How To Become a Teacher in Arkansas in 7 Steps (With Salary)

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Published April 29, 2022

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Teachers are integral members of the education system in Arkansas. They help students learn about general and specialized subjects and develop skills they need to succeed in school and beyond. Understanding how to become a teacher in Arkansas can prepare you for the requirements of pursuing this role.

In this article, we discuss how to become a teacher in Arkansas, including what a teacher does and seven steps you can follow to achieve this goal.

What does a teacher do?

A teacher is an education professional who provides students with lessons and assignments to develop their skills in one or more subjects. Their duties include preparing lesson plans, attending meetings with other education professionals and providing a safe and engaging environment for their students. They may also have responsibilities such as communicating with parents, managing classrooms and attending conferences to learn more about their profession. Most teachers work in public schools, though some may work in corporate settings, private schools and charter schools. As a teacher in Arkansas, you can make an average annual salary of $22,045 per year.

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How to become a teacher in Arkansas

Below are steps you can follow to become a teacher in Arkansas:

1. Determine your goals

The first step you can take to become a teacher in Arkansas is to consider your goals. This includes thinking about the age group you want to teach, any subjects you enjoy learning about and the requirements to become a teacher in Arkansas. This can also include what your motivations are for teaching and thinking about what you experienced when you were in school and how you might change those experiences for other people when you become a teacher.

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2. Earn a bachelor's degree

The next step toward becoming a teacher in Arkansas is to earn a bachelor's degree. This includes finding a degree program at a college or university. When you consider institutions of learning, there are several factors for you to think about before you choose. These factors include how far away the institution is, what programs it offers and whether they support the subject and age group you want and the overall cost of attending that institution. For example, a nearby institution with low tuition and an excellent mathematics program is good for an aspiring mathematics teacher.

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3. Gain experience in education

Gaining experience in education can help you get jobs in the field. Experience in education can come from several sources detailed below:

  • Earning corporate experience: Some professionals have experience teaching professional workplace skills in formal company settings. This can include training professionals to use computers, helping them learn policies to stay safe online and other useful skills that you may teach to a group of people.

  • Teaching as a substitute: Substitute teaching is another way you can earn valuable experience in the classroom. This paraprofessional position lets you interact with schools, students and teachers and can give you valuable first-hand experiences that shape the teacher you become.

  • Shadowing a teacher: Shadowing a teacher is a way for you to observe a full-time classroom teacher while they perform the duties of their job, letting you learn from them. You may also help them by doing administrative tasks, such as making copies and grading daily assignments.

  • Becoming a teacher aide: A teacher aide is a paraprofessional position that assists teachers with daily tasks in the classroom. This includes monitoring students, grading assignments, communicating with other teachers and preparing lesson plans, which can all help you develop critical skills as you become a teacher.

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4. Pass certification exams

Another step to becoming a teacher in Arkansas is to pass certification exams. These exams include a national exam which shows your general abilities as a teacher and another national exam which tests your specific subject knowledge. These exams may have accompanying fees, so considering the costs can help ensure you remain prepared.

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5. Research school districts in Arkansas

Next, research school districts in Arkansas that you may be interested in teaching in when you begin your career. This research can include information such as the culture of the school district, the academic achievement of the district, whether the district is urban, suburban or rural and the distance the district is from where you live. During this step, you can also find information about pay bands in that district and what the cost of living is like in that area, all of which can be important factors when you consider becoming a teacher.

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6. Apply for teaching jobs

Once you find a few districts where you want to teach, start putting in your applications to become a full-time classroom teacher for those districts. Each one might want you to submit specific documents such as your transcripts, letters of recommendation, teacher licensing and certificates and a background check. Be prepared to get interviews from districts in a variety of formats such as by phone, virtual meeting or in-person. This can help you prepare to describe yourself as an education professional and get the job in the district you want.

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7. Remain open to communication

Remain open to communication throughout your entire process because many people might contact you with important information to become a teacher. This includes paying attention to your phone, email and physical mail and responding to people when you receive their messages. Finally, this can help you make sure you're as prepared as possible for becoming a teacher in Arkansas by letting you have as much information as possible.

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