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15 Jobs With the Biggest Comebacks Since Last Summer

August 2, 2021

Around this time last year, no place in the U.S. had been untouched by the COVID-19 economic crisis. In every large and mid-size labor market, job postings on Indeed fell at least 24% relative 2019’strend. Nationally, job postings bottomed around May 1 and have improved a bit since then.

Since then, we’ve seen industries both boom and bust as the world found new ways to work and live around the global pandemic. Today, as vaccinations continue to roll out across the globe and coronavirus levels decline, job postings in all sectors are above the pre-pandemic baseline. While goods-related sectors like loading and stocking, manufacturing, and construction lead the way in new job postings, hospitality and tourism and beauty and wellness continue to lag.

If you’re considering starting a new job search, whether you’re entering the professional world for the first time, changing careers or simply seeking new opportunities, it might help to understand which jobs have recovered best and which have declined most since this time last year.

Below, we’ve put together a list of job titles that have seen the largest percentage growth and decline since last year.

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The biggest comeback in jobs, June 2020 to June 2021

Below is a list of job titles that have seen the biggest percent increase in share of job postings between June 2020 and June 2021.

1. Distributor
National average salary: $19.90 per year

Common duties: Distributors transport products from manufacturers to market environments. They are an important part of the chain of supply and demand. Distributors often buy products, store them and sell them through different processes, depending on their specific purpose

2. Progressive care nurse
National average salary: $79, 216 per year

Common duties: A progressive care nurse is a certified medical professional who provides medical care to patients in the progressive care unit. Nurses work alongside nursing assistants, physicians, surgeons and physical therapists to facilitate a patient's recovery and decide on the best course of action to help them heal.

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3. Senior recruiter
National average salary: $62,323 per year

Common duties: Recruiters find candidates to fill open positions at an organization. Recruiters find candidates who are qualified for each job opening based on the hiring manager’s requirements. You are responsible for overseeing most of the hiring process by communicating with candidates, scheduling interviews and working with the hiring manager to make hiring decisions.

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4. Private banker
National average salary: $62,669 per year

Common duties: Private bankers offer banking services to high-net-worth clients. They typically work in banks, credit unions and other financial institutions. They provide a wide variety of financial services such as setting up accounts, organizing mortgages and other types of loans, advising clients on bank products and assisting them with investment decisions.

5. Registered nurse - PICU
National average salary: $79, 216 per year

Common duties: An PICU nurse, or pediatric intensive care unit nurse, is an RN that evaluates, monitors and administers care to children in intensive care units. Basic duties include monitoring and evaluating patient vitals and progress, identifying condition changes, monitoring dosage, creating and implementing patient care plans and coordinating with doctors and other medical staff.

6. Brand representative
National average salary: $39,705 per year

Common duties: A brand representative works to promote a product or company to a specific group of people called the target audience. Their responsibilities can include using social media to connect with customers, advertising events on social media, creating marketing or sales records and organizing and attending brand events.

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7. Recruitment resourcer
National average salary: $51,611 per year

Common duties: A recruitment resourcer is typically an entry-level position for individuals seeking to become professional recruiters. Recruitment resources have a variety of duties that may include helping recruiters schedule interviews, communicating with hiring managers throughout the hiring process and helping to identify qualified candidates.

8. Rigger
National average salary: $47,220 per year

Common duties: A rigger is a crew member who operates rigging machines, including boat davits and cargo booms, to reposition goods across the container ship. To place materials in tight spaces, riggers use cables and pulleys that support the weight and size of the cargo. They also direct crane and forklift operators on where to drop off cargo during material transportation.

9. Optical assistant
National average salary: $33,175 per year

Common duties: Optical assistants generally work with eye doctors and opticians to provide care to patients and clients including answering phones, scheduling appointments, checking patience in and collecting patient paperwork.

10. Tractor operator
National average salary: $288,918 per year

Common duties: Tractor operators are licensed professionals who load and operate tractors to move large, heavy materials around a facility such as a warehouse, construction site, factory or storage facility.

11. Fine jewelry sales associate
National average salary: $42,181 plus 5,000 in commission per year

Common duties: Fine jewelry sales associates help customers looking for pieces of fine jewelry. They answer questions using their in-depth knowledge of fine jewelry, recommend quality pieces based on the customer's preferences or needs and help the store or department meet sales goals.

12. Food and beverage manager
National average salary: $52,902 per year

Common duties: A food and beverage manager oversees the operational aspects of a hospitality property's dining program. Food and beverage managers are typically responsible for ordering and managing inventory such as food ingredients and related supplies, hiring and managing staff, and providing excellent customer service.

13. Retail advisor
National average salary:$61,857 per year

Common duties: Retail advisors help customers find products that meet their needs and assist with sales transactions to ensure a strong customer experience with the store. They typically work the retail floor, answering questions about and explaining product benefits and features to customers.

14. Corporate recruiter
National average salary: $56,270 per year

Common duties: A corporate recruiter works internally at a corporation to identify, communicate with and eventually hire talent for open positions. They work with hiring managers to craft and post job descriptions, vet candidates and generally manage the hiring process.

15. Transformation manager
National average salary: $132,967 per year

Common duties: Transformation managers work with senior leaders at a company to identify an area of opportunity within a business, and creating processes and communications to measurably improve performance, output, revenue or some other goal.

The biggest declines in jobs, June 2020 to June 2021

Alternatively, many jobs have seen a decrease in postings throughout the course of the pandemic. This may be due to the decline in specific industries, the closing of certain businesses or a decrease in certain business operations.

Here are 10 jobs that have seen some of the biggest drops in postings from June 2020 to June 2021:
1. Cryptologic linguist
2. Financial administrator
3. Drone pilot
4. Illustrator
5. Air traffic controller
6. Medical specialist
7. Track vehicle repairer
8. Transportation coordinator
9. Salon apprentice
10. Firefighter


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