10 Highest Paid Nursing Jobs

Nursing is an excellent profession for individuals who are personable, compassionate, interested in health science and dedicated to helping others. There are many different types of nursing roles available for professionals at various education and experience levels. The highest paying nursing jobs often require advanced degrees and specialized certifications.

Whether you’re a nursing student considering your options, a registered nurse interested in advancing your career or an experienced nursing professional, knowing the highest paying nursing jobs can help you plan your career trajectory.

Here are 10 high-paying positions nurses may want to consider:


1. Clinical Nurse Educator
    National Average Salary: $101,211 per year

    Primary Duties: Clinical nurse educators, also called nursing professional development specialists, are responsible for training nursing professionals within healthcare facilities. They develop training curriculums and oversee new nurses and nursing school students in a clinical setting. They may work within a hospital or educational institution.

    Companies with this position: Ashfield Healthcare, Ascension Health, Prime Healthcare


2. Nursing Home Administrator
    National Average Salary: $101,255 per year

    Primary Duties: A nursing home administrator is someone who combines experience and education in healthcare with business skills to supervise and manage administrative and clinical activities within nursing home facilities. They may be responsible for hiring and training staff, handling the budget and other financial matters and assisting in patient care as needed.

    Companies with this position: Centers Health Care, HCR ManorCare, Good Samaritan Society


3. Family Nurse Practitioner
    National Average Salary: $101,361 per year

    Primary Duties: Family nurse practitioners deliver family-focused care. They help patients by diagnosing and treating acute and chronic illnesses in patients from childhood through adulthood. They often conduct and review diagnostic tests, prescribe medications and treatment plans, and consult with patients and their families.

    Companies with this position: Fast Pace Urgent Care, RediClinic, Planned Parenthood


4. Advanced Practice Registered Nurse
    National Average Salary: $101,633 per year

    Primary Duties: An advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) is an RN who has pursued advanced training in a specialized area. They may work as nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists, clinical nurse specialists, nurse midwives or other advanced roles. APRNs are authorized to diagnose patients, prescribe medication and develop patient care plans.

    Companies with this position: Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, Hospital Sisters Health System


5. Medical Surgical Nurse Manager
    National Average Salary: $102,678 per year

    Primary Duties: Medical surgical nurse managers are responsible for providing direction and administrative oversight to medical surgical care teams, and plan and lead nursing care within a hospital setting. They may oversee staffing and training of more junior healthcare employees such as registered nurses (RNs), monitor and respond to changes in patient volume and ensure care team adheres to all hospital policies and procedures.

    Companies with this position: Northwell Health, Centennial Medical Center, U.S. Army


6. Nurse Practitioner
    National Average Salary: $106,636 per year

    Primary Duties: A nurse practitioner is a healthcare professional who assists in nearly every aspect of patient care including conducting and interpreting diagnostic tests, such as X-rays and lab work, diagnosing conditions, creating treatment plans and consulting with patients and their families. They may work as part of a clinic or hospital treatment team or independently as part of a private practice.

    Companies with this position: CVS Health Retail, MedExpress Urgent Care, FastMed Urgent Care


7. Pain Management Nurse
    National Average Salary: $107,377 per year

    Primary Duties: Pain management nurses often work within hospital oncology units, palliative care or hospice programs to help identify the cause of a patient’s pain and assist in preparing a care plan. They may also work as a patient advocates to help obtain patient medication, or as liaisons for vocational programs to help patients manage pain while returning to work.

    Companies with this position: Hartford HealthCare, Northwell Health, Mercy


8. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
    National Average Salary: $115,068 per year

    Primary Duties: Psychiatric nurse practitioners, also called mental health nurse practitioners, are APRNs who evaluate patients to diagnose mental illnesses, assist in treatment planning and prescribe medication. They also work to educate patients and their families about their mental illness diagnosis and treatment options. They may work as part of a hospital’s mental health unit or for an independent practice.

    Companies with this position: MedOptions, American Traveler, LifeStance Health


9. Clinical Nurse Specialist
    National Average Salary: $115,628 per year

    Primary Duties: A clinical nurse specialist is an APRN who cares for patients as a part of a variety of health care specializations. They typically work with nursing staff and patient care managers to provide education and optimize patient care efforts. They may review and evaluate patient care plans, complete research to find alternatives, and provide recommendations to help improve patient outcomes.

    Companies with this position: LifeStance Health, Mayo Clinic, American Red Cross


10. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist
    National Average Salary: $172,236 per year

    Primary Duties: Certified registered nurse anesthetists are advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) who deliver anesthesia and pain care services such as epidurals and nerve blocks. They may work with surgeons, anesthesiologists, podiatrists, dentists and other healthcare professionals to help prepare a patient for a procedure, assist in stabilization and monitor patients during post-operation recovery.

    Companies with this position: Envision Physician Services, Maxim Healthcare Services, Kaiser Permanente


Skills for nursing jobs

While there are nursing jobs available at a wide range of skill and experience levels, most high-paying nursing jobs require the following skills:

In addition to these skills, all nursing jobs require a certain level of education—and some positions may also require advanced, specialized certifications.

Working as a nurse can be a personally and financially rewarding career path. And because the healthcare field is always growing, there are many opportunities no matter where your career takes you. By choosing one of these high-paying nursing roles, you can grow your career as well as your income.

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