12 Jobs in Aviation Management

Updated March 3, 2023

Jobs in aviation are appealing for individuals interested in flight and aircraft. This industry is rapidly evolving, integrating new technology and strategies for improving safety and efficiency. A career in aviation management allows you to supervise teams and make decisions regarding staffing, strategies and operations. In this article, we discuss what aviation management is and jobs in aviation management with average salaries and primary duties for each.

What is aviation management?

Aviation management refers to the supervision of aviation-related operations and facilities. Professionals in this field typically earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management, which includes coursework in business management, aviation law and marketing management. Aviation management professionals can work in the following areas:

  • Aviation maintenance

  • Flight

  • Avionics technology

  • Air traffic control

  • Aircraft operations support

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Benefits of a career in aviation

Some of the benefits of a career in aviation management include:

  • Pay: The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median average salary for general and operations managers was $103,650 per year in May 2020.

  • Broad reach: Air travel is a global industry that connects the world. Your role in aviation management can impact the global economy.

  • Skill development: Working in aviation requires a wide range of knowledge and skills, including technical skills, computer skills, communication skills and leadership skills. These skills can transfer to a number of different industries and professions in the future.

  • Flexible schedule: Because airports and airlines operate at all hours, you can typically find a schedule that works for your lifestyle.

12 jobs in aviation management

Here are 12 jobs for those interested in aviation management:

1. Aviation screening officer

National average salary: $51,194 per year

Primary duties: Aviation screening officers are responsible for conducting security screenings at designated checkpoints that align with the protocols outlined by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). They may operate x-ray scans, conveyor belts and handheld scanners to ensure that passengers, luggage and cargo are safe and free of prohibited items. Aviation screening officers communicate with airport security and law enforcement about any safety or security issues.

2. Airline manager

National average salary: $65,006 per year

Primary duties: An airline manager supervises many of the functions of an airline, such as the certification, installation, testing and maintenance of equipment and equipment testing and maintenance. They maintain records, coordinate inspections, create schedules, write reports and manage staffing.

3. Airport operations coordinator

National average salary: $66,580 per year

Primary duties: Airport operations coordinators ensure all employees, services and equipment meet organizational and federal standards. They monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of airport policies and procedures, adjusting as needed. Airport operations coordinators conduct airfield inspections to check for hazards, appropriate lighting and operational systems and record all issues and actions taken. They may also oversee any on-site construction projects.

4. Airport executive

National average salary: $98,002 per year

Primary duties: Airport executives are the decision-makers for an airport. They manage higher-level tasks, such as budgeting and making financial decisions, negotiating contracts with airlines, expanding the airport and creating the organizational structure and mission. Airport executives may include a chief executive officer (CEO), chief financial officer (CFO) and chief operating officer (COO).

5. Facilities manager

National average salary: $61,688 per year

Primary duties: Facilities managers oversee the safe operation, maintenance and construction of buildings. They may research and negotiate with contractors, hire maintenance personnel and perform building inspections. Facilities managers lead the maintenance crew and reports to upper management or executives.

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6. Aviation manager

National average salary: $76,820 per year

Primary duties: Aviation managers supervise the activities of an aviation department, including making sure all operations and equipment comply with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, scheduling equipment inspections and managing airport employees. They also keep records of aircraft maintenance, create schedules and report to upper-level management and executives. Aviation managers typically have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in aviation management.

7. Vendor relationship manager

National average salary: $52,575 per year

Primary duties: Vendor relationship managers develop and maintain relationships with vendors that provide services to their organization. They help negotiate contracts, ensure compliance with contract terms and confirm payments. Vendor relationship managers must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills to solve problems, identify vendor needs and meet expectations.

8. Airport manager

National average salary: $41,459 per year

Primary duties: Airport managers oversee the daily functions of an airport. They ensure compliance with FAA regulations, maintain relationships with airlines, oversee facilities and maintenance managers, supervise building and runway maintenance and negotiate contracts with airport vendors.

9. Marketing manager

National average salary: $63,493 per year

Primary duties: Marketing managers lead marketing departments. They oversee marketing campaigns, build relationships with clients and vendors and make final decisions on marketing strategies. Marketing managers must understand best practices for each industry they work in and communicate effectively with marketing teams, clients and executives and stakeholders.

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10. Freight manager

National average salary: $67,197 per year

Primary duties: Freight managers are responsible for the safe and timely delivery of goods. They make sure shipments arrive at the airport, confirm flight information and schedule, communicate with shipper and receiver about any delays and verify delivery. Freight managers are part of the logistics team and work closely with the logistics manager and operations manager.

11. Airline consultant

National average salary: $49,042 per year

Primary duties: Consultants work in various industries to help organizations improve their operations and polices. They evaluate current procedures and strategies, analyze outcomes, report their findings and make recommendations for ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs, ultimately improving profitability. Consultants many specialize in an industry, such as aviation, or a more focused specialty, such as marketing consulting or logistics consulting.

12. Safety manager

National average salary: $82,147 per year

Primary duties: Safety managers make sure an organization operates in a way that is safe for employees, customers and the public. They stay updated on all applicable laws and regulations and ensure organizational polices and procedures adhere to these standards. Safety managers perform inspections, lead safety training, conduct audits and document issues and corrective actions.

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