15 Jobs in the Wine Industry

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated July 14, 2022 | Published May 17, 2021

Updated July 14, 2022

Published May 17, 2021

A career in the wine industry can be exciting, rewarding and filled with creativity. If you are passionate about wine, then you may be interested in learning about some of the most common jobs in the wine industry. Whether you're looking for an entry-level position or something more advanced, there are numerous ways to pursue a job related to wine in production, retail, distribution and more. In this article, we explore 15 jobs in the wine industry, list some of their primary job duties and share how much you can earn in each of these positions.

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15 Jobs in the wine industry

Here are some of the most popular jobs in the wine industry to help you get started on your career search:

1. Winery tour guide

National average salary: $28,146 per year

Primary duties: Winery tour guides are responsible for educating and entertaining guests while showing them around a winery or vineyard. Their job is to ensure guests enjoy their visit and have an opportunity to explore the grounds. They may share information about the history of the winery, the different wines they produce or the type of fruit they grow in the vineyard. Good winery tour guides are charismatic, welcoming and excellent storytellers. They have a good understanding of the wines crafted in their region and the winemaking process itself.

2. Hospitality team member

National average salary: $28,760 per year

Primary duties: There is a wide variety of wine-related jobs in the hospitality field, especially in the retail and service industries. For example, many retail shops hire staff to work evening or weekend wine tasting events. Restaurants may also hire servers, bartenders and kitchen staff who can offer customers good wine recommendations. Hospitality team members may also find temporary work at wine festivals and events.

3. Vineyard worker

National average salary: $30,679 per year

Primary duties: Vineyard workers spend their days in the field caring for and maintaining grapevines. Some of their duties include pruning the vines, harvesting grapes, fertilizing the field and tilling the soil. Vineyard workers are responsible for tending to the vineyard throughout its entire life cycle. They may also help with grape sorting, wine production and wine packaging. Finally, vineyard workers may train new employees to care for the vineyard.

4. Wine consultant

National average salary: $34,212 per year

Primary duties: Wine consultants usually work in retail stores or restaurants selling wine. Their goal is to increase wine sales by educating customers about different wine options and offering samples. They can also help customers select wines they may enjoy drinking. Many restaurants and retail stores look to wine consultants for advice regarding what types of wines they should carry. Wine consultants often work with different vendors to ensure they get the best deal on their wine orders. They may also train other team members and provide customer service.

5. Cellar worker

National average salary: $35,995 per year

Primary duties: Cellar workers assist with wine production and cellar maintenance. Some of their duties include draining and shoveling out tanks, prepping casks and barrels and performing general maintenance tasks. They are also responsible for cleaning the tanks, lines, presses and other equipment. Cellar workers can gain hands-on experience and hone their own winemaking skills by working in this position.

6. Tasting room manager

National average salary: $36,298 per year

Primary duties: Tasting room managers are responsible for helping guests sample different wines, educating them about their products and ensuring they enjoy their visit. They may serve and greet customers, make sales and create work schedules. Tasting room managers can also hire and train new employees, conduct wine tastings and show guests around the winery.

7. Harvest worker

National average salary: $39,601 per year

Primary duties: Harvest workers assist with vineyard work, such as pruning and picking fruit, grape sorting and wine production. This hands-on agricultural work requires attention to detail and physical endurance to be successful. Since harvesting vineyards is seasonal work, harvest workers must have flexible schedules. They may also have another source of income for the rest of the year.

8. Bar manager

National average salary: $41,738 per year

Primary duties: Bar managers are usually responsible for creating and maintaining a wine list for the establishment they work for. They may also hire and train staff on proper wine etiquette and service. Bar managers often meet with sales representatives to sample and order new varieties of wine. They may work with the head chef or other kitchen staff members to select wines that pair well with specific dishes. Bar managers must stay informed about current and upcoming wine trends to ensure they order wines that their customers want to drink.

9. Groundskeeper

National average salary: $42,294 per year

Primary duties: Groundskeepers who work at wineries focus on keeping the landscape healthy and appealing for visitors. Some of their job duties may include mowing the lawn, trimming trees, planting flowers and shrubbery and performing basic maintenance tasks.

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10. Sommelier

National average salary: $44,045 per year

Primary duties: A sommelier, sometimes referred to as a wine director, crafts a restaurant's wine list, trains staff in proper wine service and helps customers select wines they may enjoy with different food pairings. They also work with the head chef to create wine and food pairings for their menu. Sommeliers are expert wine tasters who work to uncover the best and rarest wines available. They may travel to different vineyards and wineries around the world to sample wines.

11. Laboratory technician

National average salary: $49,726 per year

Primary duties: Laboratory technicians may work with wineries or wine consultants to oversee the analysis of different wines as they ferment. Students of viticulture—a branch of horticulture focused on harvesting and cultivating grapes—are excellent candidates for this job role. Laboratory technicians often work on a small team with other viticulture experts to craft excellent wines.

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12. Brand manager

National average salary: $62,877 per year

Primary duties: Brand managers for wineries are typically responsible for developing a brand strategy, overseeing communication channels, crafting promotions, managing production and conducting market research. This can involve surveying and polling customers to understand what flavor profiles, designs and products they are interested in purchasing. Brand managers often work closely with other sales and marketing professionals to create holistic branding guidelines. By doing this, they can ensure all marketing and promotional materials for the winery are consistent, which can help the winery establish brand recognition with its customers.

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13. Sales representative

National average salary: $65,342 per year

Primary duties: A wine sales representative works with wineries to sell their products. They work to establish relationships with restaurants, hotels, wine shops and other potential customers who may be interested in purchasing wine from them. Then they share samples of different wines from their portfolio with customers to try. Sales representatives place orders through wine distributors and wineries to obtain products for their customers. They follow up with their customers and winemakers frequently to maintain open communication and identify upcoming wine trends.

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14. Marketing manager

National average salary: $65,894 per year

Primary duties: Marketing managers for wineries and vineyards are responsible for designing and developing marketing materials, such as press kits, brochures, newsletters, bottle labels and advertisements. They may also work with the vineyard owner and winemakers to set product prices, determine release dates and identify which markets to sell to. Marketing managers often attend trade shows and promotional events. They may also be responsible for responding to customer inquiries and complaints online.

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15. Distributor

National average salary: $111,708 per year

Primary duties: Distributors cultivate national and international relationships with wineries and winemakers so that they can import and export the best wines. They help wineries sell their products to wine shops, grocery stores, restaurants and hotels. Successful distributors must stay informed about current and upcoming wine trends to know what consumers are the most likely to purchase. Distributors also sample wines to determine which products they want to promote. They may hire and train salespeople and network with other distributors in the industry.

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