11 Jobs for Classics Majors (With Salaries and Duties)

Updated October 4, 2022

Classics, or classical studies, may focus on Greek and Roman antiquity, but an education in the field can lead to job opportunities in many industries. Some careers involve using your specific knowledge of classical studies, while others involve skills associated with classics, such as language and communication. Learning about the careers you can pursue with a degree in this subject area can help you decide if this educational path can help you reach your goals. In this article, we explore 11 jobs for a classics major, including their national average salaries and primary duties.

11 jobs for a classics major

Here are 11 jobs for a classics major to consider if pursuing this degree. For the most up-to-date Indeed salaries, please click on the links below:

1. Gallery manager

National average salary: $38,468 per year

Primary duties: A gallery manager is a professional who combines both artistic knowledge and management expertise to oversee operations at an art gallery. They may manage business duties, such as sales, marketing and accounting, to maintain the gallery and gain new clients and artists. Gallery managers also use their knowledge of art to decide which pieces to display and the types of exhibits to feature.

2. Journalist

National average salary: $46,102 per year

Primary duties: A journalist is a communications professional who researches and reports on stories about news and issues that affect the public. Journalists can write articles for publications like newspapers, magazines and online news outlets or present their research as news broadcasters on the radio or television. Journalists may work for media companies or as freelancers.

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3. High school teacher

National average salary: $47,393 per year

Primary duties: A high school teacher is an educator who specializes in instructing students in grades nine through 12. They usually teach students about a specific subject, such as math, language, science or physical education. High school teachers create and give lessons, assign homework and exams, help students overcome challenges and prepare them for college or their careers. Some high school teachers also oversee extracurricular activities, such as honors societies or student clubs.

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4. Heritage manager

National average salary: $48,272 per year

Primary duties: A heritage manager is a business professional who manages organizations, buildings and properties that have a historical value. They focus on many aspects of the facility, from maintaining its visual appeal and protecting its structural integrity to raising the funds required to care for the property. Heritage managers often oversee historical sites that attract tourists, so they may provide tours, coordinate group visits and manage gift shops.

5. Curator

National average salary: $53,545 per year

Primary duties: A curator is an art professional who manages galleries and exhibits at museums. They manage art collections, usually related to a specific field like Greco-Roman art, and plan fundraising events, find press opportunities and work with marketing teams to encourage contributors to help them build their collections. Curators also manage the display of their items during exhibitions, including their staging and how visitors interact with the pieces.

6. Librarian

National average salary: $54,390 per year

Primary duties: A librarian is an information management professional who determines how libraries provide informational resources to their patrons. They examine the library's current resources, determine their patrons' needs and implement new technologies and offerings to stay up to date with physical and digital library processes. Librarians often pursue a classics degree before earning a master's degree in library science and may work in public, private, university or government libraries.

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7. Archaeologist

National average salary: $58,626 per year

Primary duties: An archaeologist is a scientist who specializes in the recovery and preservation of historical artifacts. They extract artifacts from dig sites, such as caves, deserts and fields, to examine them in a lab. After cleaning and sorting the artifacts, archaeologists examine them to determine their ages, uses and origins. Their work allows them to teach others about how past civilizations contributed to modern society.

8. Archivist

National average salary: $59,801 per year

Primary duties: An archivist is a type of historian who specializes in maintaining archives or extensive collections of artifacts. They receive special training to handle and preserve historical documents and items, such as documents, films, objects, maps and digital resources and often respond to requests from other professionals in the field to share their expertise about the archives they manage. Archivists often work in museums, where they use many methods to ensure the archives they manage stay secure and prevent the artifacts from becoming damaged.

9. Restoration manager

National average salary: $60,064 per year

Primary duties: A restoration manager is a construction services professional whose work focuses on the maintenance, restoration and preservation of historic buildings. They use specialized construction skills to examine old buildings, determine their structural faults and determine ways to fix them to prevent further deterioration. As a type of project manager, restoration managers usually guide construction teams through the process of completing restorative projects. They may work with other professionals, such as heritage managers, to ensure buildings stay maintained.

10. Art director

National average salary: $64,831 per year

Primary duties: An art director is a member of a marketing or production team that manages the elements of art used in media, such as print advertising, films, magazines, newspapers and television shows. They choose visual elements such as photographs, illustrations and font styles and work with other members of their team to ensure the design elements suit the project. Art directors often get inspiration from specific eras or works throughout history to decide which elements may be effective.

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11. Historian

National average salary: $80,579 per year

Primary duties: A historian is a research professional who studies, interprets and teaches others about the past. Historian is a general term that refers to many types of professionals in the field, including archivists, curators and military historians. Their primary duties include collecting information and artifacts from within their area of study, evaluating them to understand their purpose and meaning and sharing information with other professionals and the public. Some historians also instruct students at a university level in their specific field of study.


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