9 High-Paying Jobs in Nashville (Plus Duties and Salaries)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published November 23, 2021

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If you're interested in a profitable career in a city, working in the Nashville area may help you increase your income. Nashville companies offer many high-paying positions in various industries like health care and business. Learning about jobs in Nashville that offer a high salary can help you find an employment opportunity that matches your financial goals. In this article, we discuss nine high-paying jobs in Nashville, including the salaries they offer and the primary duties for each position.

9 high-paying jobs in Nashville

Here's a list of nine high-paying jobs in Nashville. For the most up-to-date Indeed salaries, please click on the links below:

1. Mortician

Nashville average salary: $66,343 per year

Primary duties: A mortician, or funeral director, is a professional who prepares the deceased for a funeral service. At some funeral homes, a mortician may also be responsible for organizing other elements of the funeral service. They may set up flower arrangements, file death certificates and arrange for cremations or burials after a funeral service has ended.

A mortician often communicates with friends and family members of the deceased, showing empathy throughout the process. They inform the loved ones of their options for honoring their friend or family member and provide advice about how to meet the deceased's wishes in a financially sensible way.

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2. Cosmetologist

Nashville average salary: $79,029 per year

Primary duties: A cosmetologist is a beautician who offers various services to improve clients' appearances. While some specialize in washing and cutting hair or applying nail art or makeup, other cosmetologists provide comprehensive beauty services. A cosmetologist may own a salon, work in one or travel to venues like wedding halls to perform their services for clients. This career involves creativity and effective listening skills, as a cosmetologist often considers clients' requests and implements their own ideas to produce the best outcome possible.

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3. Dog trainer

Nashville average salary: $86,404 per year

Primary duties: A dog trainer is responsible for teaching dogs how to behave in specific ways. Some dog trainers focus on correcting dogs' behavioral problems like chewing on furniture, digging holes in a backyard, pulling on a leash or barking excessively. This professional may focus on reducing a dog's aggressive behavior toward humans or other animals and increasing friendly habits in dogs.

Dog trainers may also train dogs to complete specific tasks for someone with a disability or perform tricks to showcase in a competition. A dog trainer is often comfortable working with canines of different sizes, breeds, ages and temperaments.

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4. Chief executive officer

Nashville average salary: $94,925 per year

Primary duties: A chief executive officer is responsible for managing an entire company. They seek advice from their board of directors on important business operations and offer other company leaders their final business-related decisions. A CEO serves as a business's main communicator, as they represent the company when talking to the general public, government entities and shareholders. A CEO may also help establish a company's goals to measure productivity and alter these goals as necessary. CEOs are also in charge of evaluating the performance of company leaders, like presidents or vice presidents, and replacing them if necessary.

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5. Miner

Nashville average salary: $96,055 per year

Primary duties: A miner is a trained professional who works underground to extract rocks, coal and ore. They're familiar with various tools and techniques for extracting these resources safely and efficiently. They often understand how to use explosives to access specific areas, making natural resources in those locations easier to transport.

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6. Midwife

Nashville average salary: $99,177 per year

Primary duties: A midwife is a health care professional who helps pregnant patients during the pregnancy and labor processes. They help patients ensure safe pregnancies by offering advice on which foods to eat, exercises to perform and supplements to take. A midwife may work in various settings, including birthing centers and hospitals. They may also make visits to patients' homes to assist with home births. A midwife orders medical tests when necessary and collaborates with other professionals like gynecologists and obstetricians to best serve their patients.

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7. Speech pathologist

Nashville average salary: $106,689 per year

Primary duties: A speech pathologist is a professional who helps people manage and overcome communication disorders and improve their swallowing abilities. These professionals meet with each patient and develop a treatment plan. Sometimes, a speech pathologist can work with patients in a group setting, while others prefer to meet with patients individually. A speech pathologist's goals are to teach each patient exercises to improve their speech and swallowing, then to monitor their progress to note improvements. Some speech pathologists who work in the entertainment industry also help actors adjust their accents to play specific characters.

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8. Podiatrist

Nashville average salary: $140,000 per year

Primary duties: A podiatrist is a physician who specializes in treating problems with patients' ankles and feet. They may work with the general population or choose to focus on pediatric or geriatric patients. Depending on their personal interests and career goals, a podiatrist can work in a specific area like dermatology or sports medicine. On a typical day, a podiatrist examines patients' conditions and orders diagnostic tests to diagnose issues like bunions, bone spurs, fractures and sprains. They can prescribe medications to help a patient manage pain and orthotic devices to correct a patient's gait.

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9. Cardiologist

Nashville average salary: $488,281 per year

Primary duties: A cardiologist is responsible for treating various conditions that affect the cardiovascular system. Patients with issues related to their blood vessels or heart often see this specialist. A cardiologist can accurately diagnose a patient's exact condition and prescribe a treatment plan to help reduce or eliminate a patient's symptoms. If necessary, a cardiologist can connect a patient with a cardiovascular surgeon to help them overcome more serious health conditions like congenital heart defects. On an ordinary day, a cardiologist may examine patients, order diagnostic tests and prescribe medication.

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