20 Jobs You Can Get With an International Business Degree

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated August 5, 2022 | Published January 29, 2021

Updated August 5, 2022

Published January 29, 2021

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Global business practices are evolving, and organizations are opening up to ideas and inventions from around the world. Pursuing a career that works in the international market can be a lucrative and fulfilling path. An international business degree can give you an understanding of the systems and management practices that businesses use all over the world.

In this article, we discuss 20 jobs you can get with a degree in international business, along with their national average salaries and primary duties.

20 international business degree jobs

Here are the top career opportunities for international business degree holders. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, click on the salary link by each job title below:

1. Auditor

National average salary: $50,255 per year

Primary duties: An auditor reviews the financial records of an organization and reports findings to concerned parties like the government, shareholders, investors or loan companies. They also investigate a company's internal operations, evaluating financial statements and its approach to risk management. External auditors can either work independently or as part of an auditing firm.

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2. Accountant

National average salary: $53,705 per year

Primary duties: Accountants manage the finances and financial information of an organization. They track payments, create and analyze financial reports, prepare budget forecasts, process tax payments and returns, audit financial information, manage payrolls and control expenditures.

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3. Bank officer

National average salary: $54,720 per year

Primary duties: A bank officer acts on the bank's behalf. They prepare financial statements, lead and supervise staff, prepare reports, oversee banking procedures, promote and market bank's services, monitor performance and analyze budgets. Bank officers also stay current with market dynamics and ensure that activities are in line with banking and safety laws.

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4. Public relations manager

National average salary: $55,650 per year

Primary duties: Public relations managers oversee and build a company's reputation through carefully targeted PR strategies and campaigns. Their responsibilities include planning publicity campaigns, writing and developing press releases and promotional materials, attending and organizing promotional events, performing market research and building relationships with clients, stakeholders and the public.

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5. Advertising manager

National average salary: $59,834 per year

Primary duties: An advertising manager oversees the creation and implementation of promotional campaigns. They design and implement advertising campaigns and strategies, coordinate with the accounts department on budget and expenses and develop plans to increase sales and client satisfaction. Advertising managers coordinate with creative heads and team members toward a timely execution of advertising campaigns in line with the client's specifications.

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6. Marketing manager

National average salary: $63,373 per year

Primary duties: A marketing manager develops and implements strategies to attract customers to a business and improve its market positioning. They collaborate with the executive team to develop a marketing strategy, analyze competitors and market trends and oversee marketing campaigns. Marketing managers are in charge of managing marketing budgets and often work with in-house or third-party agencies to create promotional materials.

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7. Logistics manager

National average salary: $64,155 per year

Primary duties: Logistics managers monitor the movement, storage and distribution of supplies in a company. They evaluate budgets and expenditures, process shipments, negotiate contracts with carriers, plan and monitor inbound and outbound deliveries, train and supervise warehouse staff and control inventory. Logistic managers use IT software to monitor shipping and inventory.

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8. Foreign exchange trader

National average salary: $66,862 per year

Primary duties: Foreign exchange traders manage an organization's foreign currency trades in worldwide commodity markets. Their responsibilities include maintaining an organization's foreign currency market position, carrying out foreign exchange trades, establishing and communicating exchange rates based on market fluctuations, researching market changes and advising international clients on market trends and fluctuations.

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9. Human resources manager

National average salary: $70,625 per year

Primary duties: Human resource managers plan, organize and coordinate administrative activities in organizations. They interview, recruit and hire new staff members. Human resource managers also act as a link between employees and management personnel. They conduct orientation for new employees, resolve disputes among staff members and give out disciplinary measures. A human resource manager consults with other unit heads regarding team member's behaviors and supervise support staff.

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10. Policy analyst

National average salary: $76,162 per year

Primary duties: Policy analysts drive organizational goals by investigating and developing methods of improving public policies. They identify current or imminent problems, review policy drafts, make cost-benefit analyses and propose alternatives to current policies. Organizations that employ policy analysts include research institutes, governments, corporations and think tanks.

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11. Supply chain manager

National average salary: $76,779 per year

Primary duties: Supply chain managers oversee a company's supply chain strategy for improved business efficiency. They determine supply chain KPIs, plan and update logistics strategies, monitor logistic operations, update inventory, collaborate with vendors and analyze operational performance. Supply chain managers are also responsible for supervising and training supply chain staff members.

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12. Procurement manager

National average salary: $77,663 per year

Primary duties: Procurement managers coordinate the acquisition of products and services for an organization. They monitor market trends, develop cost-effective acquisition methods, estimate budgets for purchases and create and maintain relationships with suppliers. The job also involves developing risk management procedures and preparing procurement reports.

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13. Stockbroker

National average salary: $79,070 per year

Stockbrokers manage the financial portfolios of organizations by buying and selling shares and securities on behalf of their clients. They analyze the performance of shares and securities in the stock market, offer investment advice to clients, evaluate financial reports, keep abreast of stock market changes and advise clients on new investment opportunities. Stockbrokers work with stockbroking firms or as independent contractors.

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14. Investment banking analyst

National average salary: $79,227 per year

Primary duties: An investment banker creates and implements financial plans and advises organizations on how they can achieve their financial goals. They often raise capital for businesses by issuing debt and selling equity. They identify new business opportunities, oversee mergers, negotiate financial deals and prepare financial documents. Investment banking analysts work closely with other professionals like public relations consultants, accountants and lawyers.

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15. Management analyst

National average salary: $81,615
per year

Primary duties: Management analysts evaluate and analyze an organization's data, identify issues and develop and implement solutions. They analyze company information like business plans, goals, employee framework, financial status and future ventures, and design strategies to improve performance. Management analysts develop and conduct risk analysis, analyze investment reports and develop strategies that enhance the market value of an organization's products or services for increased profitability.

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16. Business analyst

National average salary: $82,147 per year

Primary duties: Business analysts examine organizations' operational frameworks and design systems to improve functionality. They evaluate the technological structures in place, create business analyses, identify problems and develop financial models. Business analysts often work alongside IT and financial teams.

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17. Business adviser

National average salary: $83,291 per year

Primary duties: Business advisers design and execute strategies to improve financial management and business efficiency. They perform risk analysis, analyze financial records, prepare budgets, evaluate marketing and sales strategies and identify opportunities for business growth. They also recommend operational changes, execute business strategies and develop and maintain professional networks. Business consultants could provide mentoring and tutoring services to organizations.

18. Product manager

National average salary: $89,956 per year

Primary duties: Product managers oversee the entire process of a product's development. They identify market gaps and product opportunities, design product features, identify target customers and develop product strategy. Product managers work with the design and marketing team and report progress to management. The job also involves reviewing production schedules to ensure product availability. Product managers often work with multinational businesses and manufacturing companies.

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19. Finance manager

National average salary: $90,816 per year

Primary duties: Finance managers are responsible for planning and making profitable financial decisions that move a business toward its long-term goal. They develop business plans, manage budgets, monitor cash flow, perform strategic analysis, develop financial models, prepare financial reports, identify cost reduction opportunities and design strategies to minimize financial risks.

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20. Economist

National average salary: $96,965 per year

Primary duties: An economist studies market trends and offers advice to businesses and governments on financial and socioeconomic issues. They develop and analyze financial and socioeconomic data, conduct surveys, develop models for economic forecasting and review the economic impact of laws. Economists employ a variety of software programs to analyze data and often refer to historical trends to make forecasts.

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