34 High-Paying Jobs in Tulsa (Plus Primary Duties)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated October 31, 2022 | Published December 7, 2021

Updated October 31, 2022

Published December 7, 2021

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Tulsa, Oklahoma, has many employment opportunities for individuals who are transitioning careers, searching for a new position in the same industry or looking for their first job. There are many jobs in this city that pay salaries above $60,000 annually. Understanding what high-paying positions are available can help you find a valuable career. In this article, we provide some examples of high-paying jobs in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and list their primary job duties.

14 high-paying jobs in Tulsa

Here's a list of 14 high-paying jobs in Tulsa. For the most up-to-date Indeed salaries, please click on the links below:

1. Urban planner

Tulsa average salary: $60,036 per year

Primary duties: An urban planner is a professional who considers the needs of an established population and plans future city growth and development. An urban planner collaborates with public officials and may seek opinions from current residents. They often study market trends and data to predict how their design ideas may impact an area's growth in the future. This professional can plan the construction of additions like new outdoor parks and transportation systems for areas that need them.

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2. Videographer

Tulsa average salary: $61,307 per year

Primary duties: A videographer uses camera equipment to obtain footage of special events. This professional may offer their services to individuals who are hosting weddings, baby showers and other gatherings. A videographer can also work in a more professional environment, recording TV commercials, employee training videos or clips for movies. Depending on their experience and service offerings, a videographer may edit the clips they record to make them more presentable for clients' final viewing.

3. Radiation therapist

Tulsa average salary: $63,534 per year

Primary duties: A radiation therapist is a specialist who delivers radiation therapy to patients with cancer. They're familiar with the proper tools and techniques to protect themselves and their patients from the potentially harmful effects of radiation. A radiation therapist is responsible for delivering the correct dosage of radiation to patients depending on their condition and unique needs. This professional is also responsible for keeping detailed records that other medical professionals can reference and use to alter a patient's treatment if necessary.

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4. Dietitian

Tulsa average salary: $65,224 per year

Primary duties: A dietitian is a certified professional who helps people establish and follow healthy diets that meet their nutritional needs. They can work in nursing homes, hospitals or outpatient care facilities. A dietitian often works with different patient populations, including those who are struggling to lose weight or experiencing an eating disorder. This professional accounts for clients' allergies and other limitations to plan nutritious meals and establish healthy eating habits.

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5. Technical director

Tulsa average salary: $66,453 per year

Primary duties: A technical director is an individual that provides technical support to a company by running a department or team. This professional updates company owners and managers of the organization's technical needs, including new equipment and upgrades. They may also offer solutions to data security and operate tech-related help desks to improve efficiency within a company.

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6. Judge

Tulsa average salary: $69,122 per year

Primary duties: A judge is responsible for presiding over a court of law. They maintain order among all parties present and handle any misconduct accordingly. A judge listens to both the prosecutor and defendant with an unbiased perspective and considers all evidence they present. If any evidence is improper or illegal to use, a judge makes this determination. If the court convicts a criminal defendant, a judge sentences them appropriately.

7. Safety manager

Tulsa average salary: $74,356 per year

Primary duties: A safety manager is a supervisor who works on construction sites to reduce safety risks. They comply with local and federal regulations to ensure that all construction workers follow the appropriate guidelines for completing tasks. They remind current employees of safety protocols and train new employees in safety initiatives. This professional conducts random safety audits to check for safety measures as the proper use of the equipment and the display of warning signs.

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8. Water treatment specialist

Tulsa average salary: $81,530 per year

Primary duties: A water treatment specialist is a professional who ensures that their service area has access to clean water. Their main goal is to protect the residents and surrounding environment from hazards that may leak into water sources. They install, operate and maintain equipment that purifies water from natural sources. This professional is also responsible for the adequate storage of clean water, and they work to prevent insects and diseases from entering the water supply.

9. Statistician

Tulsa average salary: $82,412 per year

Primary duties: A statistician is a professional who uses data sets to solve real-world problems. They may apply mathematical theories and principles to solve issues in industries like science, engineering and business. This expert in mathematics pinpoints trends using statistical modeling, creates questionnaires to gather relevant data and explains their findings to managers and employees using simple language.

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10. Surveyor

Tulsa average salary: $89,805 per year

Primary duties: A surveyor is a professional who creates boundary lines for spaces in the water, on the land and in the air. They take accurate measurements to help with the creation of maps and determine where construction workers can build new roads, bridges and buildings. A surveyor often collaborates with architects to establish what kinds of foundations new structures need. This professional is also comfortable contributing to legal documents like property leases and deeds.

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11. Underwriter

Tulsa average salary: $99,516 per year

Primary duties: An underwriter is a professional who studies applications from candidates who are seeking insurance, loans, securities and mortgages. They're familiar with computer software that helps them evaluate the risk of accepting each candidate. They use their analysis and the information they collect to either accept or reject candidates' applications.

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12. Urologist

Tulsa average salary: $201,960 per year

Primary duties: A urologist is a medical doctor who specializes in conditions of the male reproductive system and the human urinary system. They perform physical exams on patients' urinary and genital systems to ensure they're functioning properly. If a urologist detects any abnormalities during this exam, they can order diagnostic tests like imaging scans or studies. This professional can also perform minimally invasive in-office procedures like a cystectomy.

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13. Plastic surgeon

Tulsa average salary: $300,000 per year

Primary duties: A plastic surgeon is a medical professional who performs procedures for cosmetic and reconstructive purposes. This professional's responsibility is to consult with patients about the procedure they want to have and educate them of the risks and benefits. A plastic surgeon may perform surgeries on any area of the human body or choose to specialize in a specific area like the face, stomach or feet. Cosmetic and restorative procedures require proper follow-up care, so it's a plastic surgeon's job to offer comprehensive support and post-treatment care.

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14. Psychiatrist

Tulsa average salary: $302,858 per year

Primary duties: A psychiatrist is a medical professional who helps patients with the physical and mental components of psychological disorders. They often establish patient-therapist relationships with their clients by first engaging in psychotherapy, which is when the two parties discuss a patient's issues via talking. A psychiatrist can use their evaluations to prescribe further treatments, including medication and electroconvulsive therapy.

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20 other high-paying jobs in Tulsa

Here are 20 other jobs in Tulsa that pay more than $60,000 annually:

  • Doula: $64,799 per year

  • Attorney: $70,600 per year

  • HR director: $73,345 per year

  • Construction project manager: $73,638 per year

  • Front-end developer: $73,770 per year

  • Computer engineer: $73,954 per year

  • Registered nurse: $75,032 per year

  • Dental hygienist: $76,432 per year

  • Podiatrist: $77,883 per year

  • Financial controller: $78,109 per year

  • Logistics specialist: $78,430 per year

  • Speech therapist: $78,825 per year

  • Inventory specialist: $85,053 per year

  • Chief information officer: $99,945 per year

  • Pharmacologist: $104,265 per year

  • Chief marketing officer: $109,495 per year

  • Software development manager: $124,367 per year

  • Veterinarian: $134,348 per year

  • Rheumatologist: $178,337 per year

  • Vascular surgeon: $300,000 per year

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