19 Jobs in the Camping Industry (With Salaries and Primary Duties)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published December 7, 2021

The camping industry provides opportunities in hospitality, sales and educational roles while being able to enjoy outdoor environments. Camping industry jobs can specialize in areas such as administration, customer service or maintenance. Understanding the various career paths you can pursue in the camping industry may help you decide on your next job opportunity. In this article, we discuss the types of camps and 19 camping industry jobs for you to consider in your job search.

Types of camps

You can develop your career path in the camping industry with positions in different types of camps that offer a variety of programs and services for short-term or long-term camping for recreation or educational purposes. Camp types that offer extended stays and guided activities may offer lodgings, gear rentals or dining halls. Other campsites may allow you to set up tents or fire pits at designated areas on the park grounds, along with providing bathroom facilities. Specific camp types include:

  • Day camp: A day camp offers camp visitors daytime entry on campgrounds for activities like hiking or kayaking. These camps may not offer overnight stays or lodging and dining facilities.

  • Educational camp: An educational camp teaches students about environmental sciences and ecosystems, along with outdoor survival skills. These camps can offer extended stay programs for school students, which include lodging and dining accommodations.

  • Family camp: A family camp features facilities to accommodate adults and children for extended stays. These camps may offer activities and events for families.

  • Resident camp: A resident camp offers extended stays for up to several weeks. These camps may include lodging, dining, recreation or rental facilities.

  • Travel camp: A travel camp provides campers services for stays over a couple of nights. These camps feature groups traveling between various campsites.

19 jobs in the camping industry

Here are several careers in the camping industry you can pursue. For the most up-to-date Indeed salaries, please click on the links below:

1. Camp leader

National average salary: $26,216 per year

Primary duties: A camp leader manages small camping groups through activities such as hiking, kayaking or sightseeing. These leaders educate campers on activity or campsite safety and standards practices. Camp leaders monitor their group members to prevent losses or injuries.

2. Attendant

National average salary: $28,628 per year

Primary duties: An attendant is responsible for supervising equipment or personnel to ensure smooth facility operations. These attendants perform a variety of assisting tasks from restocking, filing and communications. Attendants may maintain facility area cleanliness and simple maintenance.

3. Instructor

National average salary: $28,699 per year

Primary duties: An instructor is an education professional who teaches students certain subjects or skills. These professionals can specialize in teaching for certain environments such as in schools, businesses or camps. Instructors within a camp may teach camping safety strategies or ecosystem and wildlife preservation.

4. Night auditor

National average salary: $29,680 per year

Primary duties: A night auditor is a hospitality and customer service professional who greets and checks in guests for their stays. These professionals document guest check-ins, check-outs and requests, along with completing transactions for reservations and payments. Night auditors answer phone calls and guest questions or concerns to ensure their satisfaction and safety.

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5. Camp counselor

National average salary: $30,788 per year

Primary duties: A camp counselor is responsible for coordinating camp activities and supervising them to ensure their campers' safety and provide assistance if necessary. These counselors plan activities that suit their campers' age groups and interests to engage and educate them about outdoor life. Camp counselors inform campers of facility rules and regulations to maintain safety standards.

6. Tour guide

National average salary: $31,366 per year

Primary duties: A tour guide offers camp guests information on-site facilities and trail areas, along with providing guided tours for sightseeing, recreational or educational purposes. Tour guides walk with visitors, answer their questions and communicate interesting facts or stories about wildlife and attractions along their tour path.

7. Reservation agent

National average salary: $32,890 per year

Primary duties: A reservation agent manages facility reservations and ensures that any necessary equipment or preparations are complete before a guest's arrival. These agents conduct administrative duties such as answering phones, responding to emails and communicating with guests regarding updates or concerns. Reservation agents check guests in and out, along with completing charges.

8. Recreation leader

National average salary: $33,629 per year

Primary duties: A recreation leader is responsible for guiding activities and ensuring recreation group safety. These leaders plan recreational activities and educate their groups on safety procedures to minimize potential risks. Recreation leaders may handle several group activities throughout their workday.

9. Camp manager

National average salary: $36,036 per year

Primary duties: A camp manager oversees camp operations and personnel to ensure that activities remain within their allotted budgets and schedules. These managers document guest and activity information to maintain financial and traffic records. Camp managers may implement updated safety policies or new recreational activities to ensure guest satisfaction.

10. Park ranger

National average salary: $36,246 per year

Primary duties: A park ranger is responsible for the safety of park guests, animals and plant life. These rangers patrol the grounds to monitor activity and enforce park safety regulations. Park rangers inform guests of wildlife rules and recommended trails, along with guided tours.

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11. Housekeeper

National average salary: $37,969 per year

Primary duties: A housekeeper is responsible for organizing and maintaining the cleanliness of a lodging area. These professionals do laundry, replace linens, remove trash and replenish household supplies. Housekeepers may conduct additional tasks, such as cleaning patio furniture or watering plants.

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12. Camp director

National average salary: $40,592 per year

Primary duties: A camp director manages the overall operations of a camping facility from maintenance, inventories, personnel, activities and guest traffics. These directors evaluate operational costs and performance to identify areas for improvement and profit increases. Camp directors determine what activities or services the camp provides.

13. Groundskeeper

National average salary: $44,791 per year

Primary duties: A groundskeeper manages facility cleanliness and overall maintenance to ensure a safe environment. These professionals patrol the property, pick up trash and note potential maintenance issues and relay them to maintenance staff. Groundskeepers may perform simple maintenance tasks such as replacing light fixtures, batteries or breakers.

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14. General merchandise clerk

National average salary: $45,480 per year

Primary duties: A general merchandise clerk completes purchase transactions for sales or rentals with a point of sales system such as a cash register. These clerks monitor store activity to prevent the loss or damage of merchandise, along with assisting customers in finding a product. General merchandise clerks working in recreation equipment rental stores may file paperwork and educate renters on safety procedures.

15. Director of food and beverage

National average salary: $49,921 per year

Primary duties: A director of food and beverage manages the food services of a facility. These directors work with nutritionists, dietitians or other food professionals to develop meal or catering plans for their visitors. Directors of food and beverage evaluate dietary restrictions, nutritional values and costs to determine a well-balanced and cost-effective menu.

16. Recreation manager

National average salary: $52,479 per year

Primary duties: A recreation manager hires, trains and schedules recreation personnel, including camp counselors, tour guides and recreation leaders. These professionals research recreation trends and consumer interests to develop recreation activity programs and secure equipment for them. Recreation managers calculate recreation costs and pricing to establish activity program budgets.

17. Replenishment associate

National average salary: $56,426 per year

Primary duties: A replenishment associate is responsible for monitoring stock and completing purchase orders when stock is low. These associates review inventories for food, beverages, household supplies or equipment and create reports to document discrepancies in stock. Replenishment associates track incoming orders and inspect them to ensure that the order is complete.

18. Travel agent

National average salary: $58,948 per year

Primary duties: A travel agent is a hospitality and travel service professional who assists travelers with planning and booking their trips. These agents may locate hotel lodging or camping facilities, along with nearby events or activities to suit their client's travel purposes. Travel agents collect pricing quotes from various sources to negotiate and find the best deal to help their clients schedule a trip.

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19. Environmental scientist

National average salary: $61,065 per year

Primary duties: An environmental scientist researches environmental factors to determine potential hazards and educate the public about them. These scientists collect environmental samples to analyze and document significant behaviors or interactions. Environmental scientists may provide educational programs that promote environmental health and safety.

Requirements for working camp jobs

Camp jobs may require different levels of education depending on the position and company. Roles in administration or directing may require a degree in business management, community development or youth development. Educational or recreation positions may involve training in outdoor education or human relations. When applying for the camp job that suits your interest and skillset, review company posted job descriptions to identify their specific requirements.

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