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12 Human Resources Jobs That Pay Well

March 6, 2021

There are many specialties within human resources that might be a good fit for individuals interesting in the organizational processes of a company. While the best paying jobs come with years of experience and advancement, there are some entry-level positions that have high earning potential. In this article, discover 12 different job titles in the field of human resources at various levels of salary and responsibility.

What is human resources?

Human resources is a field dedicated to the management, maintenance and hiring of people at an organization. They oversee staffing needs and ensure employees are satisfied at work and knowledgeable of their company resources.

Because there are no strict guidelines around certificates or diplomas for human resources positions, you might be eligible for an HR career no matter your educational background. Most jobs, however, require at least a bachelor’s degree if not a master’s or higher.

Skills for human resources jobs

When applying for roles in human resources, pay close attention to the job description when writing your resume. You should incorporate keywords in your professional experience and skills sections that apply to your background. This will quickly communicate to a hiring manager that your related experience makes you an ideal fit for the job. Common human resources skills include:

  • Corporate communications
  • Active listening
  • Strong verbal and written communication
  • Data-backed decision making
  • Strategic thinking
  • Budget and proposal writing
  • Employee training activities

Top human resources jobs

Here are 12 human resources positions with high earning potential from the lowest to highest national average salary. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, click on the link for each salary below:

National average salary: $54,971 per year

Primary duties: Human resources strategists are focused on long-term improvement of staffing, resources, benefits and general processes involving people at the organization. They utilize research and data to make strategic decisions about future human resources plans.

Companies with this position: Target, Deloitte, Securitas

National average salary: $56,089 per year

Primary duties: Training and development managers are responsible for creating and distributing materials and instructions for employees to learn what they need to be successful at an organization. They typically work with new hires, but might also develop materials for all employees around new products or processes.

Companies with this position: LA Fitness, ResCare, Starbucks

National average salary: $57,799 per year

Primary duties: Administrative service managers are responsible for staffing, organizing and developing processes around administration services at an organization. This might include managing receptionists, administrative assistants, help desk associates and more.

Companies with this position: Comcast, Padnos, Merck

National average salary: $69,276 per year

Primary duties: Human resources consultants work with HR managers and company executives to identify problems and develop improvement plans. They might also help organizations achieve specific goals such as improving morale or hiring for a certain position.

Companies with this position: ADP, Aramark, YMCA

National average salary: $70,733 per year

Primary duties: Human resources analysts are responsible for collecting and interpreting quantitative data to inform important HR decisions at an organization. They might look at information such as salary, performance against a goal and volume of employees.

Companies with this position: UPS, Walmart, Sears

National average salary: $71,316 per year

Primary duties: Executive recruiters are responsible for finding and hiring people into high-level, executive positions. They might work for one specific company or for a recruiting firm that specializes in these types of hires.

Companies with this position: YMCA, Modis, Capital One

National average salary: $77,858 per year

Primary duties: Human resources managers are responsible for overseeing the main administrative functions of an organization. They oversee staffing, employee resources, and work with executives on making high-level decisions about company processes and people.

Companies with this position: Lowe’s, Cintas, JCPenney

National average salary: $84,349 per year

Primary duties: Global human resources managers are focus on international employment. They are knowledgeable about employment policies and operations in countries an organization has employees or might begin to have employees.

Companies with this position: McDonald’s, DHL, Hilton

National average salary: $93,055 per year

Primary duties: Human resources directors oversee operations of a human resources department at an organization. They typically make high-level decisions with executives and ensure their team is satisfied, meeting their goals, and achieving for the company.

Companies with this position: Hyatt, Spectrum, CarMax

National average salary: $94,450 per year

Primary duties: Labor relations specialists study labor policies, wage data, union news and other important political information regarding employment. They use this information to help employers negotiate, interpret and administer contracts with and for employees.

Companies with this position: Raytheon, Kellogg Company, DuPont

National average salary: $97,673 per year

Primary duties: Change management specialists are responsible for aiding during a shift at an organization whether that be a new CEO, a merger or buyout, layoffs or other changes. They might organize company-wide communications and meetings, monitor morale and create manageable systems for employee questions to be answered.

Companies with this position: Accenture, Appirio, Jacobs

National average salary: $101,071 per year

Primary duties: Compensation and benefits managers are responsible for researching, selecting and educating employees on their compensation and benefits with the company and through third-party providers. This might include insurance, expenses, commuting, parental leave, healthy living or other benefits.

Companies with this position: ExamWorks, Aetna, Wells Fargo


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