21 Interesting Careers Related To Being a Veterinarian

Updated June 30, 2023

Veterinarians have an interesting work environment that involves healthcare and animal care. If you're interested in veterinary work but want to consider other job options, there are several other careers that encompass different aspects of being a veterinarian. Learning about different jobs related to animal care or medical work can help you gain insight into your career prospects and opportunities. In this article, we review some of the career options you can explore that are similar to working as a veterinarian.

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21 jobs similar to veterinarian

The medical, scientific and animal care fields all have roles that have similar characteristics to veterinarian jobs, including positions where you work with animals and jobs that involve providing medical treatment. Here are some jobs that have similarities to being a veterinarian:

1. Animal control officer

National average salary: $25,051 per year

Primary duties: An animal control officer upholds laws and regulations regarding animal care and safety. They respond to reports of stray or injured animals, rescue animals in dangerous situations, provide basic first aid and care to animals and coordinate with veterinarians, shelters and other organizations to provide ongoing healthcare, boarding and other needs.

2. Veterinary technician

National average salary: $29,894 per year

Primary duties: Veterinary technicians, or vet techs, help with animal assessment and treatment in veterinary offices. They perform intake exams, gather information about the animal's vital signs, communicate with the animal's owner about diagnostic procedures, complete lab tests and administer medication.

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3. Kennel manager

National average salary: $32,045 per year

Primary duties: Kennel managers supervise boarding companies that house dogs, cats and other pets. They coordinate the routine care of all animals in their care, including exercise, hygiene, grooming, feeding and healthcare needs like administering medication. Kennel managers schedule employees, delegate tasks and train their team to provide care based on each animal's needs.

4. Breeder

National average salary: $33,216 per year

Primary duties: Animal breeders care for animals, often dogs, to provide optimal conditions for producing healthy offspring. They register their dogs, track genealogies, maintain animal health records, administer medications, bring the dogs to medical appointments and provide all daily needs like food and exercise. Animal breeders also review applications from potential pet owners to select ideal homes for their animals.

5. Zookeeper

National average salary: $34,522 per year

Primary duties: A zookeeper oversees animal enclosures at a zoo. They prepare meals with the right nutrients for each species, feed the animals, provide stimulation and exercise, record observations about animal behavior and clean the habitats. Zookeepers also provide first aid for injured animals and make adjustments to the animal's environment to improve their health.

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6. Pet groomer

National average salary: $36,734 per year

Primary duties: Pet groomers work with animals of different breeds and species to maintain their appearance, hygiene, health and comfort. They bathe animals, remove mats and tangles, cut and style fur, trim and file nails, clean ears and brush teeth. Pet groomers also communicate with the pet owner if they see any signs of disease, bacteria, a skin condition or other health issues during the grooming appointment.

7. Wildlife specialist

National average salary: $41,171 per year

Primary duties: Wildlife specialists are experts in animal behavior who conduct research and consult on subjects related to wildlife. They study native species and migration patterns, work on wildlife restoration projects and give advice on land development to limit the impact on local wildlife.

8. Paramedic

National average salary: $42,749 per year

Primary duties: A paramedic is a first responder who goes to the location of an emergency call to administer medical help. They examine patients and assess the level of care they need, stabilize vital signs and communicate with hospital personnel about the status of patients.

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9. Marine biologist

National average salary: $46,517 per year

Primary duties: Marine biologists are experts in sea creatures who research marine life, care for aquatic creatures and measure information about aquatic environments. They identify injuries and illnesses in sea creatures, provide treatments, observe marine behaviors, design experiments and collect samples from oceans and wetlands.

10. Dog trainer

National average salary: $57,854 per year

Primary duties: Dog trainers work with people and their pet dogs to improve the dog's behavior. They identify what triggers certain reactions in a dog, reward positive behaviors and teach the dog to complete tasks or respond to commands.

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11. Ranch manager

National average salary: $58,515 per year

Primary duties: Ranch managers are responsible for herds of livestock like cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and horses. They maintain the living environment for the animals, monitor their diets and coordinate and necessary medical care to identify and treat illnesses in the herd. Ranch managers assist with animal births, raise young animals and track their growth.

12. Zoo veterinarian

National average salary: $61,758 per year

Primary duties: Zoo veterinarians are vets who specialize in treating wild species like big cats, elephants, giraffes, primates, lizards and amphibians. They may work at a specific zoo or specialize in a species and travel to multiple zoos to consult on various animals. Zoo veterinarians order tests, conduct examinations, diagnose illness and administer treatments depending on the needs of each species.

13. Pediatrician

National average salary: $62,808 per year

Primary duties: Pediatricians are doctors who work with children and adolescents. They provide general medical care including annual check-ups, physicals and urgent care appointments. Pediatricians communicate with children and legal guardians about symptoms in an age-appropriate manner and prescribe treatments that suit their developmental level.

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14. Microbiologist

National average salary: $65,649 per year

Primary duties: Microbiologists study small microscopic organisms like bacteria and fungi. They often research disease-causing organisms, including how to identify them, how they spread and how to eliminate them. Microbiologists conduct experiments to learn about how microorganisms respond in different environments and impact other beings.

15. Endangered species biologist

National average salary: $69,180 per year

Primary duties: An endangered species biologist is a specialized type of wildlife biologist who focuses on rare and endangered animals. They track animal populations to determine if they are at risk for becoming a threatened, endangered or extinct species. They also develop strategies to increase endangered animal populations and decrease risks and threats to endangered species.

16. Wildlife biologist

National average salary: $71,567 per year

Primary duties: A wildlife biologist is an animal researcher and expert who studies animal characteristics, behaviors and environments. They capture, tag, release and track animals, complete dissections, identify and treat diseases, evaluate animal populations, conduct environmental impact studies and give lectures on wildlife biology.

17. Ecologist

National average salary: $77,576 per year

Primary duties: Ecologists study the environment, including how plants, animals and humans interact. They plan experiments to learn about how organisms behave in their habitat and environment, give advice on construction and land development, plan environmental protection initiatives and look for patterns in animal behavior or environment changes.

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18. Nurse

National average salary: $83,530 per year

Primary duties: A nurse provides patient care and support for each individual's healthcare needs. They collect information about patients, record symptoms, examine patients for signs of illness or injury, communicate with doctors about care plans, administer treatment and monitor patient vital signs.

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19. Veterinary surgeon

National average salary: $86,864 per year

Primary duties: Veterinary surgeons perform surgical operations on animals. They order imaging tests to learn about each animal's condition, then evaluate the results to develop a plan for surgery. Veterinary surgeons determine the correct amount of anesthesia to apply, sterilize the surgical area, make incisions, suture wounds and explain plans for post-surgical care to animal caretakers.

20. Pharmacist

National average salary: $116,691 per year

Primary duties: Pharmacists dispense medications to patients according to prescriptions from other healthcare professionals. They interpret prescriptions and prepare orders with the correct type of medication, dosage and patient instructions. Pharmacists also process insurance issues and manage storage conditions for medications to preserve them at optimal conditions.

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21. Physician

National average salary: $248,902 per year

Primary duties: A physician treats medical problems in human beings, like injuries, diseases and disorders. They prescribe medication, recommend lifestyle changes, order tests and interpret results. Physicians meet with multiple patients each day conducting examinations, diagnosing patients, prescribing treatments and giving advice on symptom management.

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