How To Make Money in Between Jobs

Updated February 16, 2023

Employees leave jobs for many professional and personal reasons. It may be challenging to locate another job in periods of economic decline. However, you can create income-earning opportunities by using your talents, skills and resources. In this article, we discuss why making money between jobs is important and offer several ways to earn money while you're searching for a permanent position.

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Why is making money between jobs important?

Making money between jobs is important so that you can continue to have the income to pay for necessary expenses, like your mortgage or rent, utilities, food and car payments while you continue your job search. Having other obligations outside your regular employment can keep you engaged and busy. You can use these opportunities to develop and improve your professional skills, which can make you more marketable to future employers. Making money between jobs also helps you fill in gaps in employment on your resume. Potential employers can see that you are creative, industrious and hard working.

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How to make money in between jobs

Clocking in and out for full-time work is not the only way to earn an income by any means. In fact, here are 37 ways to make money in between jobs:

1. Take part in paid surveys

Sign up with companies conducting market research. You can input your demographics, and the companies send alerts when you may qualify for a study. You can complete surveys or participate in paid focus groups.

2. Use your skills to freelance

Determine your strongest skills, and consider freelancing. You can consult for companies in your field and promote your services on job boards.

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3. Learn a skill

While you have free time, you can take a course to learn useful, transferable skills, such as basic programming, graphic design or a software program related to your field. You can then advertise your skill on social media or job boards in addition to adding more hiring power to your resume.

4. Sell your clothes

Consider selling clothes and accessories you no longer wear. List your items on resell websites, drop them off at a consignment shop or post them on social media.

5. Sell unneeded items

Gather items that you no longer use, like sports equipment, children's gear and electronics. Post them on online classified sites, sell them to consignment shops or create a virtual garage sale.

6. Work part-time

Assuming that your focus is on finding work with full-time hours, you could consider taking a part-time job as a source of income in the meantime. You might enjoy working as a bartender, barista or sales associate—perhaps even enough to make it your full-time job at some point.

7. Complete tasks on online job boards

Digital job boards and neighborhood networking sites are always ripe with one-time gigs, tasks and projects. You can complete tasks such as data entry, painting and setting up electronics.

8. Offer landscape services

Offer to mow, weed and mulch lawns in your area. In fact there are many tasks about the home that residents consider chores, but for you could be potential income. You can post your services on social media or online classified boards.

9. Rent a room or your house

Offer a spare room in your house or your entire home for rent through a vacation or home-sharing site.

10. Rent your car

Sign up for a car share service and allow users to rent your car. You can designate the number of miles users can go.

11. Join a ride share service

Sign up as a rideshare driver and give rides to users. You can choose your own hours and locations. You need a clean driving record and a valid driver's license.

12. Become a delivery driver

You can work as a delivery driver for a variety of companies, including meal delivery, package delivery or grocery delivery. Many of these positions provide tips in addition to your regular wages. You will need reliable transportation, clean driving history and a valid driver's license.

13. Write off job search expenses

Keep track of all your expenses related to your job search, including transportation, meals and clothing. You may be able to write these expenses off on your taxes.

14. File for unemployment

Research unemployment benefits and processes for your state. Depending on your status, you may qualify for these benefits. Consider contacting your state's unemployment office to learn all the details. Often, you must meet income and length of unemployment requirements.

15. Use a cashback program for purchases

When you shop online, consider using a program that provides cash back for your purchases. You can make money on things you already buy.

16. Invest in real estate

If you have money available, you may want to invest in a small real estate project. Speak to an agent or your accountant about your options.

17. Charge for your hobby

Identify any hobbies that you can share, and advertise your services to friends and family. If you can play an instrument, win at chess, are an exceptional chef, know how to sew or are adept in the visual arts, these are all things that people will pay to either learn how to do or otherwise benefit from your services.

18. Tutor

Sign up as a tutor through a tutoring company or work independently. You can teach subjects you're comfortable with, like languages, algebra, writing or standardized test preparation.

19. Teach online classes

You can sign up to be a teacher for online courses, such as English as a second language. The companies generally require a bachelor's degree and mock lesson to review your teaching abilities.

20. Apply to be a substitute

Consider applying with your local school districts to become a substitute teacher. Schools contact you when a teacher is absent, and you can decide whether to take the shift. You can decide what ages you'd like to work with, such as elementary, middle school or high school. Requirements for substitute teaching vary from state to state, but you will likely have to pass a background check and get fingerprinted.

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21. Sell handmade pieces

If you have artistic abilities, you can sell your wares on online marketplaces. Many people enjoy supporting small businesses and individual artisans. For this reason, you could be able to sell your jewelry, visual art, crochet work, handmade accessories and beyond.

22. Send your items to a fulfillment service to sell for you

You can send your unneeded items to a physical fulfillment center, which can sell the items for you and provide you with a percentage of the sales.

23. Become a secret shopper

Sign up as a secret shopper. You receive a stipend to eat at restaurants, shop at retail stores or test drive cars. You're then compensated for the reviews that you provide.

24. Walk dogs or dog-sit

Advertise to walk dogs or dig-sit in your neighborhood or through friends and family. You can collect references from friends or past clients. Look up average rates in your area to have an idea of what to charge your clients.

25. Housesit

You may also offer house-sitting services when friends, family or neighbors go out of town. You can advertise in your neighborhood newsletter, common areas or social media sites.

26. Babysit or nanny

If you enjoy spending time with children, consider becoming a babysitter or nanny. Add a profile to care sites. You can help parents pick up kids from school, help with homework and care for children when parents go out of town. You may want to take a basic childcare course, especially if you're working with infants. You can also become certified in CPR and basic first aid.

27. Write greeting cards

Submit your ideas for greeting cards online. If your copy is chosen, companies send you compensation.

28. Work as a voice-over artist

You can sign up for work as a voice-over artist and get paid per project. Research the company and technical requirements.

29. Start a monetized blog

Create a blog and consider joining an ad network to monetize it. The more followers you have, the more money you can make. Promote your blog on social media with post excerpts and links.

30. Become a companion for older adults

Sign up to work as a companion for older adults. Companions may help with light housekeeping and simple tasks like getting dressed, but also with enjoyable pastimes such as reading aloud, playing games or otherwise just keeping someone company. Companions do not perform healthcare-related tasks.

31. Write an e-book

Find a topic you're highly knowledgeable of and write an e-book on the topic. You can use a publisher or self-publish your book to sell through online retailers.

32. Sell an idea for an app

If you have an idea for an app, you might consider selling it to a development company. Research the market, create a business plan and meet with investors. You may want to present those in your meetings with a nondisclosure agreement.

33. Promote products on social media

With a large social media following, you could work as a social media influencer. Brands pay you to promote their products or services on your accounts. You may get paid per post or based on the number of users who buy products from your unique links.

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34. Host a trivia night

Contact a local bar or restaurant to ask if you can host a trivia night. This can be a good option for outgoing, personable personalities.

35. Create an online course

If you're an expert on a topic, you can create a curriculum for an online course. Decide on an outline, create the material, incorporate graphics and advertise your course on social media.

36. Work as a writer or editor

You can work on a freelance basis writing or editing. Find projects through online job boards specific to freelance writing positions. You can also contact companies directly to promote your services. Consider creating a website with samples of your work.

37. Advertise your photography services

If you're a skilled photographer, you can offer photography services for events and marketing, stock photography or portraiture.

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