26 High-Paying Marketing Jobs in 2023 (With Salary Info)

Updated March 16, 2023

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A marketing job allows you to use your technical, creative or analytical abilities to locate a company's target audience and sell them a product or service. Many of these positions come with the potential to earn higher wages, as people who work in marketing must constantly evolve their approaches and techniques to stay current with the industry and meet consumer expectations. Learning about the primary job duties and the earning potential for different marketing careers may help you find the professional match for your interests and goals.

In this article, we share the typical job duties and average salary for 26 different marketing careers.

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26 high-paying marketing jobs

Exact salaries for high-paying marketing jobs may vary based on various factors. For example, location, experience, qualifications and employer may affect how much you earn. Here are some examples of high-paying marketing jobs:

1. Account manager

National average salary: $61,133 per year

Primary duties: An account manager is a liaison between the marketing company and its clients. They speak with existing and new client representatives to learn about their accounts and goals to help them develop and implement marketing campaigns. Account managers also provide customer service and resolve issues.

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2. Content marketer

National average salary: $61,245 per year

Primary duties: A content marketer is a professional who creates content that engages their employer or client's audience. This may involve creating video, audio, print or visual content. These professionals primarily focus on creating educational content that helps audiences learn about and connect with the product or service.

3. Public relations manager

National average salary: $62,253 per year

Primary duties: A public relations manager is a professional responsible for an organization's reputation and communication with the public. They help ensure the organization's actions align with its brand and participate in decision-making. Public relations managers often write press releases, represent the organization in public and maintain relationships with the media.

4. Marketing analyst

National average salary: $63,808 per year

Primary duties: A marketing analyst evaluates data that supports an organization's marketing strategies. They analyze data from surveys and website analytics, research competitors and reference results from marketing campaigns. They make recommendations for improving marketing efforts based on what they learned.

5. Ecommerce manager

National average salary: $65,218 per year

Primary duties: An ecommerce manager develops strategies that improve the design, usability and practicality of a company's platforms, websites or online shops. Other responsibilities might include researching and locating effective layouts for inspiration and testing updates and changes to current platforms to increase profitability and website traffic. They typically report on the success of current platform designs to other managers.

6. Digital marketing project manager

National average salary: $65,973 per year

Primary duties: Digital marketing project managers oversee the implementation of different marketing projects for a single brand or multiple companies. Common digital projects they may produce include site launches, advertising campaigns or web applications. Digital project managers may also be in charge of preparing budgets for each project, developing detailed project plans, communicating the projects' requirements and client expectations to internal teams and delivering projects within their respective deadlines.

7. Brand manager

National average salary: $67,322 per year

Primary duties: Brand managers build strategies to promote a company. Their goal is to grow the audience and improve brand awareness. Other responsibilities they can hold are researching customer behaviors and market trends, establishing a brand's tone, style and voice, creating plans that increase brand profitability or value and reporting on a company's product sales, market share and campaign performances.

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8. Marketing manager

National average salary: $67,667 per year

Primary duties: A marketing manager develops and implements campaigns to promote a company's brand, product or service. Other job responsibilities may include identifying new business leads to pursue, optimizing pricing strategies and preparing forecasts based on current market trends. They may also oversee the marketing team and creating budgets.

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9. SEO manager

National average salary: $67,757 per year

Primary duties: An SEO manager develops search engine optimization strategies to ensure a company's content ranks high on search engine results. Primary job duties typically include researching trending and relevant keywords to include in content pieces, editing existing content to feature common keywords and reviewing analytics to determine the success of current content. They often collaborate with other marketing professionals, such as writers.

10. Communications manager

National average salary: $68,390 per year

Primary duties: A communications manager oversees a company's marketing, promotional, advertising and sales efforts. They ensure these aspects follow the brand's proper voice and messaging guidelines. Other job duties include reviewing current communication materials to ensure messages are engaging, consistent and positive, preparing detailed press releases, marketing materials and media reports and developing marketing and communication strategies with other marketing professionals.

11. Account executive

National average salary: $68,458 per year

Primary duties: An account executive oversees day-to-day responsibilities associated with maintaining client relationships. Depending on their organization, they may work with multiple clients or one specific, important client. They facilitate marketing efforts aligned with the client's goals and suggest potential tactics for them to try.

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12. Market analyst

National average salary: $68,572 per year

Primary duties: A market analyst, or a market research analyst, support other marketing professionals. They perform market research to learn about specific groups and identify trends. They provide recommendations to other marketers to use for making better business decisions.

13. Content marketing writer

National average salary: $69,510 per year

Primary duties: A content marketing writer crafts engaging and well-written copy for a company's marketing materials, social media channels and web pages. Some of the content they may write includes blog posts, articles, white papers, e-books, product descriptions or case studies. Responsibilities may include performing in-depth research on industry-related topics, proofreading content for errors and style guide adherence and following SEO best practices to help their pieces appear at the top of search engines.

14. Art director

National average salary: $69,960 per year

Primary duties: An art director is a marketing and advertising professional who oversees visual style choices. They may create designs themselves, collaborating with other artists to create the designs. Art directors develop images and graphic style elements for product packing, entertainment productions and media publications.

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15. Communications director

National average salary: $71,366 per year

Primary duties: A communications director manages a company's information and messaging that travels from the organization to the public. They typically oversee the marketing, public relations and other media teams. Other job duties might include building communication strategies to uphold a positive company image, developing responses to any setbacks or crises the company may have, reviewing all documents before being released and ensuring communication campaigns stay within the required budget.

16. Brand strategist

National average salary: $75,444 per year

Primary duties: A brand strategist works with the brand manager to oversee and improve a company's brand. They perform market research to explore potential ways to pitch the brand. They understand and refine aspects of the brand to ensure consistent standards.

17. Marketing specialist

National average salary: $76,080 per year

Primary duties: A marketing specialist creates, implements and monitors various promotional campaigns. Other job duties include conducting in-depth research on industry competitors, building a marketing strategy and tracking the results of campaigns after implementation. They apply market analytics and campaign results toward future strategies.

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18. Consumer insights analyst

National average salary: $76,734 per year

Primary duties: A consumer insights analyst is a marketing professional who helps organizations better understand their customers. They research sales trends, survey customers' experiences, and analyze this information to identify meaningful insights. They share information about customer insights with other marketing professionals as recommendations for how to improve marketing efforts and highlight potential business opportunities.

19. Market researcher

National average salary: $78,969 per year

Primary duties: A market researcher learns about markets for their clients. They perform market research about specific customer groups, products, services and sales trends. They present their findings to other marketing professionals to use in developing successful future marketing plans.

20. Internal communications executive

National average salary: $81,963 per year

Primary duties: An internal communications executive is a marketing and PR professional overseeing organizational communication. They perform various corporate communications tasks to ensure good communication between an organization and its employees. They may write employee newsletters, manage internal communication channels, develop messaging for company meetings and create internal communication plans.

21. Director of marketing

National average salary: $83,080 per year

Primary duties: The director of marketing, also known as a marketing director, oversees a marketing department to ensure they implement all marketing efforts and campaigns successfully and within budget. Other job responsibilities can include developing a comprehensive marketing plan, communicating all marketing plans and strategies to executive teams and developing pricing strategies that maximize profit shares and profits. Some also assist with organizing important company events like trade shows, conventions, seminars or conferences.

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22. Senior market researcher

National average salary: $86,589 per year

Primary duties: A senior market researcher oversees market research efforts for an organization. They may coordinate research plans based on their understanding of the organization's goals and needs. They present their findings from market research and analysis to other marketing professionals to guide their creation of marketing plans.

23. Creative director

National average salary: $88,260 per year

Primary duties: A creative director is an advertising and marketing professional who oversees all the related efforts for an organization. They develop ideas for campaigns, determine how to use assets to achieve the campaign goals and implement strategies for creative measures. They collaborate with and may manage other creative, marketing and advertising professionals.

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24. Demand generation manager

National average salary: $93,133 per year

Primary duties: A demand generation manager uses broad marketing experience to generate demand for an organization's products or services. They develop and implement marketing campaigns to create interest and demand from audiences. They may make plans to attract new customers or transition them into loyal ones.

25. Product marketing manager

National average salary: $101,903 per year

Primary duties: A product marketing manager develops strategies to present products to potential customers in ways that boost revenue and strengthen the brand. This requires reviewing and studying company products to understand how they operate. Other responsibilities may include communicating product benefits or features understandably and engagingly, collaborating with design, development and acquisition teams to promote products effectively and using market trends to position products successfully.

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26. Chief marketing officer

National average salary: $137,070 per year

Primary duties: Chief marketing officers manage the development and implementation of various advertising, marketing and other promotional campaigns. They're typically in charge of assessing and enhancing all existing marketing initiatives, communicating marketing plans and results to executive teams and stakeholders and developing innovative strategies. They aim to improve revenue and align objectives with sales and public relations teams.

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