How To Become a Brand Representative: Skills, Salary and Career Steps

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published March 15, 2021

Branding is an important part of a company's marketing strategy that shows customers the business's values and identity. A brand representative works to promote a company's brand or products, either in retail stores or online. Learning more about this position, the daily duties, average salary and necessary skills, could help you decide if this is the right role for you. In this article, we explain what a brand representative is, what they do and the steps you can take to become one.

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What is a brand representative?

A brand representative is a professional who promotes a company or product and aims to increase brand awareness. One type of brand representative, often called a brand ambassador, works primarily online promoting companies through social media. Other brand representatives work in person for retail stores, restaurants or car dealerships. They are an important part of a company's branding process, and they work to establish a brand's guidelines or general style.

What does a brand representative do?

A brand representative works to promote a product or company to a specific group of people called the target audience. Their responsibilities can include:

  • Using social media to connect with customers

  • Advertising events on social media

  • Creating marketing or sales records

  • Collaborating with a company to create a marketing plan

  • Developing a company's brand identity and branding guidelines

  • Training new staff members on the brand

  • Attending conferences or other industry events

  • Promoting the product to local retail stores

  • Negotiating prices with customers, clients or stores

  • Maintain knowledge about products and company

  • Finding new sales by calling or mailing potential customers

  • Creating product displays in showrooms or retail locations

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How to become a brand representative

If you are interested in becoming a brand representative, consider following these steps:

1. Complete education

Most brand representative positions require a high school diploma or GED. Some brand representatives also earn an associate or bachelor's in a relevant area such as:

  • Marketing

  • Business

  • Finance

  • Communications

Some companies offer college ambassador programs where students promote products to their peers. These programs are optional, but could be a helpful way to gain experience in the brand representative field.

2. Develop skills

Brand representatives need sales and customer service skills to communicate effectively with customers. They may develop these skills during their education or through jobs. If you are interested in representing a specific type of product, consider gaining relevant experience and skills in that industry. For example, if you are interested in representing fashion items, consider gaining experience in a clothing store.

3. Choose a type of working environment

Brand representatives can work online or in person. Some brand representatives promote companies online using social media. They may sell or advertise new products, engage customers and lead marketing campaigns. They can do this through their own personal accounts, or by using a company's social media. Other brand representatives work in person at retail locations or industry events. They may hand out materials or talk to customers about new products. Consider your interests, skills and personal preferences when choosing a type of work environment. Knowing where you want to work can help you plan next steps.

4. Research brands

A brand representative promotes a product and it can be helpful if they know and like the product they are selling. Consider creating a list of brand that you would like to work with by thinking of your interests and the products you buy. If you are interested in working in person, consider exploring the local businesses in your area.

5. Consider building a social media network

If you want to be an online brand representative, it may be helpful to first develop your social media. Some brands have requirements for the number of followers their representatives must have. They may also check your social media to ensure it matches their personal branding message in a positive and professional way.

5. Gain professional experience

Some brand representative positions require sales knowledge or experience. Consider developing these skills and experience with an entry-level job in the marketing or sales field.

6. Contact brands or brand networks

Brand representatives may work with one brand, multiple brands or find employment through a brand network service. A brand network service pairs brand representatives with companies. You can also contact brands, networks or local stores directly.

Retail stores may also post openings for local positions. Consider exploring the opportunities in your area online.

Important skills for brand representatives

To be successful, brand representatives often have the following skills:


Brand representatives must communicate daily with potential customers and marketing teams. Depending on your role, this can include both verbal and written types of communication. For example, a brand representative may work within a store and discuss products, sell additional items and answer any questions. An online brand representative may communicate through written social media posts and messages.

Interpersonal skills

Brand representatives build customer relationships and help sell products. They need strong interpersonal skills, such as patience, empathy and active listening to create positive customer interactions. Strong interpersonal skills could also help them reach an intended audience. For example, if a brand representative knows their customers well, they may reach them more effectively with marketing campaigns.

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Time management

Brand representatives may need to manage multiple deadlines and clients at the same time. Effective time management can help them organize and plan various tasks and responsibilities.

Networking skills

Networking is an important aspect of being a brand representative. Some brand representatives network with brands to build their careers. They also need to network with potential customers or retail stores. Depending on the industry, this could include calling new clients, planning mailing services and selling products.

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Depending on the industry, brand representatives may need to negotiate prices or certain details. For example, a brand representative may meet with retail locations to encourage the store to sell a certain product. They may negotiate the price or other agreements about the transaction. Strong negotiation skills can help them successfully reach compromises and meet sales goals.


A brand representative may need to analyze current markets, social media trends or customer needs. Knowing what products people want can help brand representatives reach their target audience and sell products.

Average salary for brand representatives

The average national salary for brand representatives is $39,669 per year. In this career, professionals may also earn a commission, which is additional income based on the sales they make. For example, in a car dealership, a brand representative may make a commission for each car they help sell. The average commission for brand representatives is $5,000. Your salary and commission can depend upon your location, experience, skills and area of focus.

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