13 Jobs For Humanities Majors

By Indeed Editorial Team

February 10, 2022

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A degree in humanities offers a variety of career paths to choose from and can include jobs in the fields of arts, writing, psychology and marketing. There is plenty of available work that closely involves applying knowledge about human behavior. In this article, we take a look at the top career options in humanities and what you could expect from these jobs.

What are humanities majors?

Humanities majors undergo education in rhetoric, as well as the art of speaking and writing. Because one of the primary goals of humanities is to teach students effective communication, they will have to enroll in one or more communications courses. Coursework includes a great deal of reading, with a particular focus on ancient Greek and Roman writings.

They will also take part in class discussions and be expected to produce their own writings. In addition to working on improving speaking and writing skills, humanities majors will learn how to employ language to influence attitudes and behaviors and to apply historical, philosophical and literary concepts.

Why are humanities important?

There are many reasons why the study of humanities is beneficial. Humanities help foster a deeper understanding of other people through the study of their languages, history and culture. The subject also reveals how people from around the world and throughout history have made sense of the world from moral, spiritual and intellectual perspectives. This could teach students empathy, which in turn could help foster social justice and equality.

On a personal level, humanities help students develop writing and critical reading skills. The subject also teaches students to think creatively and consider every question from different perspectives. More importantly, humanities help students think critically and logically when faced with complex and often subjective information.

Humanities degree career paths

Here are some of the more common career paths you could explore with a degree in humanities:

1. Graphic designer

National average salary: $17.73 per hour

Primary responsibilities: Graphic designers make use of art and technology that portray ideas using visual imagery. They have to meet with clients face-to-face to identify their needs and how they can incorporate the message they want in the form of logos, illustrations or the layout of a website.

Some examples of a graphic designer's work are tinkering with even the most minute of details such as the type font used for texts, all the way to the format when creating blog posts. All these are an important part of the company's brand imagery, which is why you will usually find this type of work closely involved in the advertising and marketing aspect of businesses.

Education requirements: Those interested in working full-time often require a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design or any related field.

Companies with this position: AT&T, Alphagraphics

2. Technical writer

National average salary: $20.02 per hour

Primary responsibilities: From instruction manuals to guides, a technical writer is responsible for turning technical and complicated information into simpler instructions. They create how-to manuals, assembling instructions and operation guides for consumers as well as for the support staff within businesses.

These positions are frequently found in the IT industry as complex information is needed to be disseminated and understood by a wide range of people with different backgrounds.

Education requirements: Technical writing positions usually require a college degree. Specialized positions need experience or knowledge in areas such as programming, web design, computer science or engineering. While companies prefer candidates with a Bachelor's Degree in English or Journalism, you can get by with any college degree. Aside from working in-house or agency, freelance positions are also available for technical writers.

Companies with this position: US Department of the Air Force, JM Staffing, Microsoft

3. Sign language interpreter

National average salary: $26.84 per hour

Primary responsibilities: A sign language interpreter bridges the gap in communication between hearing people and those who are hard of hearing or deaf. They are usually fluent in English and American Sign Language, which utilizes signs, body language and fingerspelling.

Education requirements: Unlike most arts and humanities degree jobs, it is not mandatory for a sign language interpreter to earn a bachelor's degree, although many employers prefer a college degree in ASL, English, communication or interpretation, with additional coursework in ASL or deaf culture. Most sign language interpreters have a least an associate degree in ASL interpreting.

Companies with this position: US Department of the Treasure, Cerritos College, ZVRS Purple Communications

4. Travel agent

National average salary: $44,050 per year

Primary responsibilities: A travel agent's job is to plan, organize and manage the lodging, travel and leisure of its clients going on a trip, individually or as a group. As travel agents, they need to know the time to schedule trips and create itineraries for each day. Through their information-gathering, a travel agent can make life easier for the client by removing all the burdens of booking and hassles of figuring out where the best travel destinations are.

More often than, not they visit the travel destinations themselves to get firsthand experience so that they can provide recommendations to their clients. Differentiation is prominent in this field, as some cater exclusively to seniors or of the younger generation.

Education requirements: Employers typically require a high school diploma, and some would prefer people who have taken courses related to the travel industry. As a humanities degree major, having a second language is beneficial as you can give recommendations in that specific country.

Companies with this position: American Express, Four Seasons, BCD Travel Corporate

5. High school teacher

National average salary: $47,044 per year

Primary responsibilities: A high school teacher's main duty is to prepare their students with academic lessons they will need to attend college after graduation. Additionally, their responsibilities may differ from school to school, as others also help students learn technical skills that are necessary to enter the job market.

Education requirements: Depending on the type of school you work in, requirements can vary. All states require teachers in public high schools to have a bachelor's degree. Most but not all states need them to major in a specific subject area such as arts, history or chemistry.

Unlike public schools, private schools do not require teachers to follow state requirements. Another difference is that all states require teachers in public schools to meet certification or license requirements but do not for private schools.

Companies with this position: Wyzant, Charter Schools USA, KinderCare Education

6. Editor

National average salary: $50,161 per year

Primary responsibilities: An editor is responsible for reviewing content before it is published. They spend their time reading copy, content and other materials to check for grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. Part of their job is to make the copy easier to understand to their target readers and as such will require several rewrites before being passed on for publishing. Additionally, fact-checking is normally done to verify the credibility of sources and the content is carefully crafted as a story that is compelling for their readers. Editors also constantly provide feedback on how the writing can be improved by way of suggesting better headlines.

Education requirements: Editors are preferred to have a Bachelor's Degree in English, Communications or Journalism. Employers also look for people who have strong writing skills. Specialized positions for editors are also available to those with knowledge in fields such as programming. Being able to know how to use a computer is especially important as it's the editor's main source of communication between departments.

Companies with this position: NBCUniversal, Meredith Corporation, Sinclair Broadcast Group

7. Copywriter

National average salary: $52,151 per year

Primary responsibilities: A copywriter's main duty is to create scripts, ad copy and words to fill out the pages for websites to generate leads for their clients. Copywriters often discuss with the client their core ideas and target market to consider them for the final copy. They usually employ a unique perspective of turning into the customer by creating a buyer's persona. Copywriters are common in the advertising and marketing industry and often work in-house, agency or freelance.

Education requirements: Companies prefer copywriters with a portfolio of clients, and many require a Bachelor's Degree in English, Marketing, Advertising or Communications. Employers are not always strict with the requirements and may also hire people with strong writing skills.

Companies with this position: Foot Locker, Facebook, Ralph Lauren, FCB Global

8. Human resources specialist

National average salary: $53,919 per year

Primary responsibilities: HR specialists are responsible for the recruitment, retention and turnover of employees in a company. They perform interviews, screening and background checks on all potential candidates, making sure that they're fit for the job. Additional responsibilities include increasing awareness to employees of company policies as well as the payroll procedure and the administration of benefits.

Education requirements: Employers look for candidates with a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources, or any related field, even in behavioral sciences. A big bonus is being able to confront people and any problems they encounter in the workplace.

Companies with this position: U.S. Army, ROI Revolution, PNC Financial Services Group

9. Public relations manager

National average salary: $56,399 per year

Primary responsibilities: Public relations managers are responsible for creating and maintaining the public image of their client or company. They help prepare press releases for the media and bridge the transparency between the client and their customers to maximize engagement.

Doing so helps establish the brand identity of the client and helps advertising benefit from the exposure. PR managers would often have to review all materials to be published and even sponsor events for the good of the company. Alongside, they respond to any concerns from the public that might affect their reputation.

Education requirements: Having a humanities degree ensures that you are capable of understanding and dealing with people to maintain their public image. Employers would prefer if you have a Bachelor's Degree in English, Communications or any business-related field, but having good writing skills can also be taken into consideration.

Companies with this position: HighWire Press, Weber Shandwick, Endeavor

10. Sales representative

National average salary: $57,906 per year

Primary responsibilities: A sales representative's duty is creating ways to increase the promotion of a company's service or products to potential leads such as clients, distributors and dealers. This often requires networking with people and developing professional relationships with clients which can be done by providing samples or demonstrations of how the service or product works.

Education requirements: A high school degree is required at the very least by employers. A humanities degree is beneficial as you will likely know behavioral science.

Companies with this position: Glass America, Balboa Capital, Jordan's Furniture

11. Social worker

National average salary: $58,746 per year

Primary responsibilities: A social worker aids people who are dealing with financial, mental, behavioral and emotional problems. This work involves the identification of the people who need help and observing what they need and what they can do to improve their living situation to adjust to society.

Most of the client's social workers help people afflicted with illness, marital issues and loss of work. Many kinds of specializations are available in this line of work and you can choose to specialize in helping people with disabilities, mental illness or children.

Education requirements: Employers are typically searching for people with a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work. However, people with a related degree that involves behavioral science, sociology or psychology will help in finding work.

Companies with this position: US Department of the Army, US Department of the Navy, Noble Network of Charter Schools

12. Archaeologist

National average salary: $63,223 per year

Primary responsibilities: The main duty of an archaeologist is to study the origins and behavioral development in humans. This is done through the identification of physical characteristics, language and cultures of people from around the world. Archaeologists are constantly testing out hypotheses about the way of living humans have adopted throughout the course of life. Part of this job is being able to use the existing tools for excavation as well as making use of database software to store newly-collected information.

Education requirements: A Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology can help you find work as a laboratory assistant or technician.

Companies with this position: AECOM, US Department of the Interior, US Department of Agriculture

13. Psychologist

National average salary: $86,476 per year

Primary responsibilities: Psychologists study human behavior through observation, interpretation and discerning how people are related to each other and how they interact with their environment. They often seek out answers in understanding how people behave, think and feel by creating theories in controlled environments while performing experiments that either support or have a conflict with their theories.

Education requirements: A requirement to be part of clinical or counseling psychology is to have a Doctorate in Psychology.

Companies with this position: Deer Oaks Mental Health Associates, Sunbelt Staffing, Kaiser Permanente

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