10 High Paying Jobs for Retired Teachers

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated November 5, 2021 | Published February 4, 2020

Updated November 5, 2021

Published February 4, 2020

An employee may find themselves in a situation where they're looking for a job after they retire. For a retired teacher, a new job can give them a chance to have more financial freedom, the opportunity to work on a project separate from teaching and help them understand what they're passionate about during their post-retirement years. The good news is that there are a variety of choices of careers for them to select.

In this article, we list 10 high-paying jobs for retired teachers and present you a list of ones you can apply for today.

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What are the highest paying jobs for retired teachers?

Jobs for a retired teacher do not solely include going into an office. The rise of technology increases the probability for retired teachers to telecommute into their jobs, so they can spend more time at home. This still provides them a channel to educate students without being in a classroom or employees in the workplace looking to enhance their skills in a particular area.

Furthermore, the highest paying jobs for retired teachers depend on the institution or company they work for, but an adjunct professor, researcher and sales representative can all lead to teacher success after they retire.

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Top 10 highest-paying jobs for retired teachers

Here is a list of the top 10 highest-paying jobs a teacher can pursue after retirement. Take note of these career paths when you're applying for jobs to earn an income after you retire.

1. Career coach

National average salary: $30,960 per year

Primary duties: A career coach helps individuals find the right career path. They work with their clients to find out their goals and objectives related to their work life and to improve skills such as managing stress, communication and problem-solving. They can also work with organizations to train staff to reach their goals and generate a future development plan for employees.

Education requirements: A bachelor's degree in counseling can be helpful for retired teachers, but their educational experience and certification to teach qualify them to work in this role once they retire.

2. Tutor

National average salary: $42,640 per year

Primary duties: A tutor reviews assignments completed by students, and they work with students individually if they need assistance. Students learn noteworthy study skills from tutors in addition to test preparation and note-taking methods that can help them retain vital information and improve their performance in the classroom.

Education requirements: Earning a tutoring certification is important for retired teachers, so they can have updated techniques on how to teach students within a specific subject.

3. Writer

National average salary: $47,140 per year

Primary duties: A writer is responsible for writing content about stories their client is trying to tell. Content is tailored towards individuals, so they can act in a way that favors the client, such as purchasing a product. They also have to research facts to ensure they're telling a truthful story that resonates with their target audience.

Education requirements: You don't need formal education for this occupation, but it's recommended for retired teachers to build a portfolio, so they can expand their client base and increase their earnings.

4. Editor

National average salary: $50,258 per year

Primary duties: An editor reviews content sent in by a writer. They determine if the content follows the style guide requirements provided by an organization and if it's approved for publishing. Edited content can be published in books, magazines and on websites for the public to view, but editors have the authority to make suggestions on how the article can be improved

Education requirements: A bachelor's degree in English is desired by companies, along with professional experience working for a publication. Therefore, retired English teachers should strongly consider working as an editor if they need to supplement their income.

5. Paralegal

National average salary: $50,555 per year

Primary duties: A paralegal is an assistant for a lawyer that aids them in keeping files organized, conducting legal research and writing documents relevant to a certain case. The work may vary depending on if you're working on a criminal or a civil case, but their role is pivotal for the lawyer's success in representing their client.

Education requirements: A state certification is required to work in this role, but since a retired teacher has one in teaching, then it'll qualify them to work in this role.

6. Educational consultant

National average salary: $51,040 per year

Primary duties: An educational consultant advises students, school boards and parents on the practical ways to approach academic matters for their community. They work with these parties to find out if they're using the proper technology, see if they have the applicable classroom size and if improvements for curriculum may be necessary.

Education requirements: A master's degree in education is required to become an educational consultant. It may be worth going to graduate school if you're passionate about their career path after you retire.

7. Sales representative

National average salary: $57,899 per year

Primary duties: A sales representative entices prospects to purchase a company's products. They also perform research on their competitors to see what services their company can offer them to gain an advantage on them in the future. It also requires making cold calls to prospects to get to know your company and seek the initial interest they have in the sales process.

Education requirements: There is no specified educational pathway to work in this position, but an uncapped commission can lead to high earnings during retirement. This is a good position to work if you like to be around people, and a retired teacher's experience is valuable for this profession.

8. Corporate trainer

National average salary: $65,352 per year

Primary duties: A corporate trainer works with management and its employees to find out how to enhance the company's performance. They develop programs to teach skills to employees and keep them updated on best practices to scale their performance. Trainers also collaborate with managers to seek new methods of creating a robust culture and tying it with meeting their goals.

Education requirements: A retired teacher can easily transfer into this role if they have a bachelor's degree in education. Their communication and interpersonal skills can evoke change in the workplace.

9. Researcher

National average salary: $77,562 per year

Primary duties: A researcher examines the information from a variety of sources, assembles it and presents it to their employer. Their employer can be in many industries, but the research gathered is imperative to the goals they're trying to reach. Research can be on trends from the stock market, the environment, consumer behavior, etc.

Education requirements: A researcher should have a bachelor's degree, but it's encouraged for retired to focus on researching a topic of interest and tailor your resume to your interest to increase employment opportunities.

10. Adjunct professor

National average salary: $135,320 per year

Primary duties: A teacher who is still passionate about the profession can retire from their full-time teaching job and work part-time as an adjunct at a university. Universities consider adjunct professors as contracted employees who teach a particular course to students each semester. Adjuncts create a course plan to present to students during their first week of class, and they're responsible for the student's learning environment over the semester.

Education requirements: The requirements depend on the school, but you'll at least need a bachelor's degree with applicable work experience. It's recommended that you still pursue a master's or a doctoral degree to earn a higher salary for this position.

Related careers

Here is a list of related careers that teachers—both retired or nearing retirement—could consider:

  • Teaching materials provider: If you have additional teaching materials, then you can share them online with other educators that may want to use them. This is a good side job if you need to dispose of the teaching materials you kept before your retirement. Online marketplaces give you the option of charging your rates, but you still may want to apply for a full-time position if you require a steady income.

  • Test scorer: This position is usually a part-time or seasonal role, but this is a great way for you to put your teaching skills to the test. Online and onsite test scores can grade tests like the SATs, ACTs and GREs, so be sure to check test scoring jobs and with local high schools and colleges to find out what's available.

  • Public speaker: Public speakers generally get paid per event, but this is a vigorous role for a teacher due to their experience in speaking in front of a classroom or lecture hall. This is a position that a retired teacher can get involved in immediately if they're passionate about topics related to their community. The difference is retired teachers have a higher likelihood of speaking to more adults, as they'll be outside of a school setting.

  • Government trainer: A government trainer is similar to a corporate trainer, but government employees normally need to be trained on updated rules and regulations to carry out their responsibilities properly. Additionally, government trainers administer programs for employees on methods to keep them safe in the workplace, and safety may be covered in training related to compliance of regulations.

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