in compliance with specific standards, guidelines and regulations.

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5. Information technology manager

Average salary: $98,555 per year

Primary duties: An information technology manager is responsible for coordinating, planning and leading IT and computer-related activities in an organization. Their duties may include researching and implementing technological strategic solutions and managing IT staff by hiring and training employees. These professionals establish computer systems to fulfill a company's IT requirements. They manage telecommunications and electronic support systems related to a business' operations.

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6. Senior practice manager

Average salary: $99,280 per year

Primary duties: Senior practice managers are responsible for supervising the daily operations of a medical facility and developing its business strategy. They may work with a clinical team to monitor a business' financial goals and clinical quality and practice standards. Their duties often include ensuring an organization's regulatory compliance, hiring new employees, maintaining equipment and ordering medical supplies. These professionals might manage a company's medical records and develop policies and procedures for staff.

7. Nurse anesthetist

Average salary: $114,878 per year

Primary duties: A nurse anesthetist provides anesthesia care for patients before, during and after a surgical operation. These professionals are responsible for monitoring the biological functions of a patient's body during surgery to ensure they're asleep and free of pain. Other duties include performing physical assessments and managing a patient's recovery from anesthesia after an operation. Nurse anesthetists may work with a team of medical staff to develop plans for pain management.

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8. Physician

Average salary: $156,915 per year

Primary duties: Physicians perform physical examinations on patients to identify illnesses, injuries or diseases and create treatment plans. They are often responsible for collecting information about a patient's medical history, prescribing medications and performing basic medical procedures. These professionals may perform diagnostic tests, analyze the results and educate patients about them. A physician provides continuous care for the patient while they're in a hospital or other medical center.

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9. Chief executive officer

Average salary: $169,574 per year

Primary duties: A chief executive officer (CEO) is responsible for managing a company's operations. They ensure an organization's staff and board of directors have sufficient and updated information. These professionals often establish the company's strategic goals, manage its structure and direct professional agendas. A CEO helps identify, minimize and monitor any financial risks that the organization may encounter. They may convey information about the organization to shareholders, government entities or the community.

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10. Dentist

Average salary: $194,258 per year

Primary duties: Dentists provide oral examinations for patients to promote dental health and prevent diseases. These professionals often clean and repair teeth, monitor the development of the teeth and jaws and perform minor surgical procedures. They might evaluate the results of diagnostic tests and fit patients for dental appliances. A dentist is responsible for educating patients about their oral health practices and ensuring the safe administration of anesthetics.

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11. Chief medical officer

Average salary: $215,854 per year

Primary duties: A chief medical officer manages a health organization's medical staff. Their responsibilities may include training new employees on the business' procedures and keeping current staff updated on health regulations. These professionals often provide clinical guidance to doctors, ensure regulatory compliance and develop budgets. Chief medical officers may be responsible for communicating with board members, health administrators and department heads about a facility's performance.

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12. Orthodontist

Average salary: $246,929 per year

Primary duties: Orthodontists are responsible for performing oral examinations to look for irregularities in a patient's mouth, teeth and jaws. They often develop corrective treatment plans for abnormalities and collaborate with other specialists, including dentists and oral surgeons. These professionals may design, apply and adjust oral appliances and instruct assistants on procedures and techniques. An orthodontist collects information regarding a patient's dental history and maintains orthodontic records.

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13. Psychiatrist

Average salary: $306,605 per year

Primary duties: Psychiatrists manage the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental illnesses and emotional and behavioral disorders. These professionals are responsible for conducting psychiatric evaluations and gathering information about a patient's medical history. Other duties include prescribing and administering medication, monitoring patients for side effects and evaluating the results of care plans. A psychiatrist may use psychotherapy, behavior modification, crisis intervention and hospitalization when providing counseling services.

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