20 Jobs for People Who Like To Travel and Earn Money Doing It

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Updated October 26, 2022

Published March 30, 2020

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If you love to travel, that doesn’t mean you need to quit your job. Several great job opportunities are out there to combine your favorite activity with earning a living, including careers as freelance writers, travel agents and event coordinators. Jobs that allow you to work remotely also provide the chance to travel, as you can take your work with you wherever you go.

In this article, we explore 20 jobs that allow you to travel the world, including some of the best-paying travel jobs.

20 great travel jobs

Before you begin your job search, you may be wondering, “How can I travel and make money?” Some travel jobs pay well while others may be more about the experience you’re looking for in life, with money being less important.

Here are 20 jobs to consider if you want to travel while you work. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, click on the salary links provided.

1. Tour guide

National average salary: $27,096 per year

Primary duties: Tour guides engage with tourists and inform them of cultural and historical facts related to the location they’re visiting. Tour guides may work on cruise ships, at venues, in museums and other areas frequented by tourists.

2. Flight attendant

National average salary: $32,768 per year

Primary duties: Flight attendants are responsible for seeing to the comfort and safety of aircraft passengers. They demonstrate procedures for emergency situations, provide food and beverages and communicate with and direct passengers when needed.

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3. Stagehand

National average salary: $34,950 per year

Primary duties: Stagehands work backstage in the music, film and television industries. They may assist in the scenery, props, rigging, sound and lighting as well as any additional duties that are performed backstage. Stagehands often travel with the production crew they’re currently working with.

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4. Vendor

National average salary: $35,229 per year

Primary duties: Vendors are responsible for providing certain services or goods to companies or people during events. They may sell products or advertise goods or services. Vendors often travel from event to event, making this a great gig to enjoy on the road.

5. Photographer

National average salary: $40,666 per year

Primary duties: Travel photographers can visit all corners of their state, country and even the world to capture images. They might work on assignments for a travel publication or choose their own destinations before trying to sell their images.

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6. Event coordinator

National average salary: $41,149 per year

Primary duties: Event coordinators often travel from event to event to perform their job, making this a good position for someone looking to travel regularly. Common duties of event coordinators include managing budgets for events, arranging various event services and communicating with clients to ensure their expectations are met.

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7. Chef

National average salary: $44,308 per year

Primary duties: Chefs oversee kitchen staff and how their kitchen is managed. They prepare food, create menus and manage customer relations. They may also train kitchen staff and manage kitchen inventory. As a chef, you have the opportunity to travel, especially if you work on a cruise ship or for an organization that regularly relocates you.

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8. Translator

National average salary: $45,660 per year

Primary duties: Translators work in various settings to translate one language into another for someone who does not speak the language. These professionals often work in other parts of the world and act as translators for visitors to the area. They may also convert audio or text into another language.

9. Musician

National average salary: $47,287 per year

Primary duties: Musicians often play a musical instrument or sing as part of a band. Many bands travel from venue to venue to perform for audiences, giving musicians the opportunity to travel on a regular basis.

10. Travel writer

National average salary: $48,201 per year

Primary duties: Freelance travel writers explore their state, country or the world to write about various topics, such as local cuisine, culture or events. They may write for websites, magazines or other publications, and may even film their experiences with a videographer or photographer.

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11. Boat captain

National average salary: $52,317 per year

Primary duties: Boat captains are responsible for navigating and operating a boat or other water vessel and ensuring all passengers are safe. They may work on cruise ships, yachts, sailboats and other vessels. Boat captains also direct and oversee crew members, keep records of the boat's movements, location and cargo, and ensure all proper protocol is followed.

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12. Diver

National average salary: $53,708 per year

Primary duties: Professional divers are responsible for performing various jobs underwater including photographing sea life, acting as part of scientific research teams and repairing underwater structures. Divers may also work for dive companies and take groups of people on dive tours. Divers often travel to where they are needed, making this a good job for people who love to travel and the water.

13. English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher

National average salary: $55,365 per year

Primary duties: Teaching English abroad is a great way to travel and make an income at the same time. English teachers who teach abroad help people who do not speak English fluently learn the language. They may prepare lesson plans, work one-on-one with students and assign English work to improve the English-speaking abilities of students.

14. Travel agent

National average salary: $56,702 per year

Primary duties: Travel agents plan trips for customers by sourcing the most cost-effective travel options including flights, land transportation, room accommodations and tour excursions.

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15. Athletic scout

National average salary: $61,890 per year

Primary duties: Athletic scouts, also referred to as athletic recruiters, travel around the state and country to recruit athletic talents, such as football or basketball players. Athletic scouts typically work for academic organizations, schools and professional sports organizations.

16. Influencer

National average salary: $62,505 per year

Primary duties: Influencers create and manage content on social media. They use marketing and organizational skills to engage with their followers, which may include representing and selling a brand or product while traveling.

17. Truck driver

National average salary: $66,581 per year

Primary duties: Truck drivers are responsible for driving semi-trucks or other large vehicles across the state or country. They transport various goods, meet delivery schedules and ensure all goods are delivered undamaged.

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18. Traveling yoga instructor

National average salary: $72,362 per year

Primary duties: Traveling yoga instructors visit various yoga studios or other fitness-oriented places to teach yoga on a temporary basis.

19. Construction manager

National average salary: $78,268 per year

Primary duties: Construction managers oversee all aspects of a construction project including the scheduling, budget management and construction crew. These professionals often travel between construction sites to perform their work.

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20. Travel nurse

National average salary: $108,065 per year

Primary duties: Travel nurses move between clients or companies to provide various nurse duties, including performing medical tests, administering medication and assessing patient recovery and progress. Traveling nurses must be licensed.

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How to find a remote job you can do from anywhere

As more companies are shifting their workforces to be fully remote or flexible-remote, you can pursue these types of work-from-home careers and accomplish your travel dreams at the same time. Some companies may even pay you to travel, while others offer freelance opportunities without the commitment (or expectations) of full-time, salaried work.

Examples of fully remote jobs, some of which also tend to offer work to freelancers, include:

  • Graphic designers

  • Software developers

  • Social media managers

  • Digital marketing specialists

  • Copywriters

  • Customer service managers

  • Virtual assistants

  • Translators

  • Accountants

Searching remote-specific job boards, or general job boards for remote opportunities, can help you land a new telecommute gig. Your current employer may also be open to making your position remote, so it doesn’t hurt to ask.

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