15 In-Demand Jobs of the Future (Plus Average Salaries)

Updated February 3, 2023

Advancements in technology have led to the emergence of many new jobs that professionals can pursue, particularly in the information technology (IT), computer science and energy industries. Similarly, existing career paths have become more popular due to an increase in demand for specialists in several fields, including medicine. Learning about in-demand job options may help you choose a career with a promising future. In this article, we explore 15 in-demand jobs, their average salaries and their primary job duties.

15 in-demand jobs of the future

Here are 15 in-demand jobs for you to consider when researching your career options:

1. Home health aide

National average salary: $30,302 per year

Primary duties: A home health aide is a professional who provides care to people who are elderly, injured or ill at their residences. They assist patients with their hygiene needs, perform housekeeping duties, administer medications, transport patients to doctors' appointments and help them conduct other errands. Home health aides also socialize with patients and provide emotional support.

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2. Wind turbine technician

National average salary: $47,676 per year

Primary duties: A wind turbine technician is a professional who installs, repairs and maintains wind turbines. They perform inspections of this type of equipment, climb wind turbine towers to repair electrical or mechanical elements and gather data to determine the efficiency of turbines. Wind turbine technicians also manage underground elements of wind turbines, such as transmission systems and fiber optic lines, to ensure they maintain their operability.

3. Driller

National average salary: $50,802 per year

Primary duties: These professionals in the energy sector implement petroleum engineers' plans for extracting natural gas or oil from the ground. They oversee drill rig maintenance, train crews and monitor the flow of oil and gas from wells to prevent overflows. Drillers are also responsible for controlling the drilling speed and alignment during extraction and ensuring compliance with safety protocol on work sites.

4. Medical services manager

National average salary: $58,743 per year

Primary duties: A medical services manager, also called a health care executive or health care administrator, manages hospital departments, clinics or other medical facilities. They analyze data, research and trends to strategize goals for their facilities, set budgets, maintain compliance with laws and regulations and supervise other staff members. A medical service manager's daily duties include monitoring patient counts, coordinating patient care and communicating with medical facility directors.

5. Solar installer

National average salary: $62,454 per year

Primary duties: A solar installer is a construction professional who specializes in the installation and maintenance of solar panels. They use their skills and expertise to assemble panels, configure high-voltage wiring, apply weather-resistant coatings to panels and conduct regular maintenance. Solar installers assess the location where their client wants their solar panels installed, cut the panels to fit properly, install the panels and ensure each project meets industry standards and electrical codes.

6. Roustabout

National average salary: $65,393 per year

Primary duties: A roustabout is a professional who works on oil and natural gas rigs. They maintain the cleanliness of a rig's work area, monitoring flow lines to identify and resolve leaks or other concerns. Roustabouts often work in the natural gas industry, assisting heavy equipment operators with the assembly, disassembly and repair of gas field machinery.

7. Derrickman

National average salary: $67,859 per year

Primary duties: A derrickman, also known as a derrick operator, is an oil or natural gas professional who collaborates with roustabouts, drillers and other rig employees to implement extraction plans. They specifically work with derricks, which are support frameworks for drills. They inspect derricks prior to lowering them into the ground or raising them, position and align them properly and train other rig employees to operate them.

8. Operations analyst

National average salary: $72,614 per year

Primary duties: An operations analyst is a business professional who uses complex mathematical strategies to identify and resolve internal problems within companies. They collect data from many sources, including customers and company databases, and determine how this data affects a company's operations. They also consult with managers about their challenges, use statistical modeling to strategize solutions for those issues and help managers implement changes.

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9. Mental health counselor

National average salary: $74,351 per year

Primary duties: These health care practitioners help patients overcome or manage their mental or behavioral issues. They evaluate their clients to determine their needs and goals, develop treatment plans, help them develop skills they need to improve their thought processes and behaviors and monitor their progress. Mental health counselors often work in clinics, hospitals or schools, where they help patients and students with their psychological and behavioral health needs.

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10. Information security analyst

National average salary: $84,891 per year

Primary duties: An information security analyst is an IT professional who helps companies protect their data from hackers and viruses. They install firewall protection and antivirus programs, identify and resolve security breaches, help employees troubleshoot network issues and establish plans for emergency outages. They also conduct research to remain informed about emerging viruses, malware and hacking schemes, as well as how to prevent them.

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11. Fire protection engineer

National average salary: $84,970 per year

Primary duties: A fire protection engineer specializes in the prevention and mitigation of fires. They study the causes of fires, determine how architectural techniques affect their spread and use scientific methods to develop strategies for protecting people and the environment from the effects of fires. Some fire inspectors also provide consultations to homeowners, businesses and government agencies.

12. Statistician

National average salary: $96,532 per year

Primary duties: A statistician is an expert in statistics, a mathematical field that involves collecting and analyzing numerical data. They often work as consultants for businesses by interpreting trends and patterns in data and presenting results to management and stakeholders. Statisticians also assist managers in developing operational strategies and making decisions about budgets, hiring procedures and other important processes.

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13. Physician assistant

National average salary: $107,234 per year

Primary duties: A physician assistant (PA) is a medical professional who works on physician teams to provide various treatments to patients. PAs often work in family practices, surgical departments or emergency rooms where they diagnose patients, administer medications and treatment plans and monitor patients' conditions. They take a disease-centered approach to medical care, which means they practice medicine by identifying and treating the biological elements that affect health.

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14. Nurse practitioner

National average salary: $110,929 per year

Primary duties: A nurse practitioner, or an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN), is a health care provider who coordinates patient care and some of the same treatments as a physician. APRN duties vary by state, but they may evaluate and diagnose patients, prescribe medications, perform diagnostic tests and monitor patient progress. APRNs follow a patient-centered health care model, which means they focus primarily on educating their patients and helping them prevent diseases.

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15. Data scientist

National average salary: $119,904 per year

Primary duties: These professionals collect and analyze data and arrange it in a comprehensible manner. They use computer programming, statistical formulas and business processes to help companies determine patterns in their data, evaluate the efficiency of their initiatives and strategize plans for marketing, IT and other teams. Data scientists often work for finance and technology companies to help them implement effective processes.

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