67 of the Highest Paying Jobs in Las Vegas

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published November 30, 2021

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Professionals in many industries may want to seek high paying jobs in a specific geographic area. Looking for these types of jobs in Las Vegas may be easier if you understand which roles earn the highest salaries there. In this article, we review some of the highest-paying jobs in Las Vegas and their salaries in multiple industries.

19 of the highest paying jobs in Las Vegas, NV

Below are 19 of the highest paying jobs in Las Vegas that you may want to consider. For the most up-to-date salaries, please click on the links below:

1. Financial manager

Average salary: $121,500 per year

Primary duties: Financial managers oversee the monetary needs of a business. They may withdraw or deposit money on a company's behalf and keep financial records current and accessible. Financial managers may work for multiple industries, including banks, manufacturers and retail businesses.

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2. Veterinarian

Average salary: $122,364 per year

Primary duties: Veterinarians are responsible for caring for animals. They diagnose and treat conditions for most household pets and can work to receive accreditation for working with livestock, horses or other farm animals. They may work with wildlife rehabilitation centers to care for animals who are neglected or otherwise do not have a suitable place to live in the wild.

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3. Advertising manager

Average salary: $125,150 per year

Primary duties: Advertising managers are responsible for managing a department or team that controls a company's advertising efforts. They may pitch and develop advertising campaigns and run social media accounts. They also may be responsible for duties like drafting commercials, producing printed ads or communicating with advertisement partners.

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4. Pharmacist

Average salary: $125,260 per year

Primary duties: Pharmacists are responsible for organizing medications within a pharmacy. They package, order and sort medications in the forms of pills, injections and fluids. They also work with customers to schedule appointments for pickup and delivery of needed prescriptions.

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5. Sales manager

Average salary: $125,620 per year

Primary duties: Sales managers help improve sales in a retail or business-to-business environment. They may sell luxury products like cars or everyday products like makeup or home goods. Many sales managers oversee salespeople on a sales floor or in a call center, scheduling shifts and ensuring customers have an optimal experience.

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6. Air traffic controller

Average salary: $125,890 per year

Primary duties: Air traffic controllers ensure that airplanes and other craft on a site reach their destinations safely. They communicate with pilots via radio and instruct them on which areas are safe at the current time. They also understand how to use location equipment within the facility to accurately track moving aircraft.

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7. Computer and information systems manager

Average salary: $126,380 per year

Primary duties: Computer and information systems managers work for multiple industries to ensure that all computers and data systems work well for both customers and employees. They may work within an industry directly as an on-call employee or as a third party member who only works during audit seasons. These managers understand how a system works, even if it is custom-built, and can rearrange code and rebuild data sites as necessary for a company.

8. General and operations manager

Average salary: $126,830 per year

Primary duties: General and operations managers work to ensure that operations within a production plant, retail store or other facility are efficient. This profession is not exclusive to any industry and may exist wherever quality checks are necessary for products before they go to market. General managers may manage retail employees and incoming shipments of products, while operations managers may check product lines for any errors and instruct employees on how to prevent these errors.

9. Lawyer

Average salary: $129,480 per year

Primary duties: Lawyers are attorneys who work with clients to plead a case. They may work for a firm or act as an independent representative for a client. They schedule meetings, interview people relevant to the case and explain law to the clients who they work with during a case. Lawyers can also choose legal specialties such as bankruptcy, environmental law, criminal defense and business.

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10. Optometrist

Average salary: $130,230 per year

Primary duties: Optometrists primarily care for and diagnose problems in the eye. As specialists, optometrists may work as an independent businessperson or with a clinic. They can recognize common vision problems and help customers get the glasses or contact lenses that will help them see correctly.

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11. Marketing manager

Average salary: $130,790 per year

Primary duties: Marketing managers oversee marketing campaigns from a management position. While advertising managers work to create the individual advertisements within a plan, marketing managers observe the work in real time and create solutions for future marketing needs. They may commission a marketing solution, fund campaign progress and suggest changes throughout the project.

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12. Physician assistant

Average salary: $134,710 per year

Primary duties: Physician assistants work with physicians and nurses to help with patients during medical procedures. Like the practitioners they assist, physician assistants have designated specialties such as cardiology or gastroenterology. Physician assistants commonly work in clinics directly with patients daily.

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13. Engineering manager

Average salary: $135,400 per year

Primary duties: Engineering managers work with an engineering team to complete projects and ensure progress toward deadlines. They understand the processes for each production line or the products that require maintenance. With quality assurance experts, they help ensure the safety and productivity of each employee on the team.

14. Judge

Average salary: $161,780 per year

Primary duties: Judges evaluate court cases and reach a verdict with the jury. They listen to lawyers and witnesses to determine the nature of a case, and they attempt to adhere to the law in an unbiased manner to judge as fairly as possible. In most instances, judges are also practicing lawyers with some previous legal experience.

15. Chief executive

Average salary: $203,010 per year

Primary duties: Chief executives administer an organization and offer executive leadership and direction. They may lead multiple kinds of companies, such as manufacturing, retail or entertainment companies. Chief executives work with other senior members of the leadership team in order to develop strategic business plans that generate profit and brand recongition.

16. General dentist

Average salary: $203,450 per year

Primary duties: General dentists practice dentistry with some knowledge of multiple specalizations. Unlike specialty dentists, who may only practice orthodontics, periodontics or pediatric denistry, general dentists can apply a broad range of different practices to their work, though they may refer patients to specialists for advanced care. Dentists perform cleanings, help with brace fastenings and work with clients on a routine basis, depending on their dental plan. General dentists can diagnose and suggest treatment for many kinds of dental disorders or injuries.

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17. Family medicine physician

Average salary: $205,040 per year

Primary duties: Family medicine physicians work with families to check general health, diagnose issues and maintain prescriptions. Family health doctors may work with adults and children of various ages and are prepared to diagnose cases in all ages. They can still treat and suggest treatment for most basic illnesses, and they maintain knowledge of specialists who they can refer patients to if needed.

18. Pediatrician

Average salary: $229,620 per year

Primary duties: A pediatrician is a doctor who specializes in the care of children from birth to the age of 18. They focus on the physical and mental health of the child and adolescent age range and may be able to diagnose any problems the child has through routine check-ups. Pediatricians understand how to best approach treatment options and what may work more effectively for certain families based on medical history.

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19. Airline pilot

Average salary: $236,260 per year

Primary duties: Airline pilots operate planes to ensure all passengers reach their destinations safely. They work with airline navigators and co-pilots to navigate aircraft and avoid potentially dangerous turbulence. They may work for multiple airlines and fulfill various work hours depending on the airline guidelines.

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20 high-paying technical jobs in Las Vegas

Here are 20 additional high-paying jobs in Las Vegas that focus on technical industries:

  1. Physical scientist: $84,060 per year

  2. Registered nurse: $85,704 per year

  3. Administrative law judges: $86,120 per year

  4. Medical scientist: $89,020 per year

  5. Credit analyst: $89,720 per year

  6. Magnetic resonance imaging technologist: $89,860 per year

  7. Power plant operators: $90,460 per year

  8. Computer systems analyst: $90,860 per year

  9. Statistician: $96,640 per year

  10. Atmospheric scientist: $98,800 per year

  11. College business professor: $104,340 per year

  12. Epidemiologist: $104,530 per year

  13. College psychology professor: $104,870 per year

  14. Physical therapist: $108,580 per year

  15. College law professor: $109,450 per year

  16. College biology professor: $109,810 per year

  17. Commercial pilot: $110,490 per year

  18. Occupational therapist: $111,270 per year

  19. Data scientist: $113,251 per year

  20. Nurse practitioner: $119,890 per year

8 high paying engineering jobs in Las Vegas

Here are 8 high-paying jobs in Las Vegas that focus on engineering:

  1. Mechanical engineer: $91,630 per year

  2. Civil engineer: $96,300 per year

  3. Sales engineer: $103,890 per year

  4. Biomedical engineer: $104,381 per year

  5. Electronics engineer: $106,460 per year

  6. Information security analyst: $108,870 per year

  7. Software engineer: $109,493 per year

  8. Computer network architect: $111,690 per year

20 high paying managerial jobs in Las Vegas

Below are additional high-paying managerial jobs in Las Vegas:

  1. Insurance underwriter: $84,190 per year

  2. Real estate broker: $89,270 per year

  3. Firefighter supervisor: $90,120 per year

  4. Fire inspector: $90,460 per year

  5. Transportation inspector: $94,310 per year

  6. Database administrator: $94,550 per year

  7. Elementary administrator: $95,740 per year

  8. Entertainment manager: $98,300 per year

  9. Correctional officer supervisor: $98,840 per year

  10. Gambling manager: $100,130 per year

  11. Industrial production manager: $103,360 per year

  12. College administrator: $107,810 per year

  13. Power distributor and dispatcher: $108,600 per year

  14. Police supervisor: $109,270 per year

  15. Human resource manager: $111,730 per year

  16. Compensation and benefits manager: $112,150 per year

  17. Purchasing manager: $116,160 per year

  18. Natural science manager: $119,300 per year

  19. Public relations manager: $120,060 per year

  20. Health services manager: $121,420 per year

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