12 Companies Hiring for Virtual Assistant Positions

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated August 29, 2022 | Published May 25, 2021

Updated August 29, 2022

Published May 25, 2021

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When executives, entrepreneurs and professionals become more busy than productive, they often look for help from virtual assistants with the business skills and experience necessary to take on essential tasks. Virtual assistant positions offer remote work opportunities for professionals who want flexible hours and work environments.

In this article, we explain the role of a virtual assistant and share details about companies hiring for virtual assistant positions.

What does a virtual assistant do?

Virtual assistants work remotely with businesses or individual clients to complete administrative tasks for a variety of purposes and professionals. They typically use software programs and online platforms to organize information and connect with clients and their customers. Here are some of the common duties of a virtual assistant:

  • Organizing schedules for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly events

  • Maintaining a calendar of events for professionals or organizations

  • Reviewing electronic correspondence for professionals

  • Responding to requests from internal and external contacts

  • Preparing information for presentations, meetings and written communications

  • Ordering supplies and maintaining inventory for specific business items

  • Serving as a contact for vendors, customers and company employees

  • Handling customer service needs for clients

  • Curating content for social media posts, blogs and websites

  • Managing social media platforms for clients

  • Recording and tracking relevant data

Virtual assistants can work for many different industries depending on their background and expertise. Some virtual assistants work in fields that require specific skills like graphic design or bookkeeping while others take on general administrative responsibilities from receptionist work to material sourcing.

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12 companies that hire virtual assistants

Here are some companies hiring virtual assistants for flexible, part-time and full-time work in a range of professional roles:

1. Belay Solutions

Belay Solutions staffs virtual assistants and bookkeepers to help clients with a variety of administrative and marketing tasks including project coordinating, social media management, scheduling, travel booking and data organization. They look for professionals with a bachelor's degree and remote administrative work experience to join their team of adaptable and knowledgeable virtual assistants.

2. Buolo Solutions

Buolo Solutions provides staffing solutions for women in the workforce. Their goal is to match talented professionals with positions that meet both the job candidate's needs and the needs of the business by connecting prospective employees to positions with full-time, part-time and flexible work hours. Buolo Solutions offers administrative support for businesses including work agreements, payments and tax forms. Their hiring solutions and support are meant to keep women in the workplace and encourage their success through strategic job placement.

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3. Equivity

Equivity hires virtual assistants for legal, marketing and administrative positions. They specialize in providing paralegal support for a variety of law practices including litigation, family law and immigration law. Equivity offers work-from-home flexibility to professionals able to work a minimum of 20 hours a week while responding to client requests promptly. Equivity hires virtual assistants who produce quality work that shows attention to detail and organization. Positions may require a bachelor's degree and specified experience.

4. Gabbyville

Gabbyville specializes in staffing virtual receptionists to help businesses manage call volume. Gabbyville looks for prospective remote receptionists who show strong customer service skills including friendly and engaging communication and multitasking abilities. Gabbyville offers staffing for outbound calling, live phone answering, call screening and forwarding and appointments or reminders. They also hire bi-lingual speakers.

5. Perssist

Perssist hires remote assistants to work as self-guided administrative support for clients in the technology sector. Perssist specifies that assistants should be comfortable using technology to facilitate daily tasks. They look for self-starters and problem solvers who can work with a variety of personalities and workloads.

6. Trusty Oak

Trusty Oak hires virtual assistants for freelance positions. Virtual assistants with Trusty Oak can choose the projects they want to work on and set their own schedules with administrative support from the Trusty Oak staff. Trusty Oak looks for virtual assistants with a professional background. Candidates go through a strict vetting process before becoming part of the team. They hire for administrative, marketing and web development assistant roles.

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7. Zirtual

Virtual assistants who work for Zirtual fill many areas of expertise for executive clients in startup and established companies. Duties may include managing expenses and invoices, website maintenance, travel booking and event planning. Virtual assistants with Zirtual also handle social media strategies and data entry.

8. Profit Factory

Profit Factory matches entrepreneurs and virtual administrative and executive assistants after an extensive application process. They act as a recruiter for high-profile entrepreneurs, connecting professional virtual assistants to clients in need of their services.

9. Time etc

Time etc is a UK-based staffing company linking virtual assistants to professionals in various industries. Virtual assistants working through Time etc take on duties including administrative support, sourcing items for clients, researching key information and content production. Time etc offers flexible scheduling and support to home-based entrepreneurs ready to engage in a career using their talents.

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10. Smith.ai

Smith.ai hires virtual receptionists and chat responders for both full and part-time work. Employees work mainly for small businesses, fulfilling a variety of duties like answering inbound calls, screening new clients and collecting payments over the phone. They look for candidates with strong typing speed and accuracy along with excellent communication and organizational skills.

11. Boldly

Boldly is a subscription staffing company hiring virtual assistants with extensive business experience to take on complex tasks for clients. Virtual assistants working through Boldly may offer bookkeeping, marketing, design, project management, writing and editing and multilingual services. Once matched with a client, Boldly virtual assistants work through a company dashboard to complete client tasks and train their own substitute assistant in case of illness or vacation time.

12. Fancy Hands

Virtual assistants working with Fancy Hands take on projects for individuals as well as professional clients. The company pays by the task and assistants with assignments varying from scheduling appointments for CEOs to performing online research for professionals. Clients choose a monthly subscription service to purchase a specific number of tasks from virtual assistants.

Tips for finding work as a virtual assistant

Consider these ideas to help you find virtual assistant jobs:

  • Market yourself: Start with your own branding by creating a personal website you can include in virtual assistant profiles or applications. Showcase your qualifications by listing relevant experience, certifications and training. Highlight niche expertise in areas like graphic or web design, marketing and bookkeeping.

  • Network: Find professional networking groups for virtual assistants and connect with others in the business. You can share hiring tips, job reviews and ask questions about employment opportunities. Share your abilities with your personal and professional connections.

  • Work independently: Once you've established yourself in the industry, consider freelancing using websites that connect independent contractors to professionals in need of certain services. You can also use your own website and social media channels to promote yourself.

  • Get certifications: Look for areas where you can grow your skills and add more abilities to your knowledge base. For example, virtual assistants are often needed to take on graphic design or marketing duties. Find professional certifications in these specializations so you can offer more as a virtual assistant.

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