13 Jobs for Nurses After Retirement

Updated March 10, 2023

Many nurses return to work after retirement because they believe what they do is rewarding and purposeful. There are many jobs you can work after retirement other than full-time nursing that may be equally as satisfying as your previous career. In this article, we provide you with a list of jobs you can work as a retired nurse.

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Why do retired nurses need jobs?

If you're a retired nurse, you might consider re-entering the workplace. Sometimes, retired individuals miss the camaraderie of their coworkers and want to re-establish friendships and return to team-centered environments. You also might desire to continue fulfilling your calling of serving and caring for people. Even if you prefer not to work full-time or in such a demanding role as nursing, there are several comparable positions where you can still apply your education and expertise.

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Jobs for retired nurses

Here's a list of 13 jobs for nurses looking to work after retirement. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, click on each salary link below:

1. Medical exam proctor

National average salary: $13.35 per hour

Primary duties: Medical exam proctors supervise people taking tests for licensure, certification or academic performance measures in an exam room. To protect the integrity of the examination process, proctors enforce strict rules and ensure no one is cheating. Most proctor positions are part-time roles within universities or with private testing centers. Virtual proctors are now in demand for individuals with fundamental computer and technical skills, knowledge of software applications and troubleshooting expertise.

2. Home care nurse

National average salary: $16.40 per hour

Primary duties: Home care nurses provide services for patients in their homes. They might need to visit patients on a temporary basis following surgeries or during rehabilitation efforts, or they may work longer-term to provide daily care for patients with permanent disabilities or serious illness. They can also provide hospice care for patients who are terminally ill or supervise the services that an aide provides in the home.

3. Author

National average salary: $17.63 per hour

Primary duties: Authors write books for children, adults, scholars and audiences of varying backgrounds. They often pull from life experiences or personal knowledge to craft imaginative or informational literary pieces for people to use for enjoyment or education. It's helpful to have excellent writing and grammar skills and a firm grasp of written language to appeal to your audience.

4. Freelance health writer

National average salary: $20.92 per hour

Primary duties: Freelance health writers or medical writers write articles on various health topics for medical journals, newspapers, websites or magazines. It's helpful to understand medical terms and topics and to have the ability to break down complex information into easily digestible language for readers. Having excellent research and writing skills is beneficial to ensure your work incorporates all the latest information and conveys it clearly to readers.

5. Nutritionist

National average salary: $48,140 per year

Primary duties: Nutritionists help people develop healthy eating and lifestyle habits. They develop diet and exercise programs for individuals with diabetes, high blood pressure and other metabolic or health disorders requiring specialized diets. They monitor patients' progress and help them achieve weight loss or other health goals.

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6. First aid instructor

National average salary: $23.61 per hour

Primary duties: First aid instructors teach CPR and basic life support skills to students. First aid training is often needed for jobs, volunteer positions or personal caregiving responsibilities. Instructors teach students how to treat individuals in emergency situations while waiting for first responders. Instructors provide lessons on treating burns and abrasions, stopping bleeding, clearing a person's airway when choking, breathing into someone's lungs and keeping someone's heart beating.

7. School nurse

National average salary: $49,220 per year

Primary duties: School nurses provide health and emergency care to students. Sometimes, school nurse substitutes are needed when the full-time nurse is absent. School nurses work at elementary, middle, high and college levels and treat students who are sick or injured. They also provide education and counseling to students, parents and educational professionals about health services. If you are an RN, you can apply for part- or full-time positions or get added to a district registry for substitutes by contacting your local public school district.

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8. High school teacher

National average salary: $49,463 per year

Primary duties: High school teachers provide instruction to students in grades nine through 12 in one or more subjects. They might teach science, English, mathematics, history or drama. They need to have excellent communication skills to communicate effectively with students, parents and colleagues. They should also be patient, engaging and inclusive.

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9. Part-time nurse

National average salary: $31.05 per hour

Primary duties: Part-time nurses fill in gaps when full-time nurses are absent or otherwise unavailable. They also help provide some flexibility in scheduling for full-time staff members. They perform all the same duties as a full-time nurse, including communicating with and monitoring patients, reporting observations to physicians, caring for patients and administering medications.

10. Consultant

National average salary: $68,303 per year

Primary duties: Consultants identify problems with current processes and develop solutions. When applied to healthcare environments, they use their expertise and conduct research to prepare reports and make recommendations intended to improve performance and patient care practices. It is often possible to satisfy this role from home with some visits to the medical office or health care facility.

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11. Medical sales executive

National average salary: $74,907 per year

Primary duties: Medical sales executives sell products for pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers or suppliers. They act as a liaison between customers or patients and medical professionals, such as physicians, hospitals or pharmacists to get drugs, devices and equipment to those who need it. It's helpful for medical sales executives to have excellent communication and customer service skills and knowledge regarding medical products, treatments and services. Sales representatives also travel to different medical organizations within an assigned region or territory.

12. Care clinic manager

National average salary: $79,462 per year

Primary duties: Care clinic managers oversee the daily operations of their medical facility. They keep processes running smoothly and ensure high-quality care to patients. Duties might include recruiting and training staff, handling budgets, enforcing policies and managing patient care.

13. Travel nurse

National average salary: $1,734 per week

Primary duties: Travel nurses accept assignments to different regions on a temporary basis to provide nursing services. They monitor patients' vital signs, perform diagnostic testing and treat patients the same as a full-time nurse does. They can work anywhere in the country where staffing needs need fulfilling, including large hospitals, community hospitals and outpatient centers.

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