Learn About 25 Highest-Paying Part-Time Jobs in Louisville, Kentucky

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published November 23, 2021

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There are many job opportunities for professionals searching for part-time roles in Louisville, Kentucky. Whether you're searching for a sales position or health care role, you can find a high-paying part-time job in the area. Researching part-time opportunities in the city can help you find positions that align with your lifestyle, goals, experience and education. In this article, we explore 25 high-paying part-time jobs in Louisville, Kentucky, for you to consider.

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20 high-paying part-time jobs in Louisville, Kentucky

Review this list of 20 high-paying part-time roles in Louisville, Kentucky, to help you understand more about your employment options. For the most up-to-date Indeed salaries, please click on the links below:

1. Field representative

Average salary: $17.53 per hour

Primary duties: Field representatives help increase an organization's brand awareness in a target market. These professionals accomplish this by collaborating with sales teams, meeting with prospective customers and analyzing sales reports. These professionals also provide marketing or advertising guidance to increase consumer interest and motivate customer sales.

2. Brand ambassador

Average salary: $17.54 per hour

Primary duties: Brand ambassadors are individuals who improve sales and brand awareness through promotional events. They conduct pop-up events, trade shows and product demonstrations to show potential customers how a product works. These professionals also use social media to increase product or service awareness in a company's target market. Ambassadors also collaborate with merchants and vendors to foster strong professional relationships.

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3. Nutritionist

Average salary: $18.59 per hour

Primary duties: Nutritionists are health care professionals that align customer nutrition requirements with health conditions and individual lifestyles. These professionals analyze a patient's overall health and establish wellness and health goals. They also create custom dietary plans to increase the likelihood of a patient's success in reaching their goals. Nutritionists also track a patient's progress and make recommendations or changes to established wellness plans.

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4. Logistics associate

Average salary: $18.69 per hour

Primary duties: Logistics associates help to coordinate and manage a company's logistics network. They coordinate and track the shipment of a company's products or materials to ensure they reach customer destinations. These professionals also manage product inventories through regular inventory audits and communicate with customers or third-party transportation agencies.

5. Roadside automotive technician

Average salary: $19.03 per hour

Primary duties: Roadside automotive technicians travel to customer locations and help repair or maintain vehicles and equipment. These professionals change tires, fill tires, deliver fuel, test batteries and jumpstart vehicles. Technicians also provide recommendations to customers regarding the operation of a vehicle, which helps the customer when receiving future automotive services. They also contact repair shops or towing agencies if a vehicle requires additional maintenance before its fully functional.

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6. Merchandising analyst

Average salary: $19.44 per hour

Primary duties: Merchandising analysts review a company's inventory and sales trends to improve inventory allocation strategies. These professionals help a company organize inventory, which can increase profits and consumer interest. Analysts also monitor seasonal changes, provide inventory recommendations and develop supply strategies to increase an organization's revenue and inventory turnover.

7. Order picker

Average salary: $19.60 per hour

Primary duties: Order pickers fulfill customer requests according to order documentation. These professionals retrieve items from storage shelves or bins according to barcodes, serial numbers or other identification methods to complete customer requests. Order pickers also place items in appropriate packing materials to ensure that items arrive at customers in a timely manner. Additional duties these individuals might perform include handling forklifts or other material handling equipment, loading delivery vehicles or managing product inventory.

8. Instructor

Average salary: $22.08 per hour

Primary duties: Instructors help educate students about a specific field of study. Instructors can instruct students in a variety of specialties, including history, science, mathematics, philosophy, business and computer science. These professionals also assess a student's understanding of a topic by conducting quizzes, exams, presentations or essays. Instructors also collaborate with colleagues about educational trends, research interests or educational activities.

9. Behavioral therapist

Average salary: $22.94 per hour

Primary duties: Behavioral therapists help treat patients' mental health disorders. These professionals work with adults and children to recognize and overcome a variety of mental health disorders, including anxiety, depression, addictions and phobias. Therapists also help patients develop skills to overcome and remain successful in their treatment.

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10. Fulfillment coordinator

Average salary: $25.18 per hour

Primary duties: Fulfillment coordinators receive, process and complete customer orders for an organization. They also answer customer questions or concerns regarding order fulfillment operations. They also help foster strong customer relationships by responding to customer emails or phone call and coordinating customer special requests.

11. Freight broker

Average salary: $25.21 per hour

Primary duties: Freight brokers coordinate transportation routes between two companies. They coordinate these activities to ensure products or materials arrive at the destination customer safely and quickly. These professionals also negotiate transportation contracts and deliver invoices to customers for provided services.

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12. Communications specialist

Average salary: $25.77 per hour

Primary duties: Communication specialists manage an organization's internal and external communication strategies. These professionals also represent an organization to the media and community and answer questions or concerns that community members might have. Specialists also create media statements, gather publications, plan media events and conduct press conferences for an organization.

13. Program manager

Average salary: $28.85 per hour

Primary duties: Program managers coordinate projects and other program activities for an organization. These managers also create program procedures and reporting activities to increase program effectiveness and analyze program trends. Managers also create and oversee a program's budget and project timelines.

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14. Insurance broker

Average salary: $29.54 per hour

Primary duties: Insurance brokers help increase an insurance company's consumer base and gain new clients. They accomplish this by advertising insurance capabilities and helping potential customers identify ideal insurance plans. These professionals also serve as a liaison between insurers and customers, with helps build strong relationships with both entities. Brokers also prepare reports for insurance underwriters to maintain plan accuracy and identify insurance trends.

15. Lecturer

Average salary: $31.19 per hour

Primary duties: Lecturers conduct educational presentations and motivational seminars for students and other professionals. They also prepare lecture materials such as presentations or informational packets for lecture attendees. These professionals also conduct research and write papers in their field of study to continue their education and help inform others.

16. Real estate agent

Average salary: $32.12 per hour

Primary duties: Real estate agents help customers buy or sell residential, commercial and industrial properties. They collaborate with customers to identify facility or land requirements and find properties that fulfill those specifications. These professionals also provide recommendations to sellers to increase home value and publish real estate listings. Agents also make and negotiate purchase offers, acting as the liaison between the buyer and the seller.

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17. Dental hygienist

Average salary: $33.79 per hour

Primary duties: Dental hygienists clean and examine a patient's teeth and discuss preventative care techniques. These dental hygiene professionals also take X-rays and create dental molds to help identify any potential dental concerns. Hygienists also collaborate with dentists and other hygienists to develop patient treatment plans or address potential dental care concerns.

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18. Radiology technologist

Average salary: $33.94 per hour

Primary duties: Radiology technologists maintain diagnostic imaging equipment or materials through regular inspection and maintenance. These professionals also help position patients to improve diagnostics imaging exams, which helps physicians or other health care professionals diagnose patient conditions. Technologists also review radiology requests to ensure accurate image capturing. Radiology professionals also shield patients from unnecessary radiation or X-ray exposure.

19. Reading specialist

Average salary: $35.67 per hour

Primary duties: Reading specialists assess student reading capabilities at various stages in their educational development. They accomplish this by conducting reading exams or discussing students with teachers and parents. These professionals also collaborate with teachers to identify potential reading deficiencies and establish reading intervention plans. Specialists might also work individually with students to increase reading capabilities and comprehension.

20. Research scientist

Average salary: $37.06 per hour

Primary duties: Research scientists develop and test various hypotheses by collecting data and conducting experiments. These professionals also write scientific articles for academic publication, create grant proposals and oversee research teams. Some scientists also host lectures about their research or field of study to inform others about their progress or conclusions.

Additional high-paying part-time jobs in Louisville, Kentucky

Review this list of additional high-paying part-time jobs in Louisville to understand more about the opportunities in the area:

  1. Medical assistant

  2. Caregiver

  3. Tax preparer

  4. Warehouse associate

  5. Valet supervisor

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