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Updated October 26, 2021 | Published February 25, 2020

Updated October 26, 2021

Published February 25, 2020

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Employers use job application forms as a means to discover new employees. The questions these forms ask introduce applicants and their work history. Using these forms gives employers a better way of narrowing down the best applicants for employment. In this article, we discuss job application forms and the different types of information they include along with an application form example.

What is a job application form?

A job or employment application form is an official form given to applicants asking a wide range of questions both about the individual and their skills related to the job. Forms are legally defensible and stand as a way for applicants to introduce themselves to employers. Businesses use these forms to find those best suited for open positions, sending a select few to the next phase of the process.

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When to fill out a job application form

Job seekers use job application forms in tandem with their resumes to apply for positions. Many employers make their application forms available whether or not new positions are available. In these cases, they're often gauging general interest, keeping certain names on file for future positions.

Searching for a new job is often a stressful endeavor as applicants apply to a multitude of openings. For best results, however, only fill out application forms for jobs that fit your goals and skill sets. Research the business and look for areas such as their history, motivations and pay rates. If the organization meets all expectations, take the next step and fill out the form.

It is also recommended to apply only to positions that are actively seeking applicants. Check online job boards and look for posting dates. Recent dates often mean a newly opened position. Avoid going to a business's website directly unless you know for sure an open position exists.

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What is included in a job application form?

Job application forms include a series of questions that introduce applicants to the business. They're often broken up into sections:

  • Contact info

  • Employment history

  • Availability

  • References

  • Additional information

Contact info

The first section includes space for applicants to put their full name, address and contact information. Both first and last names are often required as well as city, state, street address, zip code and phone number.

Employment history

There will also be a section about work history. It allows applicants to cite business names and contact information as well as positions held and duties conducted. Especially online, businesses format this section in different ways. Whichever format you come across, prepare to give a brief description of the business, your manager's name and direct contact information, as well as the specific role you held and its required duties. Include specific details, but remain as brief as possible.


The next section usually includes an area to list availability and start dates. As with employment history, this section may have varied formats. Prepare to include exact starting and end times for each day of the week you are available. When considering a start date, think of the earliest day in which all your previous affairs are accounted for, such as leaving a current position.


The final section often includes an area to list references. Many employers require a certain number of references, so prepare at least three to five individuals along with their contact information.

Additional information

Many online and physical forms include a disclaimer section or a brief overview of terms and conditions. To complete the application, job seekers may need to confirm that they read and understand the terms. Additionally, at the end of the application, you must provide either a physical signature or e-signature confirming they have listed correct information to the best of their knowledge.

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Types of job applications

As mentioned previously, there are a few options employers have for supplying application forms. These types vary depending on the type of job or business. In addition to a resume and cover letter, applicants may also need to submit:

Online application

Many employers provide an online application on their websites. While some companies have fairly simple applications, larger companies have huge databases built to contain applicant information and various application forms. Alternatively, some job board sites have their own, smaller application process, giving employers just a few options of things to ask each applicant.

Email application

Some employers prefer email application processes that are particularly useful for remote positions. Throughout an email string, applicants answer questions, take tests and fill out small forms. This process acts as a hybrid of an application and an interview.

Physical paper application

Although outdated and less secure, some businesses keep physical paper applications as a primary part of their hiring process. They're either offered as printable assets online or handed out by employees within the facility. This allows applicants to apply in person and potentially meet with a manager right away.

Details of a job application form

Here is an example of the basic information that is commonly requested on a job application:

Applicant's name and contact information
Please list all information as accurately as possible:
First name: Ananya
Last name: Raviraj
Middle initial: Z
Home address: 456 Seabreeze Avenue
City: Los Angeles
State: California
Zip code: 90015
Phone: 555-321-6543
Employment history
Start your list with the most recent position:
Position/Job Title: Assistant Researcher
Company: Southwest Science University
Direct Manager: Dr. Victor Buchelli
Manager Phone: 555-987-2345
Position/Job Title: Junior Manager
Company: Dexter's Deli
Direct Manager: Dexter Hildebrandt
Manager Phone: 555-321-7890
Position/Job Title: Sandwich Artist
Company: Dexter's Deli
Direct Manager: Dexter Hildebrandt
Manager Phone: 555-321-7890
Please list your available hours:
Sunday: Not available
Monday: All hours
Tuesday: All hours
Wednesday: All hours
Thursday: All hours
Friday: 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.
*Saturday: Not available
Please list at least three references with contact information:
Name: Jeremy Garcia
Phone: 555-123-6543
Name: Dr. Alexandria Jackson
Phone: 555-789-4567
Name: Sonja Alana
Phone: 555-234-7891
Signature required
Please e-sign and verify that all the above information is true and accurate:
e-Signature: Ananya Raviraj
Date: 01/06/2020

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