10 Entry-Level Jobs for After College

Updated September 30, 2022

During college, students learn skills that both prepare them for the workforce and help them grow as an individual. Though a college degree can help you advance in your career, everyone needs to start somewhere. Upon graduation, companies are more likely to hire you for their entry-level positions rather than their mid to high-level jobs. In this article, we share 10 jobs you can apply for right out of college.

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What kind of jobs can a recent college graduate qualify for?

Most college students will qualify for an entry-level job after they graduate. When looking for your first job after college, it’s important to consider all of your relevant experience while you were a student. For instance, if you were involved in student organizations, volunteer work or internships, these are valuable experiences to include on your resume and highlight during job interviews. 

As your first job after graduation, an entry-level position can help you become more comfortable with the routine of a full-time job. This is one of the biggest adjustments people face right after graduation. An entry-level job will also offer you valuable job experience and training. These roles are the first step in your career and can help you learn more about your chosen field.

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Entry-level jobs for after college

When looking for a job after college, consider jobs within your area of study. Many entry-level job postings for college graduates will list which majors a company prefers candidates to have for this role. Certain roles may list multiple majors that are relevant to the job. You may even find a role that only requires candidates to have a degree, regardless of their major.

Here are 10 great entry-level jobs for recent college graduates to consider. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, please click on each link below:

1. Assistant media planner

National average salary: $17.62 per hour

Primary duties: The main duty of an assistant media planner is to choose when and where advertisements should be displayed. An assistant media planner also finds solutions to reach the most people within the client's budget. Someone in this role often works for a marketing or advertising agency. They should have a degree in advertising, marketing, communications or a similar field.

2. Recruiting assistant

National average salary: $19.54 per hour

Primary duties: A recruiting assistant is responsible for helping recruitment managers and specialists with any recruiting-related tasks. Their duties can include finding qualified candidates for a job opening, helping at career fairs and doing miscellaneous administrative tasks. Candidates for a recruiting assistant job usually have a background in human resources.

3. Administrative assistant

National average salary: $18.48 per hour

Primary duties: An administrative assistant works in an office setting to provide support to their supervisors and coworkers. Their responsibilities include creating spreadsheets, documents and presentations. They also make copies, file data, answer phone calls, take messages, greet guests and do any other clerical work that arises. An administrative assistant should be personable, organized and know how to use word processing software.

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4. Junior graphic designer

National average salary: $21.29 per hour

Primary duties: A junior graphic designer works on a creative team to design deliverables. Things they may design include logos, brochures, page layouts, advertisements, social media visuals, direct mailers and websites. A graphic designer of any level must be creative, skilled in visual design and open to new ideas and techniques. They should also be familiar with Adobe Creative Suite and HTML/CSS.

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5. Junior web designer

National average salary: $22.84 per hour

Primary duties: A junior web designer typically works under a senior web designer to test and improve the design of a website. They need knowledge of user experience and to have the capability to build websites that are easy to use and navigate. A skilled junior web designer will know programming languages such as HTML/CSS, JQuery and JavaScript.

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6. Law clerk

National average salary: $24.97 per hour

Primary duties: This entry-level role is good for recent graduates who are looking to eventually earn a law degree. A law clerk assists lawyers and legal staff with data entry, research, filing cases and reviewing documents. Through this position, a law clerk can learn more about how a law firm operates.

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7. Marketing specialist

National average salary: $20.64 per hour

Primary duties: The duties of a marketing specialist can vary based on where they work. Typically, they manage a company's social media accounts, look at branding across different channels, analyze competitors, write copy for marketing materials or websites, create email campaigns and think of strategies for lead generation.

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8. Computer support specialist

National average salary: $25.22 per hour

Primary duties: A computer support specialist is someone who has an aptitude for technology and computers. They provide technical support for customers dealing with a variety of computer issues. Much of their daily tasks include troubleshooting. They may also provide technical support to their coworkers, ensuring the company's computer programs and systems are working properly.

9. Junior project manager

National average salary: $34.44 per hour

Primary duties: A junior project manager works under a senior project manager to assist them with their project management tasks. Their primary duties include coordinating projects and schedules, tracking the progress of projects and reporting the results. People in this role need to be able to manage many projects at once and be attentive to detail.

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10. Sales representative

National average salary: $15.73 per hour

Primary duties: A sales representative uses different persuasive techniques to sell a company's products or services. They work with customers to learn about their needs and answer any questions. When they aren't talking to customers, they are using strategies to identify leads and create positive customer relations.

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