20 Highest Paying Technical Jobs

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated March 30, 2021 | Published November 5, 2020

Updated March 30, 2021

Published November 5, 2020

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A technical job typically refers to specialized roles related to technology and machinery. These roles don't necessarily require any sort of advanced education, rather, you can often earn certification through on-the-job training, such as an apprenticeship or company-sponsored certification courses. Some jobs may require a two-year degree or vocational training. To succeed in a technical job, you'll need to acquire specialized knowledge related to the role, soft skills and you may need the stamina and physical aptitude for some degree of manual labor. In this article, we list technical positions that are reported to pay at least $15 per hour, including their average national salary and primary duties.

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Technical jobs that pay more than $15 per hour

If you are considering changing careers or are considering how to grow in your current company, you might be considering what technical jobs offer the best earning potential. Below you will find 20 of the highest paying technical jobs along with the primary duties of each job and the average salary recorded from Indeed Salaries where salary data is frequently subject to change.

1. Commercial pilot

National average salary: $15.88 per hour

Primary duties: Commercial pilots operate single-pilot aircraft and copilot multiple-pilot aircraft, including helicopters, balloons, airships and airplanes to move people and goods. They use cockpit instruments, traffic control instructions and other reports to make flight decisions.

Pilots communicate with attendants, other pilots, passengers and traffic controllers. They make decisions in a quickly changing environment, such as managing emergencies and changing weather patterns. They also keep detailed logs and records, while following noise and flight regulations.

2. Inspector

National average salary: $16.42 per hour

Primary duties: Inspectors make sure that construction and building sites meet zoning regulations, building codes, contract specifications and local ordinances. Inspectors use this information to approve building plans and check active sites. They use tools such as metering devices, test equipment and survey instruments to complete inspections.

They inspect plumbing, electrical wiring and structural integrity. Inspectors keep detailed records, including daily logs, photographs and citations to track their findings. Inspectors also issue stop-work orders and violation notices if the site is out of compliance.

3. Transportation technician

National average salary: $17.82 per hour

Primary duties: Transportation technicians deliver materials and goods using vehicles like vans and box trucks. They use logs and other documentation to record their deliveries. Transportation technicians need to understand delivery requirements for a variety of materials, which can include refrigeration and fragile goods.

Transportation technicians might have subordinates they need to route, train and communicate with. They often need to keep track of fuel, vehicle maintenance and traffic patterns. Transportation technicians also work closely with different roles in the logistics chain.

4. Welder

National average salary: $17.88 per hour

Primary duties: Welders use heat to fuse different types of metal to make a specific product. They work in a variety of environments, including construction, aerospace, steel and manufacturing. Welders follow blueprints and need to communicate with team members, contractors and clients. They work with measuring tools, cutters and welding equipment to meet the specifications of each project. Welders need to follow company and personal safety protocols. They are also responsible for maintaining their equipment.

5. Process technician

National average salary: $18.13 per hour

Primary duties: Process technicians operate and maintain manufacturing equipment. They usually work in a clean room environment and wear personal protective gear, such as masks, shoe coverings and gloves to prevent contamination. Process technicians monitor equipment to make sure that it is working correctly and to solve any problems that arise. They keep detailed documentation to show that the machinery is working in compliance with company and legal regulations. Process technicians are also responsible for running test batches to verify the product's quality.

6. Landscape foreman

National average salary: $18.35 per hour

Primary duties: Landscape foremen oversee landscaping projects and routine maintenance. They supervise, train and coach landscape crews to make sure that all projects are completed to company, legal and client standards. Landscape foremen maintain equipment and work closely with landscape architects and clients so that projects are completed safely. They also document onsite expenses, hours and other details.

7. Occupational therapy aide

National average salary: $19.89 per hour

Primary duties: Occupational therapy aides work closely with occupational therapists to help patients during rehabilitation after an injury, illness or disability. They help motivate patients and communicate with the health care team to provide comprehensive medical care. They provide documentation about patient progress and other records, as well as maintain the office space, treatment areas and supplies. Occupational therapy aides use the guidance of occupational therapists to instruct patients, caregivers and family on skills and techniques in the patient's treatment program.

8. Farm manager

National average salary: $20.02 per hour

Primary duties: Farm managers supervise, coordinate and train farm workers to produce crops. They purchase and inspect farming equipment to make sure it is in working order. Farm managers oversee equipment and supply purchases, as well as documenting expenses. They record production and farm management practices, as well as prepare operational reports. Farm managers make sure that safety and legal regulations are followed.

9. Equipment operator

National average salary: $20.45 per hour

Primary duties: Equipment operators operate and drive construction equipment, such as dump trucks, backhoes, forklifts and bulldozers. They make sure that the equipment is used safely within company and legal regulations. They might provide documentation, reporting and other paperwork. Equipment operators closely watch how the equipment is working to make adjustments as needed. They make sure the equipment is in working order and is stored properly. Equipment operators may also make recommendations to improve environmental impact or productivity.

10. Mailroom supervisor

National average salary: $20.74 per hour

Primary duties: Mailroom supervisors manage mailroom staff, inventory and processes. They make sure that incoming mail is properly sorted and delivered, while outgoing mail is correctly prepared and sent. Mailroom supervisors might use postage meters, printers and other office machinery to assist in their work. Some mailroom supervisors also negotiate with vendors. They often provide documentation tracking packages and other reporting.

11. HVAC installer

National average salary: $22.37 per hour

Primary duties: HVAC installers are responsible for installing, updating and maintaining heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. They complete these installations and repairs within legal regulations, including properly disposing of chemicals and machinery.

HVAC installers use a variety of tools, including soldering irons and meters, to repair and replace HVAC systems. They keep documentation and records of each work order, including billing and materials. HVAC installers often need to evaluate what is causing a problem and communicate their findings to clients, managers and other team members.

12. Telecommunications technician

National Average Salary: $24.71 per hour

Primary duties: Telecommunications technicians make sure that communication technology networks, such as internet, cable, telephones and some office equipment, work correctly. Telecommunications technicians repair, install and upgrade the equipment using legal, company and client guidelines. They often work with a team to analyze users' needs and develop a plan to install and maintain the networks. Telecommunications technicians often use hand tools, testing devices and electrical equipment to assist in analyzing and structuring their work. They often provide documentation about work orders, materials and other notes.

13. Construction supervisor

National average salary: $25.86 per hour

Primary duties: Construction supervisors make sure that construction sites are orderly, safe and comply with legal, company and client standards. They are responsible for managing construction crews, including making sure that they have proper safety equipment. Construction managers ensure that the project is completed on time and often work with vendors and other subcontractors. They may help architects budget and schedule projects.

14. Avionics technician

National average salary: $25.89 per hour

Primary duties: Avionics technicians work with aircraft or space vehicle equipment, such as missile control, radar, navigation and radio systems. They install, repair and test equipment using a variety of hand tools, power tools, blueprints and schematics. They provide documentation, including test results and work order notes. Avionics technicians usually work in a team and might be involved in training.

15. Engineering technician

National average salary: $28.82 per hour

Primary duties: Engineering technicians work closely with engineers to solve technical problems. They design, build and test prototypes and processes. Engineering technicians also write daily reports, document experiments, maintain records and work with CAD software. They may be responsible for ordering inventory and materials. They often assist in developing presentations and attend conferences.

16. Registered nurse

National average salary: $30.10 per hour

Primary duties: Registered nurses are medical professionals who work closely with doctors to manage patient care. They run IVs, administer medication, monitor and perform tests on patients in their care. Registered nurses often communicate medical information and at-home care to patients and their families or caretakers. They work closely with the patient's health care team to develop treatment plans and direct other hospital staff in providing patient support. Registered nurses maintain patient records, record test results, order prescriptions and provide other documentation as needed.

17. Web developer

National average salary: $31.78 per hour

Primary duties: Web developers design and build websites. They collaborate with clients and designers to create functional, appealing web pages. They use programming languages to design and test secure applications. Web developers are also responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting web pages, including monitoring visitor traffic. They provide design schematics to clients and employers and often maintain records of website changes.

18. Dental hygienist

National average salary: $37.84 per hour

Primary duties: Dental hygienists work with dentists to help patients maintain oral health. They take and process x-rays, make dental impressions for casts and perform dental screenings. Dental hygienists maintain patient records, perform office administration tasks and take other documentation. They also perform teeth cleanings and educate patients on proper oral hygiene.

19. Nuclear medicine technician

National average salary: $39.22 per hour

Primary duties: Nuclear medicine technicians prepare, administer and use imaging machines to test radioactive medicine. They work closely with radiologists and nuclear medicine physicians to gain approvals and perform complex procedures. Nuclear medicine technicians make sure the environment is safe for staff and patients. They explain the safety protocols and test procedures to patients, as well as assist them throughout the imaging. Nuclear medicine technicians document imaging results, manage patient records and track physician signatures and approvals.

20. Radiation therapist

National average salary: $42.18 per hour

Primary duties: Radiation therapists work with a medical team under an oncologist to administer radiation treatments to patients with cancer and other conditions. They explain the procedure to patients and support them through the process. They use precise measurements and equipment to make sure that the patient is exposed to the correct type and dose of radiation. Radiation therapists schedule patient treatments, manage patient records and monitor how tolerant the patient is to the treatment.

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