How Does Indeed Work? Using Indeed For Your Job Search

Updated June 30, 2023

When starting to search for jobs that fit your qualifications, career aspirations, salary needs and location preferences, it's helpful to make use of job search resources available to you. Indeed provides people with various resources to search for, apply to and compare job opportunities. By familiarizing yourself with how to use Indeed's job search tools, you can find various job positions that align with your career goals.

In this article, we discuss how indeed works, review how to search for jobs on Indeed, how to upload a resume on Indeed, tips for messaging with employers and frequently asked questions about using Indeed for your job search.

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How does Indeed work?

Indeed works by providing valuable job search tools for free. This allows you to create an account, upload your resume and search from a vast selection of opportunities that fit your specific criteria. Here is a guided list of steps to help you figure out how to start using Indeed and its hiring resources effectively:

1. Create an account and upload your resume

To create an account with Indeed, click the "Sign In" tab located at the top right of the homepage. Under the initial sign-in layout, click "New to Indeed? Create an Account." You can sign up using existing login details from your email or social media account, or you can create a separate email and password.

Once you create your account, you can start customizing your profile by uploading your resume, setting your job search preferences and using the resources available in the help center.

2. Search for salaries by job title and location

Before you begin searching for and applying for jobs, it's helpful to search for typical salaries for your desired job titles in your area. To do so, click "Find salaries" at the top of the webpage.

Enter a job title into the search tab and review the national average salary expectations for that title. You can also adjust the payment expectations to see what earnings would be like for each hour, day, week or month.

To refine your search, even more, enter the desired location for a job position. This allows you to see how it compares to the national average salary rate and whether it matches your financial needs. Reviewing salary data also helps you determine an appropriate starting salary for a position in your area.

3. Verify employer offerings by looking at company reviews

If you're considering a certain company to pursue job opportunities with, you can gain a better understanding of salary expectations, workplace culture and key employee benefits by searching for them on the "Company Reviews" page.

After searching for a company you're interested in, you can read reviews from previous employees and compare the company's overall rating to job security and advancement, work/life balance, culture, management and compensation or benefits.

You also have the ability to review average salary data for different positions at that company and you have the ability to search for current job vacancies with that employer.

4. Get the Indeed app

The Indeed app allows you to apply for jobs regardless of where you are. This is important as you can submit applications before other candidates and receive job alerts on your phone. You can also save jobs you find to apply for later once you've had time to review the requirements.

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How to search for jobs on Indeed

Searching for jobs on Indeed is easy and customizable. Here is a list of steps to help you navigate Indeed's job search engine to find tailored job results:

1. Click the "Find jobs" tab and enter job title details

The "Find jobs" tab is located on the top left of the webpage. To start your search, you can enter a job title by itself or a preferable location for a job position. In the absence of a location, you can plug in "remote" to find telecommuting opportunities.

2. Refine your search by adjusting search criteria

Once you enter your initial job search criteria and click the "Find jobs" button, you'll notice more advanced criteria for you to use on the results page. This allows you to narrow your search even more by the date posted, the type of employment you want, salary expectations, location, company and experience level.

3. Save jobs that interest you

Saving jobs allows you to quickly mark job positions or companies that interest you. You can save jobs in two ways. First, when scrolling through search results, you may notice there are three bullet points in the top right corner of each posting. When you click on it, it gives you the option to save the job or demonstrate your disinterest.

You can also save a job once you've clicked on the posting by clicking the heart icon next to the "Apply Now" button.

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How to upload a resume on Indeed

Uploading a resume on Indeed is a straightforward process that allows you to upload or create a new resume depending on your needs. Review these steps to guide you through the process of uploading your resume to Indeed:

  1. Create an Indeed account if you haven't already.

  2. Click "Profile" on the drop-down menu under the person icon.

  3. Select "Upload your resume" or "Build a new resume," depending on your preferences.

  4. If you selected "Build a new resume," follow Indeed's formatting resources to create a well-rounded document.

  5. If you selected "Upload your resume," choose a file to upload from your computer.

  6. Review the format of your resume and make adjustments using Indeed formatting tools.

  7. Determine whether you want your resume to remain searchable for employers to review.

It is important to note that you may want to revise your resume before applying to different positions to target keywords and stand out among other candidates.

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Tips for messaging with employers on Indeed

Once you create an account with Indeed, you have access to the messaging feature on your profile. After applying for jobs through Indeed listings, you may receive messages from employers asking to learn more about you or schedule an interview.

Here are some tips for communicating with employers in a written messaging format:

  • Respond in a timely manner. When you receive a message from a potential employer, be sure to respond to them within one business day. This conveys your interest in the position and respect for their time while refraining from appearing too eager.

  • Use professional language. Using a professional messaging platform should be different than a social media messaging or text messaging format. Because of this, refrain from using abbreviations or slang and treat the messaging platform like a professional email.

  • Keep your messages positive. Regardless of whether you decide to pursue an opportunity or not, it's important to convey positive language to the employer that lets them know you appreciate them reaching out, considering you for a candidate and taking the time to speak with you. Using positive language also demonstrates your interest in the position and implies your personable attitude as an employee.

  • Proofread messages to maintain your credibility. Before you send your message, always review it to check for clarity, punctuation and grammar mistakes. You may also want to check your message using word processing software to make sure it presents you in a professional way.

  • Be honest. When messaging with employers, there may be times when you receive another job offer in the process or decide that the opportunity isn't right for you. Instead of saying you need more time or waiting to respond, be honest with them and thank them for the opportunity. This shows that you respect their time and it allows you to maintain a positive relationship with them, should other job opportunities come up in the future.

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FAQs about using Indeed

Here are a few frequently asked questions from Indeed users with answers to help you gain a better understanding of how using Indeed in your job search can benefit you:

Does Indeed actually work?

The right way to find and apply for work opportunities may differ depending on the person, their professional connections and their career aspirations. However, Indeed is the largest job site worldwide, with an average of 10 jobs being uploaded by employers every second.

There are tons of success stories where professionals found one or more career opportunities through Indeed, making it a beneficial option for those looking to apply for new jobs.

How does Indeed work with the resume and all?

Once you upload or create a resume on Indeed, it helps streamline the process for applying for jobs on the website. When you click the "Apply Now" button on a job posting, Indeed gives you two options. You can either select your existing Indeed resume or upload a new resume. This is important if you have different resumes for different job positions.

Has anyone received a job or interview from this website?

Every day, employers add thousands of jobs to Indeed. This, in combination with Indeed's advanced job search features and helpful resources, allows candidates to maximize their job search and interview tactics.

You'll have ample opportunities to connect with employers, conquer interviews and receive job offers.


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