12 Warehouse Job Titles

Updated March 10, 2023

Warehouse jobs provide a stable work environment with many growth opportunities. Specialized positions for warehouse machinery and supervisory roles are available to experienced warehouse associates. Learning the main types of warehouse jobs can help you prepare for a position as a warehouse professional. In this article, we explore the main types of warehouse jobs including their average salaries and typical responsibilities.

What are warehouse job titles?

Warehouse job titles are descriptions of the different positions for professionals who work in a warehouse. Warehouse titles range from those in charge of customer orders to workers who retrieve and pack items. Common titles include shipping associates, warehouse worker and receivers.

The following is a list of common warehouse job titles:

  • Receiver

  • Machine operator

  • Material handler

  • Shipping and receiving associate

  • Warehouse clerk

  • Forklift operator

  • Merchandise pickup/receiving associate

  • Loader

  • General Laborer

  • Shipping specialist

  • Stocker

  • Warehouse packer

  • Distribution center manager

  • Inventory control manager

  • Warehouse manager

What do warehouse associates do?

Warehouse associates perform many essential tasks within a warehouse environment including processing outgoing and incoming shipments, organizing product storage and stocking new materials. Warehouse associates are also responsible for packing and shipping items according to the needs of a business.

Many warehouse associates use tools like motorized fork-lifts for lifting and sorting items. They may also need to lift heavy objects by hand. Some warehouse workers coordinate inventory lists and check outgoing goods for quality control.

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Requirements for warehouse jobs

Warehouse workers can find jobs without prior experience. A GED or high school diploma is usually enough to earn a position as a warehouse associate. For more specific jobs that involve handling machinery or supervising, training and certification is required.

A warehouse worker needs both physical strength and strong organizational abilities. They should be able to work in fast-paced environments. Warehouse workers may also be required to use software systems for packing and shipping records.

Here are some of the key skills necessary for warehouse workers:

  • Ability to lift objects

  • Organization

  • Time-management

  • Understanding of computer systems

  • Knowledge of warehouse safety protocols

  • Ability to operate lifting and packaging machinery

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12 types of job titles in a warehouse

Here are more details about 12 different types of warehouse jobs you can pursue along with the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed being available at the the salary link by each job title below:

1. Stocker

National average salary: $20,336 per year

Primary duties: Stockers help manage the movement of items throughout the warehouse. They also organize the storage and movement of goods in and out of the environment. Stockers make sure certain inventory is kept and on shelves and may need to coordinate reordering when necessary.

2. Warehouse Packer

National average salary: $21,299 per year

Primary duties: A warehouse packer, sometimes referred to as a picker, retrieves items from a warehouse for shipping. They prepare orders by moving quickly and keeping items organized.

3. Warehouse clerk

National average salary: $22,400 per year

Primary duties: A warehouse clerk acts as a liaison between customers and warehouse staff to process and record orders. They are responsible for making sure an order is filled correctly to meet the customer's needs. They may also need to pack and ship items for clients.

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4. Loader

National average salary: $22,704 per year

Primary duties: A loader uses their organizational skills to ensure items are packed efficiently and safely into a shipping container or vehicle. Their goal is to load the most items for transport to serve clients who rely on warehouse shipments.

5. Warehouse worker

National average salary: $26,915 per year

Primary duties: Warehouse workers handle many duties related to shipping, receiving and processing items within a warehouse. They help oversee inventory and maintain quality control. Warehouse workers may use heavy loading equipment and will most likely need to lift heavy items themselves.

6. Material handler

National average salary: $28,412 per year

Primary duties: A material handler loads and redistributes items in and out of a warehouse. They are in charge of moving and retrieving goods for shipping and restocking. Material handlers may also need to use electrical loading equipment to perform their jobs.

7. Shipping and receiving associate

National average salary: $28,537 per year

Primary duties: Shipping and receiving associates work with warehouse clerks to ensure orders are processed and completed correctly. They also document shipments and coordinate with vendors as orders are filled and received.

8. Machine operator

National average salary: $29,723 per year

Primary duties: Machine operators work with a variety of warehouse machinery to pack, load and ship items. They may also be hired to work specifically with one warehouse machine.

9. Receiver

National average salary: $29,948 per year

Primary duties: A receiver is responsible for verifying the delivery of items in a warehouse. They check incoming shipments against records to make sure the correct items are packed, unloaded and distributed. They may need to perform basic math calculations and do some heavy lifting when receiving things for the warehouse. They may also be responsible for organizing how items are stored once they are received.

10. Forklift driver/operator

National average salary: $34,374 per year

Primary duties: Forklift operators move goods or cargo using forklifts and other loading equipment within a warehouse. They must safely unload, store or retrieve items from warehouse storage. A forklift operator must be licensed in state and local protocols.

11. Warehouse supervisor

National average salary: $53,679 per year

Primary duties: A warehouse supervisor is responsible for maintaining the safety and efficiency of warehouse operations. They oversee warehouse staff members and make sure all quality controls are followed. Warehouse supervisors also interact with customers and vendors to ensure all orders are correctly filled and customers are satisfied with their shipping activities.

12. Inventory control manager

National average salary: $60,759 per year

Primary duties: An inventory control manager works to meet inventory compliance standards in a warehouse. They make sure a business maintains inventory procedures by overseeing staff and work processes. Since this position is at the management level, they are responsible for supervising both the warehouse operations and the workers.


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