25 Ways To Make Extra Money from Home

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Updated May 26, 2022 | Published January 5, 2021

Updated May 26, 2022

Published January 5, 2021

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There are several ways to make money from home. Sometimes referred to as a "gig" or "side hustle," work-from-home opportunities can be temporary, part-time, ongoing and even grow into more substantial careers.

In this article, we explore 25 ways you might consider making extra money from home.

How to make extra money from home

The expansion of online and remote work opportunities has widened the field for added income. Though you have many ways to earn extra money from home, it's important to find the best opportunity for your skills, interests, level of commitment and experience. Here are 25 ways to make extra money from home:

1. Try affiliate marketing

As an affiliate marketer, you can earn a commission by promoting a company's products and services. Make sure to find a product or service you like so you can properly endorse it. While most bloggers use their blogs to promote affiliate campaigns, you can use other social media to promote products. When the buyer uses your link or code work, you receive a percentage of the sales amount.

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2. Sell artwork and designs online

Art comes in many forms, especially in the digital world. If you're artistically gifted, consider creating or selling your art online. Graphic designers make visual graphics such as logos for websites, books and other mediums. As a calligrapher, you can sell your hand-lettering abilities on wedding invitations or stationery.

Illustrators create two-dimensional images to represent a particular concept, first by hand-drawing or painting and then refining their designs using illustration software.

Animators create a series of images that give the illusion of movement in a rapid sequence.

3. Babysit in your home

If you enjoy children, babysitting in your home may earn you extra cash. Babysitting is occasionally watching children in your home, or theirs, while parents are away or are unable to bring their children with them, such as to a function. With this side job, you may change diapers, prepare meals or snacks, entertain children and ensure they’re put to bed at a reasonable hour. Be aware of your state’s laws regarding babysitting versus day care services. A license or CPR certification may be required to keep children in your home.

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4. Bake or prep meals

If you love to be in the kitchen, you could start a business based on your skills. You can fill special baking requests like a one-of-a-kind birthday cake, decorated cookies or treats with or without specific ingredients. You also could meal prep for neighbors who don’t have time or don’t like to cook.

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5. Get cash back from shopping apps

Some mobile applications offer you rewards or cash back for shopping at certain retailers. They're free and easy to use with a smartphone, tablet or computer. Consider signing up, linking your store loyalty card and then shopping at participating stores.

6. Be a copywriter or editor

If you have a way with words, consider working from home as a copywriter or editor. Copywriters typically create content to increase brand awareness and influence people to take a certain action. Copy editors revise the content to ensure it’s free of grammatical or factual errors.

7. Consider being a data entry clerk

Consider becoming a data entry clerk where your daily tasks include entering and updating data into a client's database. You typically get paid by the hour to add files into the database. Data entry clerks may also compile information, prepare the source data for entry and ensure the data's accuracy.

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8. Walk dogs or pet sit

If you love dogs, you can earn extra money walking dogs. You can manage the business from home but you will have to go to clients’ homes to get their dogs, take them for a walk or to a nearby dog park and then return them. Pet sitters mostly visit clients’ homes to check on pets but they manage accounts from home. If you have proper space and facilities, you may be allowed to operate as a kennel. Check with your community to see if there are any certain requirements or licenses needed.

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9. Freelance your skills

Consider doing freelance work to earn an extra income. You can network with local businesses or within your area to become a freelance writer, editor, graphic designer or photographer and set your own hours. Several online freelance services hire a range of freelancers to meet clients’ needs, including logo designers, ghostwriters, resume writers and professional consultants. You often can bid and compete for jobs according to your preferred rate.

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10. Grow a garden

If you have a green thumb, you can start a garden and sell the produce. Promote your produce, plants, flowers, etc., on social media or create a website for local shoppers to check out. Farmers markets are also a great venue to display and sell your produce. Try seasonal items or weekly boxes, depending on your garden yields and customer needs.

11. Be a mystery shopper

Some websites pay you to provide feedback on a company's products and services and your shopping experience. As a mystery shopper, you typically visit a store, ask an employee department-specific questions and complete a survey based on your experience.

12. Become an online blogger

If you enjoy writing, consider starting an online blog. Bloggers generate blog ideas, write posts and promote their own content. You can also use your blog to help others find or sell useful products. Income can be earned through advertisements, affiliate marketing or sponsored posts.

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13. Sell items online

Consider selling items online where you can reach a huge market. Set up an e-commerce site to sell belongings you no longer need, items you've made or virtual products. As a third-party seller, the inventory, shipping, customer service and returns/refunds are managed by the manufacturer.

Popular items to sell online include:

  • Antiques

  • Artwork

  • Books and videos

  • Cellular devices

  • Furniture

  • Gently used clothing

  • Unused gift cards

14. Take online surveys

Online survey companies compensate consumers who take surveys and answer marketing questions. The firms use your answers to create better products and services. The pay isn't high but can quickly add up depending on the number of surveys you take. Some pay in cash, sample merchandise or online gift cards. Do your research in advance to understand the fine print and avoid scams.

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15. Be an online tutor

An online tutor provides academic assistance to students in various grade levels, helping them finish their homework or study for upcoming exams. Some large companies hire English tutors to help students in foreign countries where English is not the native language. Tutors teach in a variety of subjects, including:

  • English

  • History

  • Languages

  • Math

  • Physics

  • Science

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16. Perform professional services from home

As working from home becomes more popular, businesses and individuals may consider contracting remote professional services. If you have a business skill, you could turn it into a profitable home business. For example, you could offer your services if you have a skill set in bookkeeping, medical coding, customer service, sales, computer technology or translating.

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17. Proofread what others write

If you like reviewing copy for spelling, grammar and readability, consider becoming an at-home proofreader. A variety of industries use proofreaders to ensure their communications, marketing pieces and even labeling is correctly worded and spelled. Whether you choose to be a full-time proofreader or as a temporary role, it can be worth your while if you have the right skills.

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18. Rent out your home or space

Consider making your home a vacation rental for part of the year. If you live in a desirable area, you may have an easier time getting people interested in staying at your place. The same goes for a houseboat, guest house or other space that others might find appealing. Do your research to ensure you follow city or state guidelines for renting out property temporarily.

19. Rent out your vehicle

Whether you're staying at home or plan to be away for the weekend, rent out your car for others to use in exchange for extra cash. There are several websites where you list your vehicle and the sites take care of the rest, such as scheduling, payout and even insurance. Be sure to research companies, check the fine print of agreements and beware of scams.

20. Evaluate search engines or websites

Evaluators use technology to evaluate search engine results to ensure they’re relevant based on certain search terms. Your selection typically depends on when your demographic profile matches the site’s target audience. Evaluators also help website owners, especially small businesses, determine how "user-friendly" the site is and if navigation works as it should.

21. Transcribe files, legal proceedings or medical records

If you have good listening skills and attention to detail, consider becoming a transcriptionist. With an abundance of podcasts, YouTube videos and movies, many creators need transcribed copies of their work. Law and medical firms often hire transcribers to transcribe patient records or legal proceedings. You get paid either by the hour or the number of files to listen to audio files and convert what you hear into a text format.

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22. Become a virtual assistant

Individuals and businesses often need virtual assistants who can complete simple online tasks remotely. Their most common duties include answering emails and phone calls, making travel arrangements, organizing a client’s calendar and scheduling appointments or meetings. Other responsibilities may include managing social media accounts, bookkeeping, providing customer service, marketing or creating content.

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23. Educate others online

Put your academic passion to use as a virtual teacher. Instead of teaching in a classroom, you can educate students using an online format. Also, consider selling your lesson plans and other educational resources to other educators for a profit.

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24. Test websites or apps

Some companies will pay you to visit a website or app and provide feedback. You will need a computer, tablet or smartphone and while the pay isn’t high, it can add up. In some cases, you can earn extra by meeting online for the client to answer questions and provide live feedback.

25. Plan weddings or special events

Take the stress out of others’ weddings by being a wedding planner, also known as an event planner. If you're organized, familiar with local businesses and are a people-person, this could be a good at-home job for you. Duties include booking venues, getting bids for flowers and catering, arranging for photographers and videographers, conducting the rehearsal and troubleshooting issues that might arise. Some churches and venues also hire wedding coordinators for their facilities.

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