101 High-Paying Jobs in Reno (With Salaries and Duties)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published January 3, 2022

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Reno offers well-paying positions in several different industries, from the medical industry to the construction industry. If you're thinking of moving to Nevada or are interested in the different job opportunities there, you might consider learning about some of the lucrative jobs available in Reno. In this article, we list 101 high-paying jobs in Reno, including some of their primary duties and the average salary for each.

20 high-paying jobs in Reno

Here's a list of 20 high-paying jobs in Reno. For the most up-to-date Indeed salaries, please click on the links below:

1. Psychologist

Average salary: $100,356 per year

Primary duties: A psychologist specializes in understanding and interpreting their client's mental health conditions. They diagnose patients with short-term or chronic mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression or substance abuse. Psychologists evaluate and diagnose conditions based on social, cultural and environmental factors and suggest different therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, to treat their patients.

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2. Architect

Average salary: $101,796 per year

Primary duties: Architects are highly skilled professionals who design buildings and structures for commercial and residential use. They create instructions that site workers can understand and execute. They also help maintain public safety by reviewing city and state regulations and obtaining any necessary approval or documentation to work.

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3. Podiatrist

Average salary: $103,226 per year

Primary duties: Podiatrists are medical professionals who assess, detect and diagnose conditions related to the feet or lower part of the leg. They prescribe medication, therapy or perform surgery to treat diseases and disorders such as fractures, diabetes, arthritis or bunions. To detect or prevent disease, they also conduct routine examinations and X-rays on their patients.

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4. Microbiologist

Average salary: $103,308 per year

Primary duties: Microbiologists are researchers who study microorganisms typically found in the body, animals, plants and nature. They explore different environments to retrieve samples of algae, fungi, bacteria and viruses to examine them and learn about how they affect their host. They aid in providing information about microorganisms to other specialists to keep the public safe.

5. Data scientist

Average salary: $106,673 per year

Primary duties: Data scientists retrieve and analyze data from an organization's relational database to help it better manage its business. They're responsible for collecting and analyzing a company's data, then identifying and reporting any challenges or trends they find. They also make sure that the data is accurate by cleaning and maintaining its uniformity.

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6. Front-end developer

Average salary: $116,643 per year

Primary duties: Front-end developers are software engineers who use coding language to construct a website. They consult with designers to aid in creating the format, wording and visual elements that users see when they visit the website. Front-end developers also ensure that users can easily read and navigate the layout of a website by implementing coding language to construct mobile applications.

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7. Pediatrician

Average salary: $117,318 per year

Primary duties: A pediatrician is a medical professional who diagnoses and treats injuries and illnesses in children. Aside from physical conditions, they can also monitor and assist with behavior and mental conditions. They typically maintain a friendly and calm demeanor while they perform routine examinations and even minor surgeries on individuals under the age of 18.

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8. Recreation specialist

Average salary: $123,426 per year

Primary duties: Recreation specialists develop and coordinate fun activities for large groups such as nursing home residents, inmates at a correctional facility or people at community centers. They consult with leaders and attendees to determine which activities might be most productive and engaging. They're responsible for booking venues, distributing event passes and tickets and coordinating with other team members to ensure they purchase any equipment and items needed for the event.

9. User experience architect

Average salary: $124,174 per year

Primary duties: User experience architects perform extensive user and market research to design the structure of a website or mobile application. They make sure the layout of a website is easy for the user to understand and navigate, including organizing its content for better readability. User experience architects perform routine website audits to ensure it's working properly and to detect any issues or need for updates.

10. Network engineer

Average salary: $132,054 per year

Primary duties: Network engineers design, create and provide support to an organization's computer network. They work as IT specialists to help troubleshoot and solve issues that users have concerning the network. Network engineers maintain the systems by conducting routine updates and upgrades, installing network equipment like routers or load balancers and performing data backups that keep company data safe.

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11. Pilot

Average salary: $150,851 per year

Primary duties: Pilots are licensed professionals who typically transport travelers by airplane to a specific destination. They can specialize in providing different services, such as transporting cargo or aiding in rescue operations. Pilots keep their passengers safe by ensuring the weather is appropriate for a flight, conducting pre-flight checks and recording any potential issues in a post-flight report.

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12. Pharmacist

Average salary: $155,070 per year

Primary duties: Pharmacists administer doctor-prescribed medications to patients for treatment. They work closely with doctors, nurses and medical staff to ensure they administer the correct medication. Pharmacists have a responsibility to keep their patients informed about what they're taking by giving them instructions about their prescribed medication, such as proper dosage, or advising on any foods or beverages that are safe for patients to consume while taking the medication.

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13. Videographer

Average salary: $173,282 per year

Primary duties: A videographer records footage for professional and personal events, from large weddings and major fashion shows to anniversary dinners or baptisms. Videographers typically troubleshoot and maintain their equipment to ensure that it's working properly and ready to use when the event begins. They also edit and add words, music and graphics to videos to enhance its quality.

14. Psychiatrist

Average salary: $240,574 per year

Primary duties: Psychiatrists assess, diagnose and treat patients with mental health conditions. Psychiatrists study mental health through a biological lens and treat patients using prescribed medicines, brain-stimulating therapies and interventions. They also provide patients with referrals to specialists when necessary.

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15. Orthodontist

Average salary: $255,430 per year

Primary duties: Orthodontists evaluate and treat dental conditions related to the mouth. They use dental devices like braces and retainers to modify the position of a patient's teeth or jaw. Some common dental conditions they treat are jaw misalignment or crooked teeth.

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16. General practitioner

Average salary: $273,635 per year

Primary duties: A general practitioner treats patients with general ailments and health conditions. General practitioners assess and diagnose patients who have acute or minor injuries or illnesses. They also perform regular screenings and examinations as part of a patient's preventative care plan.

17. Gastroenterologist

Average salary: $285,401 per year

Primary duties: A gastroenterologist is a medical professional who specializes in the human gastrointestinal tract and liver. They're responsible for diagnosing and treating gastrointestinal disorders, including prescribing medication and therapy if necessary. Gastroenterologists also perform routine procedures such as colonoscopies to aid in the prevention or diagnosis of medical conditions related to the colon.

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18. Surgeon

Average salary: $289,306 per year

Primary duties: Surgeons perform operations on patients to treat varying medical conditions such as fractured bones or tumors. They evaluate a patient's condition and determine whether surgery is necessary. Surgeons can remove organs or foreign objects from the body, replace organs with transplants and even perform cosmetic surgeries.

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19. Dentist

Average salary: $301,719 per year

Primary duties: Dentists are licensed professionals who treat and maintain their patients' dental health. They assess and diagnose conditions related to teeth or gums and teach patients about oral care. They also work to clean or repair parts of the mouth by polishing teeth or removing cavities.

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20. Physician

Average salary: $360,216 per year

Primary duties: A physician assesses and diagnoses patients with different injuries and illnesses. Physicians specialize in different areas of medicine, such as family medicine, radiology and psychiatry. They're responsible for prescribing medications and therapies, referring patients to specialists and teaching them how to manage chronic conditions or maintain their health.

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81 other high-paying jobs in Reno

Here's a list of 81 more high-paying jobs in Reno. For the most up-to-date Indeed salaries, please click on the links below:

  1. Payroll administrator: $60,000 per year

  2. Chaplain: $60,073 per year

  3. Postdoctoral fellow: $60,389 per year

  4. Sales executive: $60,545 per year

  5. Human resources manager: $60,600 per year

  6. MRI technologist: $60,697 per year

  7. Environmental scientist: $60,763 per year

  8. Cartographer: $61,273 per year

  9. Design consultant: $61,448 per year

  10. Massage therapist: $61,647 per year

  11. Nuclear technician: $61,592 per year

  12. Digital marketer: $62,182 per year

  13. Outreach manager: $62,498 per year

  14. Human resources specialist: $62,821 per year

  15. Funeral director: $64,766 per year

  16. Sourcing manager: $63,410 per year

  17. Content strategist: $65,077 per year

  18. Sales development representative: $65,192 per year

  19. Construction manager: $65,398 per year

  20. Pharmaceutical sales representative: $65,581 per year

  21. Industrial designer: $65,793 per year

  22. Marketing manager: $65,889 per year

  23. Police officer: $66,264 per year

  24. Industrial mechanic: $66,870 per year

  25. Training specialist: $67,026 per year

  26. Scientist: $67,613 per year

  27. Maternity nurse: $67,617 per year

  28. Public relations specialist: $68,071 per year

  29. Diversity and inclusion manager: $68,203 per year

  30. Board of directors: $70,013 per year

  31. Financial analyst: $70,097 per year

  32. Control panel technician: $70,487 per year

  33. Landscape architect: $70,527 per year

  34. Air traffic control: $70,686 per year

  35. Senior accountant: $70,694 per year

  36. Broker: $71,390 per year

  37. Yoga instructor: $71,401 per year

  38. Systems administrator: $72,528 per year

  39. Farm manager: $72,782 per year

  40. Professor: $73,080 per year

  41. Truck driver: $73,451 per year

  42. Distribution manager: $74,180 per year

  43. Senior business analyst: $74,217 per year

  44. Structural designer: $74,601 per year

  45. Director of marketing: $77,486 per year

  46. Aircraft mechanic: $77,744 per year

  47. Recruiter: $77,758 per year

  48. Petroleum engineer: $78,868 per year

  49. Development operations engineer: $79,461 per year

  50. Research analyst: $79,844 per year

  51. Test engineer: $80,362 per year

  52. Wildlife biologist: $81,179 per year

  53. Mortgage loan officer: $81,199 per year

  54. Chiropractor: $81,649 per year

  55. Senior consultant: $82,786 per year

  56. Listing agent: $83,238 per year

  57. Production manager: $83,670 per year

  58. Nurse practitioner: $84,106 per year

  59. Gym manager: $84,562 per year

  60. Attorney: $85,720 per year

  61. Software developer: $85,998 per year

  62. Transport planner: $86,593 per year

  63. Physician assistant: $87,352 per year

  64. Area manager: $88,263 per year

  65. Treasury manager: $89,739 per year

  66. Business intelligence analyst: $89,861 per year

  67. Investigator: $89,908 per year

  68. Automation engineer: $91,295 per year

  69. Film developer: $91,671 per year

  70. Tax manager: $92,926 per year

  71. Product manager: $93,263 per year

  72. Trustee: $94,187 per year

  73. Dental hygienist: $95,446 per year

  74. Financial adviser: $96,164 per year

  75. Midwife: $96,200 per year

  76. Real estate agent: $96,218 per year

  77. Voice engineer: $96,421 per year

  78. Construction superintendent: $96,924 per year

  79. Site superintendent: $98,058 per year

  80. Model: $99,484 per year

  81. Cyber security specialist: $99,706 per year

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