Top 100 Highest Paying Jobs in Georgia

Updated February 3, 2023

If you're looking for a new job in Georgia, there are many opportunities available depending on your particular industry and interests. While your earning potential will vary based on the position, company and your level of experience, Georgia offers many good-paying opportunities. In this article, we list the top 100 highest-paying jobs in Georgia, listed from the highest to the lowest average salary in the state.

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What's considered a high-paying job?

Whether or not a job is considered high-paying depends on a variety of factors such as its geographical location and the cost of living in that particular area. Using these factors alongside your experience level often dictates the rate at which you're paid. Typically, a high-paying job refers to compensation that's over the average for a geographical area.

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Top 100 jobs in Georgia by salary

Here are the top 100 jobs in Georgia ranked by their average yearly salaries:

  1. Anesthesiologist: $362,175

  2. Surgeon: $264,901

  3. Psychiatrist: $223,894

  4. Dentist: $217,945

  5. Orthodontist: $214,007

  6. Physician: $196,567

  7. Pediatrician: $191,632

  8. Family medicine physician: $190,766

  9. Enterprise architect: $137,065

  10. Sales engineer: $130,418

  11. Chief architect: $130,325

  12. Actuary: $123,772

  13. Pharmacy manager: $122,486

  14. Software engineering manager: $121,577

  15. Computer scientist: $119,680

  16. Corporate counsel: $118,942

  17. Optometrist: $117,190

  18. Maximo manager: $116,944

  19. Economist: $116,353

  20. Corporate controller: $111,447

  21. Engineering manager: $111,408

  22. Health center manager: $111,398 per year

  23. Scientist: $108,891

  24. Software engineer: $107,319

  25. Attorney: $107,113

  26. Chief academic officer: $106,543

  27. Architect: $104,565

  28. Nurse practitioner: $103,641

  29. Pharmacist: $103,392

  30. Engineering lead: $101,757

  31. Podiatrist: $101,544

  32. Chief analytics officer: $100,060

  33. Biomedical engineer: $99,752

  34. Veterinarian: $98,256

  35. Information security analyst: $97,196

  36. Pilot: $96,770

  37. Aeronautical engineer: $96,702

  38. Materials engineer: $95,513

  39. Midwife: $95,386

  40. Physical therapist: $93,740

  41. Computer engineer: $93,323

  42. Psychologist: $93,265

  43. Microbiologist: $93,175

  44. Statistician: $90,265

  45. Police captain: $89,468

  46. Biologist: $89,132

  47. Electrical engineer: $88,731

  48. Mechanical engineer: $86,071

  49. Compensation manager: $85,250

  50. Electronics engineer: $84,530

  51. Air traffic controller: $83,726

  52. Transport manager: $82,956

  53. Occupational therapist: $82,264

  54. Database developer: $81,759

  55. Information systems manager: $81,353

  56. Facility supervisor: $80,942

  57. Acupuncturist: $80,038

  58. Architectural project manager: $80,012

  59. Management analyst: $79,303

  60. Project manager: $78,925

  61. Physician assistant: $77,794

  62. Industrial engineer: $77,590

  63. Investment analyst: $76,766

  64. Environmental engineer: $76,506

  65. Director of administration: $75,982

  66. Information manager: $75,659

  67. Chemical engineer: $75,365

  68. Engineering supervisor: $73,945

  69. Purchasing manager: $73,712 per year

  70. Database administrator: $73,709

  71. Database analyst: $73,246

  72. Radiation therapist: $73,140

  73. Human resources manager: $72,828

  74. Chief accountant: $72,252

  75. Sales manager: $72,073

  76. Construction manager: $71,657

  77. Judge: $70,873

  78. Operations manager: $70,078

  79. Lawyer: $69,894

  80. Financial advisor: $68,941

  81. Quality assurance manager: $68,749

  82. Computer programmer: $67,961

  83. Web developer: $67,690

  84. Marketing manager: $67,646

  85. Copywriter: $67,501

  86. Advertising manager: $66,231

  87. Production manager: $66,231

  88. Chemist: $65,574

  89. Political affairs scientist: $64,430

  90. Forensics manager: $64,279

  91. Art director: $64,211

  92. Database manager: $58,723

  93. Police sergeant: $56,588

  94. Training and development manager: $55,184

  95. Education director: $54,462

  96. Athletic director: $52,899

  97. Transportation supervisor: $51,689

  98. Public relations manager: $49,702

  99. Fundraising manager: $49,587

  100. Business teacher: $45,203

Top 15 jobs in Georgia by salary

For an in-depth look at some of these career paths, here are the top 15 jobs in Georgia along with their national average salaries and primary duties:

1. Anesthesiologist

Average Salary: $362,175

Primary Duties: Anesthesiologists specialize in perioperative care. They create plans for anesthetics and administer the appropriate dosage of anesthetics to patients prior to surgeries or procedures. They evaluate patients to determine the right plan for anesthetics, monitor their vitals and coordinate with other healthcare professionals.

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2. Surgeon

Average Salary: $264,901

Primary Duties: As the leader of a surgical team, surgeons assess patients, determine whether or not they need surgery and perform various surgical operations. They review a patient's medical history and create a treatment plan based on their findings. Surgeons also educate their patients regarding surgical risks and provide them with postoperative care and treatment.

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3. Psychiatrist

Average Salary: $223,894

Primary Duties: Psychiatrists evaluate their patients and their various emotional, behavioral and mental disorders. Based on their evaluation, they develop a treatment plan and prescribe a medication. After the patient has undergone treatment for some time, psychiatrists evaluate the results and modify the treatment plan as needed.

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4. Dentist

Average Salary: $217,945

Primary Duties: Dentists work to prevent and diagnose oral diseases. They promote oral health and create treatment plans for their patients. Dentists also interpret patient X-rays and diagnostic tests and monitor a patient's teeth and jaw development.

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5. Orthodontist

Average Salary: $214,007

Primary Duties: Orthodontists exam patients to determine their dental needs. They create teeth molds and fit patients for various orthodontic appliances including dentures and braces.

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6. Physician

Average Salary: $196,567

Primary Duties: Physicians diagnose and treat their patients for injuries and illnesses. They perform examinations, review medical histories and prescribe medications as needed. Physicians also counsel patients on how to maintain or improve their overall health.

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7. Pediatrician

Average Salary: $191,632

Primary Duties: Pediatricians perform examinations on newborns and young children in order to assess their health and development. They find a diagnosis, prescribe medications and advise the child's parents on preventative health measures.

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8. Family medicine physician

Average Salary: $190,766

Primary Duties: Family medicine physicians provide care to patients of all ages. They order and interpret tests, monitor their patient's health and work alongside other healthcare professionals.

9. Enterprise architect

Average Salary: $137,065

Primary Duties: Enterprise architects establish the direction of a company's operations. They work to improve the organization's information technology infrastructure and its overall business operations. They also help integrate various applications and programs.

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10. Sales engineer

Average Salary: $130,418

Primary Duties: Sales engineers work with the technical aspect of a sales process. They manage the technology evaluation stage and explain both the technical and functional features of a product or service to various users.

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11. Chief architect

Average Salary: $130,325

Primary Duties: Chief architects grow an organization's technological groundwork. They determine the company's technological needs and ensure its information technology functions work seamlessly across various departments within an organization.

12. Actuary

Average Salary: $123,772

Primary Duties: Actuaries use their mathematical knowledge to determine the financial costs of various risks their clients face. They create policies to help minimize these costs and often work within the insurance industry.

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13. Pharmacy manager

Average Salary: $122,486

Primary Duties: Pharmacy managers oversee a pharmacy's daily operations. They advise clients and distribute prescription medication. Pharmacy managers manage the pharmacy staff and ensure all prescription drugs and controlled substances are stored safely.

14. Software engineering manager

Average Salary: $121,577

Primary Duties: Software engineering managers oversee the development of a software application. They work with engineers to ensure a smooth process and the proper utilization of software development best practices.

15. Computer scientist

Average Salary: $119,680