11 Jobs for a Product Manager That Pay $70,000 or More per Year

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Published August 18, 2021

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Product management encompasses every aspect of the development, launch and marketing of a product. Professionals in the field have the responsibility of showing the company and its customers the value of a product, which can lead to customer satisfaction and increased revenue. Learning about jobs in product management can help you determine which role suits your career and salary goals. In this article, we list 11 jobs for a product manager that pay $70,000 or more and explain the average salaries and primary duties for each job.

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11 jobs for a product manager

Here are 11 jobs you can consider when searching for a product management position that pays $70,000 or more:

1. Product analyst

National average salary: $70,463 per year

Primary duties: A product analyst is a business professional who researches market data and analyzes it to determine consumer trends. They work with product management teams to help them create concepts for new products and services based on market demand. Product analysts may make suggestions for product launches and monitor a project's progress to determine the accuracy of their predictions. They often compile reports based on the data they extract and present their findings to colleagues and supervisors to guide marketing decisions.

2. Director of marketing

National average salary: $80,346 per year

Primary duties: A director of marketing, such as a director of product marketing, creates, implements and supervises all of a company's marketing efforts regarding a specific product or service. Directors of product marketing focus on implementing the marketing mix: product, price, placement and promotion. They work with development, marketing and sales teams to formulate pricing strategies, decide where to sell the product and determine methods and platforms for promoting it. Directors of product marketing also manage product marketing teams by delegating tasks to individual team members based on the product strategy.

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3. Growth marketer

National average salary: $83,566 per year

Primary duties: A growth marketer is a marketing professional who focuses on each aspect of the marketing funnel, including those typically designated for sales teams. The funnel involves six steps: customer awareness, acquisition, activation, retention, referral and revenue. Growth marketers evaluate a company's methods for managing each step, beginning when the customer learns about the company's product and ending with revenue generated by customer referrals. They evaluate the efficiency of the company's approaches and develop new strategies as needed to encourage growth.

4. Product marketing manager

National average salary: $95,318 per year

Primary duties: A product marketing manager is a professional who often works closely with a director of product marketing to evaluate, create and implement marketing strategies for a specific product or product line. They may perform competitor analyses to improve their team's marketing approaches, lead their teams in targeting their intended customer bases and training and monitoring sales teams to ensure product movement and increased revenue. Product marketing managers may take on multiple marketing and sales roles, especially during busy campaigns or product launches.

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5. Product manager

National average salary: $96,827 per year

Primary duties: A product manager is a business professional who manages the development of a company's products. They assist their colleagues throughout the development, launch and marketing processes by creating budgets, monitoring manufacturing procedures and hiring and training sales teams. They may also assist marketing teams in the development of strategies for increasing customer awareness and retention. Product managers gather data and compile reports regarding production process efficiency and product success in the marketplace.

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6. Technical product manager

National average salary: $102,129 per year

Primary duties: A technical product manager is a business professional who develops and oversees ideas for technical products. They function as specialized product managers with advanced knowledge in technology-based skills, such as programming or software engineering. However, instead of focusing on the technical tasks involved in creating a product themselves, they use their expertise to guide their teams in meeting the needs of the business and its customers. Technical product managers often help improve communication between development teams and other departments that use less technical language, such as marketing.

7. Product owner

National average salary: $102,262 per year

Primary duties: A product owner (PO) is a member of a cross-functional team who oversees the entire development process for a product. They help their development team create the product that the product manager requests by streamlining the development process. POs use the manager's concept to create a production plan, manage the list of tasks the team needs to complete, oversee product development as it relates to client needs and assess the progress of product development.

8. Senior product manager

National average salary: $130,041 per year

Primary duties: A senior product manager oversees lower-ranking product managers and communicates directly with the development, marketing and sales teams to ensure coordination between the departments. Their work with multiple teams allows them to assist in the development of product outlines, management strategies and budget plans. They oversee the employees who work with them on these projects, ensure the employees meet their deadlines and prepare the product for launch. Senior product managers typically have highly developed interpersonal and leadership skills.

9. Director of product management

National average salary: $147,411 per year

Primary duties: A director of product management is a high-level supervisor who oversees the planning, development and performance of a product throughout its life cycle. Also known as product directors, these professionals develop strategies to improve the quality of products before and after they've launched. They also collect data from customers to determine how effectively the product meets customer demands. Directors of product management also communicate with other departments to implement changes to current products and manage the introduction of new ones.

10. Chief product officer

National average salary: $161,634 per year

Primary duties: A chief product officer (CPO) is an executive who leads a company's product-related activities. CPOs view the creation and development of products from a business-level perspective instead of a department-level perspective. This means they focus on the broad aspects of product management that affect what the company offers, how it offers its products and who buys what it offers. CPOs may also concentrate on elements of product management such as the product vision, design and development. They typically track metrics such as customer churn, retention and revenue to determine the effectiveness of current products and strategies.

11. Vice president of product management

National average salary: $184,811 per year

Primary duties: A vice president (VP) of product management is a senior-level employee who oversees the production process. They oversee products from a department-level perspective, which allows them to provide direct influence over the procedures their teams use to develop, market and sell a product. They help the product management department organize their tasks efficiently to maximize product success and work with other department leaders to streamline product management processes and resolve issues. Businesses use this job title in varying ways, but people who work as VPs of product management often work as directors of product management first.

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