12 High-Paying Jobs in Long Island To Consider

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published November 23, 2021

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Long Island is a city located in the state of New York with various industries looking to hire qualified candidates for high-paying jobs. From judges to orthodontists, if you're interested in finding a high-paying career in the area, there are many opportunities if you have the skills and experience. Learning more about some of the high-paying jobs in the area may help you determine if choosing a job on Long island is the right career path for you. In this article, we discuss 12 high-paying jobs in Long Island you may want to consider when you begin seeking employment.

12 high-paying jobs in Long Island

Although the definition of a high salary varies depending on each person's geographical location, here is a list of 12 jobs that pay more than $60,000 per year on Long Island, which exceeds the current United States average salary. For the most up-to-date Indeed salaries, please click on the links below.

1. Judge

National average salary: $73,803 per year

Primary duties: A judge's main role is to conduct court proceedings, but they have many responsibilities both inside and outside the courtroom. Inside the courtroom, some of their responsibilities include listening to witness testimonies, informing the defendants of their rights, ruling on motions the counsel presents to them, determining the guilt or innocence of the accused and presenting them with a sentence if found guilty. Outside of the courtroom, they have many duties, including researching regulations and laws, overseeing the work of courtroom staff, meeting with attorneys to collaborate on settlement options and creating court procedures and rules.

2. Human resource manager

National average salary: $76,656 per year blah blah

Primary duties: A human resource (HR) manager supervises the employees in the HR department and is responsible for their company's hiring process. Some of their hiring duties include developing and maintaining an easy onboarding process, preserving high standards when recruiting new employees and training new hires. HR managers have many other responsibilities in the office as well, such as conducting performance reviews related to potential increases in wages, resolving conflicts through professional mediation, reporting on workplace health compliance, handling workplace discretion and ensuring employee privacy in all matters they handle.

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3. Architectural project manager

National average salary: $84,569 per year

Primary duties: An architectural project manager coordinates the planning and building activities of residential, commercial and industrial construction projects. Their jobs usually begin by developing building plans with the design and architectural teams, selecting a site, preparing estimates for clients and scheduling workers for a project. Other duties include monitoring the progress of a project, evenly dispersing the workload and organizing construction documents.

4. Pediatrician

National average salary: $86,293 per year

Primary duties: A pediatrician's main role is to provide medical care to infants and children under the age of 18. They have many responsibilities, such as diagnosing and treating illnesses and injuries, ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests, prescribing treatments, vaccinations, therapies and other medical care and explaining test results and procedures to patients and their families. Other duties consist of referring patients to other health care providers as necessary, advising patients and guardians on healthy eating habits, disease prevention and hygiene and staying up to date on current medical trends so they can provide the best care to their patients.

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5. Director of sales

National average salary: $93,844 per year

Primary duties: A director of sale oversees all sales operations for a business. Some of their primary duties include creating quarterly and monthly sales goals, designing methods to help their team reach sales targets and drafting detailed sales reports to share with executives. They oversee a lot of tasks with their employees, such as helping them improve their customer service abilities, training new staff members, offering professional development and meeting with sales managers to discuss the progress on their sales goals. Other duties consist of analyzing the competitors to determine selling prices and communicating with customers to better understand their business needs.

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6. Pilot

National average salary: $97,905 per year

Primary duties: Pilots operate aircraft for various industries, such as commercial, airline, private or military sectors. Some of their primary duties consist of performing pre and post-flight inspections of equipment, navigational systems and fuel, monitoring weather conditions, liaising with air traffic control before and during flights and communicating with the co-pilot and other crew. Some of a pilot's other duties include choosing the safest route, being prepared to handle any unexpected challenges, ensuring the cargo weight doesn't exceed the aircraft limits and maintaining up-to-date knowledge on equipment and technological advancements in aircraft.

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7. Professor

National average salary: $126,681 per year

Primary duties: A professor teaches students at a collegiate level in varying subjects depending on their own educational background. They often divide their time between teaching, researching and occasionally publishing their work. Some of their duties in the classroom consist of developing a course curriculum for their students and lecturing students in person or online. They often work with teaching assistants and assistant lecturers to show them how to lecture classes and grade student assignments. They also assist in student recruitment, participate in faculty meetings and complete fieldwork so they can publish their findings.

8. Financial manager

National average salary: $128,552 per year

Primary duties: A financial manager oversees the financial functions of an organization by producing financial reports and developing strategies for the business' long term goals. They have many primary duties, such as estimating the amount of funds needed for the short and long-term objectives of the company, working on financial reports, creating and implementing budgeting plans and making investments on behalf of the company to maximize returns. Financial managers have other responsibilities as well, including calculating the risks involved in the financial activities, monitoring the KPI tracking and providing financial insight to increase the organization's overall performance.

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9. Nurse anesthetist

National average salary: $128,729 per year

Primary duties: A nurse anesthetist works under an anesthesiologist or doctor to ensure the patient is receiving their anesthesia safely and accurately. They also provide pain management as needed and oversee a patient's recovery. Some of their daily responsibilities include evaluating patients and preparing them for procedures, giving them information about the recovery process and explaining the potential side effects of the anesthesia. They also prepare and administer the appropriate type and dose of anesthesia, monitor a patient's vitals during the procedure, overseeing the patient's safety during recovery and evaluate their progress after a surgery or procedure.

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10. Primary care physician

National average salary: $133,074 per year

Primary duties: A primary care physician provides normal medical care to their patients and is usually the first health care provider their patients see for routine checkups and screenings. They also see patients when they are sick or injured and can refer them to other specialty physicians, depending on their diagnosis. If a primary care physician refers a patient to another health care provider, it is their responsibility to communicate with the specialist as needed. They also stay current with medical trends to ensure they're giving their patients the best possible care and treatments.

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11. Psychiatrist

National average salary: $205,347 per year

Primary duties: A psychiatrist is a licensed medical doctor who diagnoses, treats and studies mental disorders in their patients. Some of a psychiatrist's typical patient duties include assessing patients through interviews, tests and observations, diagnosing them and treating them with medication as needed. They also maintain documentation for items including a patient's symptoms, diagnosis, treatment plan, medication and effectiveness of the treatment. Other responsibilities include providing emotional support to their patients, helping them set realistic goals and regularly consulting with other medical professionals and researching developments in the field.

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12. Orthodontist

National average salary: $276,789 per year

Primary duties: An orthodontist is a dentist who specializes in the correction of tooth irregularities. Their main responsibility is to use orthodontic equipment to allow for normal functioning of the mouth and to make cosmetic corrections to the teeth. They also study patient histories, discuss treatment costs and plans with patients, work with assistants on techniques and procedures and collaborate with other specialists to coordinate any other necessary orthodontic work needed. Other duties include regular procedures such as tightening braces, making adjustments to orthodontic equipment and educating patients on proper oral hygiene when wearing braces.

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