How To List Job Responsibilities in Job Listings

Updated November 7, 2022

Employers write job responsibilities within their job listings for candidates looking to work for their organization. Candidates review the job responsibilities to find out if they're qualified for an open position. The way employers write their job descriptions can determine the type of candidates who apply for open positions.

In this article, we discuss what job responsibilities are and how to write a listing with them for candidates to view.

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What are job responsibilities?

Job responsibilities are the duties an employee completes at work based on their specific role. Organizations include responsibilities on job listings so they can communicate the type of skills and experience they're seeking from candidates. Outlining job responsibilities helps candidates understand how each task factors into the success of the company. With a clear responsibilities list, candidates know which duties they can expect to perform on a regular basis and the standards the company has for their employees.

For example, a company looking to fill a project manager position may list that they're looking for a candidate who can define a project's goals. They may include job responsibilities for this position including: track the budget, produce schedules, review progress and measure the performance of company projects.

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How to write job responsibilities for a listing

Here are steps to write job responsibilities for a company's job listing:

  1. Define job title.

  2. Identify job duties relevant to the position.

  3. List duties by importance.

  4. Detail the requirements and qualifications.

  5. Proofread and read out loud.

  6. Send to the hiring manager and human resources department for verification.

1. Define job title

Companies may have multiple jobs open so they can rapidly expand the performance of their organization. Meet with the human resources manager to confirm the official job title of the open position. The company may have a higher likelihood of finding the right applicants by using a title that properly reflects the job's responsibilities.

2. Identify job duties relevant to the position

Research job duties for the position the company seeks to fill. You can gather inspiration from examples showing how companies list the employee's day-to-day responsibilities. Consult with the hiring manager to get their perspective on the duties they expect the employee to perform. They might provide a rough draft for you, which can save you time and help you complete the full job description.

3. List duties by importance

Once you know the duties to include in the job description, list them in bullet form. Start by listing the most important duties in the first bullet. Write the remaining duties in the following bullets, by order of importance. You should have a minimum of five or six bullet points, but you can add more to specify the additional responsibilities.

4. Detail the requirements and qualifications

Specify the various requirements and qualifications for the position, including:

  • Work experience

  • Technical and soft skills

  • Education level

  • Licenses and certifications

  • Languages spoken and fluency levels

  • Physical abilities and strengths (if applicable)

These requirements help the company narrow down the type of employees they want to hire. Employees can look at the criteria to determine if they are qualified to be considered for an interview.

5. Proofread and read out loud

Proofread the job responsibilities so they're free of errors and have proper grammar. Read the full job description out loud twice to yourself to confirm the accuracy of the responsibilities listed. Set a meeting with an employee within the human resources department and have them read it out loud before it's finalized. Make sure you make a list of the errors you find while proofreading so you can correct them.

6. Send to the hiring manager and human resources department for verification

Contact the hiring manager and human resources director to see if you can email the responsibilities list to the entire HR staff once you complete the listing. They might want all HR employees to review the job description so they can use it for training purposes. You may receive edits regarding clarification, but you can apply these edits when writing future job descriptions.

Examples of job responsibilities and qualifications

Here are examples of job responsibilities and qualifications to write for certain positions:

Example 1: Human resources coordinator

Job responsibilities for a human resources coordinator:

  • Take internal HR requests and answer questions presented by employees

  • Create and file copies of employee records

  • Aid senior-level HR staff in pinpointing qualified candidates, contact references and distribute offer letters

  • Review the performance of employees in coordination with senior management

  • Roll out training sessions for all staff members

  • Monitor HR activity and create reports on managerial feedback

  • Assist with the organization's payroll and stay updated on HR best practices

Requirements and qualifications for a human resources coordinator:

  • Bachelor Degree in Human Resources or a related discipline

  • One to three years of professional work experience performing HR functions

  • Experience with federal labor laws and regulations

  • Ability to work with a team and communicate with people from a variety of backgrounds

  • Adept knowledge of HR trends and procedures

  • Proven track record of working under tight deadlines

  • Strong attention to detail, analytical skills and problem-solving skills

  • Proficient with email, word processing and business communications software

Example 2: Marketing manager

Job responsibilities for a marketing manager:

  • Oversee all tasks performed in the organization's marketing department

  • Create the company's marketing strategy and ensure it matches with company goals

  • Align marketing and sales efforts to improve the promotion of products and services

  • Enhance lead generation activities to drive in new customers

  • Report the performance of digital and print campaigns

  • Collaborate with agencies to augment brand messaging and work with senior leadership to launch products

  • Build relationships with partners to elevate promotional campaigns

Requirements and qualifications for a marketing manager:

  • Completed a Bachelor Degree in Marketing or a related field

  • Three to five years of professional experience in marketing, public relations, promotions or sales

  • A creative individual with project management ability

  • Ability to establish brand advocacy for companies

  • Understanding of market developments and the financial impact of marketing

  • Skills in monitoring social media and marketing analytics for digital campaigns

  • Ability to absorb information on products and services and operate in a fast-paced environment

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