16 Jobs Paying 60k or More

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published March 15, 2021

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There are many great jobs available to individuals who would like to make an impressive income. Some of these roles are high-level positions that require extensive experience and education, while others may require little to no experience. Jobs that pay over $60,000 a year can range from creative roles to technical careers. In this article, we explore 16 jobs paying 60k or more a year.

Top jobs that pay $60,000 a year

The right high-paying job for you depends on your needs, expertise, skill set and background. Common jobs that pay $60,000 or more a year include:

1. Nuclear technician

National average salary: $60,454 per year

Primary duties: A nuclear technician directly assists engineers or physics in conducting nuclear research and experiments. Their main duties include using equipment and instruments to monitor different radiation levels from various experiments, gathering water, soil and air samples for contamination testing and maintaining reactors and other equipment items to ensure they function properly.

2. Copywriter

National average salary: $60,469 per year

Primary duties: A copywriter creates content for various marketing pieces, including advertising copy, blog articles e-books and white papers. Key responsibilities include researching industry topics for articles, writing accurate, original and engaging content catered toward the business' target audience, following a business' brand and style guidelines when writing copy and brainstorming innovative content ideas.

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3. Public relations director

National average salary: $61,685 per year

Primary duties: A public relations director creates and upholds a positive public image for an organization. Their main duties include interacting with the public via press releases, social media posts and articles, acting as the face of the company during press conferences, building positive relationships between community members and the organization and reviewing all marketing, sales or advertising materials to ensure they represent the company positively.

4. Physical therapist assistant

National average salary: $63,086 per year

Primary duties: Physical therapist assistants work under the direct supervision of physical therapists to offer support to patients recovering from illnesses or injuries. Other responsibilities include answering phone calls and emails, scheduling patient appointments, massaging and stretching patients in injured areas, sanitizing and setting up therapy equipment before appointments and lifting or moving patients.

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5. Sales representative

National average salary: $65,040 per year

Primary duties: A sales representative sells products or services to customers. Their key responsibilities include presenting product demonstrations to customers, negotiating final sales contracts, generating sales leads, meeting sales leads and delivering weekly, monthly and yearly sales reports to sales managers and executives.

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6. Microbiologist

National average salary: $65,443 per year

Primary duties: A microbiologist is a scientist who conducts research on microorganisms to better understand their effect on everyday life. Their main duties include testing component samples, locating any potential contamination to samples, studying different cultures of microorganisms and writing research papers or scholarly articles on any findings or new discoveries.

7. Account executive

National average salary: $66,651 per year

Primary duties: Account executives work closely with clients to build long lasting relationships, solve any problems and answer questions regarding the product or service they sell. Other responsibilities are identifying opportunities to turn leads into customers, making cold calls to prospective customers, nurturing customers through the sales cycle, demonstrating product value and developing comprehensive and effective sales strategies.

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8. Industrial designer

National average salary: $66,966 per year

Primary duties: An industrial designer creates production processes and layouts to improve productivity and efficiency levels within an organization. Their main duties include evaluating production processes, specifications and workflows to identify improvements, implementing control systems to minimize business costs, preparing cost analyses and production cost estimations and developing purchase orders and equipment lists.

9. Auditor

National average salary: $67,278 per year

Primary duties: An auditor improves the efficiency, accuracy and quality of an organization's financial operations. Their key responsibilities are developing organizational strategies by examining the company's policies and procedures, reviewing company files and information, like reports, receipts and records to compare them to company liabilities and assets and presenting findings and recommendations for potential organizational solutions to executives and stakeholders.

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10. Marketing manager

National average salary: $67,989 per year

Primary duties: A marketing manager promotes an organization's products, services or brand to potential and current customers. Their main duties include reviewing market trends to create forecasts, locating new business leads, building marketing strategies to improve brand awareness, developing and maintaining the marketing budget and delegating tasks to marketing team members.

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11. Finance manager

National average salary: $68,159 per year

Primary duties: A finance manager handles various financial aspects of an organization to keep it financially stable. Their key duties are developing long-term financial goals, managing all investment activities, producing and presenting financial reports, implementing budget plans, conducting financial analysis and insight to improve the company's financial performance and calculating potential risks of the organization's financial activities.

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12. Aircraft mechanic

National average salary: $69,616 per year

Primary duties: Aircraft mechanics inspect, diagnose and fix different structural systems on an aircraft. Other responsibilities include maintaining mechanical and hydraulic systems, scheduling upcoming routine maintenance inspections, keeping repair records and logs, using tools and gauges to locate any mechanical and hydraulic issues or malfunctions and preparing diagnostics reports to suggest solutions to repair systems.

13. Human resources manager

National average salary: $69,644 per year

Primary duties: A human resources manager supervises the human resources teams and implements employee engagement policies and procedures to create a comfortable and well-functioning work environment. Other job duties include overseeing an organizations' hiring process from recruiting to interviewing to onboarding, resolving conflicts between employees and conducting and overseeing performance reviews.

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14. Supply chain analyst

National average salary: $70,924 per year

Primary duties: Supply chain analysts collect data to ensure supply chain operations run smoothly and efficiently. Key responsibilities include gathering data on production output and scheduling procedures, determining which areas of the supply chain operation processes need improvement and providing valuable feedback and guidance on operational improvements.

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15. Wildlife biologist

National average salary: $71,911 per year

Primary duties: A wildlife biologist studies the behavior and habitats of different animals and wildlife. Their main duties include conducting research studies and data analysis on wildlife and ecosystems, trapping, tagging and relocating animals, creating land and water use plans, saving endangered species and studying the negative affect corporations and commercial ventures have on wildlife.

16. Data analyst

National average salary: $74,143 per year

Primary duties: Data analysts gather and store different types of data sets for an organization, such as market research, sales numbers, linguistics and logistics. Their main responsibilities are managing and interpreting master data sets, developing reports and analysis on this data, troubleshooting any data errors and presenting findings to help businesses make more informed and logical decisions.

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