17 Jobs That Hire 16-Year-Olds

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published July 7, 2021

If you're about to turn or already are 16, you might wonder what jobs will hire you. Getting a job at 16 can help you learn valuable professional and personal skills, such as communication, teamwork and perseverance. Before you start applying for jobs, it may be helpful to know which kinds of jobs are most likely to hire 16-year-olds. In this article, we discuss the types of industries that typically hire 16-year-olds and list 17 jobs that hire candidates at age 16.

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Which industries typically hire 16-year-olds?

A 16-year-old can work in a variety of industries, including food service, retail and hospitality. Some 16-year-olds also find jobs in landscaping or administration. Each company's requirements for a particular role may be different, so be sure to check if they want candidates to be a certain minimum age before you apply.

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17 jobs that hire at 16

Here are 17 jobs where 16-year-olds may find employment opportunities:

1. Ice cream scooper

National average salary: $21,461 per year

Primary duties: Ice cream scoopers work in ice cream parlors. They give customers their requested size of ice cream, manage cash registers and practice food preparation and safety techniques. Ice cream shops are often open year-round, although they may hire more employees during warmer seasons.

2. Fast-food attendant

National average salary: $24,115 per year

Primary duties: Fast food attendants take customer orders, handle cash registers and keep the store clean. Many fast-food attendants also help prepare the food. If you work in a fast-food store with a drive-thru window, you might take customer orders both in person and through a headset.

3. Ride operator

National average salary: $25,424 per year

Primary duties: Ride operators work at permanent or traveling amusement parks. Ride operators help passengers stay safe while they're on rides, such as by fastening their seatbelts and keeping ride pathways free of debris. A ride operator also uses basic technology skills to start, stop or slow the rides.

4. Bakery clerk

National average salary: $26,835 per year

Primary duties: Bakery clerks assist bakers, bakery managers and other staff members who work at bakeries. A bakery clerk helps process customer payments, arrange pastry or bread display cases and keep the store tidy. Bakery clerks also learn about and adhere to basic food safety practices, such as wearing disposable gloves, while giving customers their bakery goods.

5. Car wash attendant

National average salary: $27,208 per year

Primary duties: A car wash attendant cleans cars while providing quality customer service to drivers. A car wash attendant's exact duties depend on a few factors, such as if the car wash facility has a mechanical component that can help wash cars too. Responsibilities for car wash attendants may include washing the car's exterior, vacuuming up the interior or waxing the tires.

6. Hospitality team member

National average salary: $29,087 per year

Primary duties: Hospitality team members work in a range of facilities, such as hotels, restaurants, convention centers or catering companies. Their duties vary depending on their industry but often focus on providing great customer services. Hospitality members use excellent communication and interpersonal skills to give their customers satisfying experiences.

7. Gift wrapper

National average salary: $29,619 per year

Primary duties: A gift wrapper specializes in wrapping gifts purchased by customers. Gift wrappers understand how to wrap gifts of various sizes and shapes while making the wrapping look neat and pleasing. Many gift wrapper positions are seasonal, but some companies may employ them throughout the year.

8. Restaurant staff

National average salary: $29,927 per year

Primary duties: Restaurant staff members help ensure that the restaurant they work at operates smoothly and that their customers have a good meal. There are many restaurant staff positions that may hire 16-year-olds, including dishwashers, bussers and cashiers.

9. Graphic design intern

National average salary: $30,850 per year

Primary duties: A graphic design intern learns about and helps create graphic designs for companies. Graphic design interns assist with assorted office tasks too, such as writing reports, delivering correspondence or sorting files. Some graphic design internship programs may also help you learn related skills, such as marketing or web design.

10. Data entry clerk

National average salary: $33,434 per year

Primary duties: Data entry clerks update and maintain data entries for their company. A data clerk typically performs other administrative tasks too, such as ensuring records are accurate, backing up the computer files or processing invoices for payout. Data entry clerks have great organizational abilities that help them successfully update and manage a company's digital information.

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11. Lawn care specialist

National average salary: $35,002 per year

Primary duties: Lawn care specialists perform basic yard and landscaping services, such as mowing lawns, eliminating weeds, controlling pests and trimming bushes. Some lawn care specialists may also plant flowers or trees. A lawn care specialist often gets to spend most of their shift outdoors in various clients' yards.

12. Host/hostess

National average salary: $35,159 per year

Primary duties: A host/hostess welcomes customers as they enter a facility. Hosts/hostesses can work at a variety of venues, including restaurants, cruise ships, hotels or conference centers. A host/hostess typically performs other customer service tasks too, such as managing appointment schedules, taking phone calls or answering questions from guests.

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13. Blogger

National average salary: $35,823 per year

Primary duties: A blogger writes, edits and posts content on an online blog. While some bloggers generate income through their own blogs, other bloggers may write for and receive payment from other companies' blogs. Bloggers often use marketing and publicity skills to help make sure that people discover and read their blog.

14. Server

National average salary: $36,891 per year

Primary duties: Servers are the main point of contact between a restaurant's customers and other restaurant staff members. A server answers customer questions about the menu or restaurant, brings customer requests to the kitchen and delivers food and beverages to a customer's table. Many servers also handle customer payments and help clean or set tables in-between customers.

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15. Grocery associate

National average salary: $36,969 per year

Primary duties: A grocery store associate rings up a customer's purchases, handles customer payments and keeps the grocery store clean. Many grocery associates also help stock shelves and manage inventory in the back of the store.

16. Retail sales associate

National average salary: $38,910 per year

Primary duties: Retail sales associates work in retail shops, such as stores for clothes, home appliances or sporting goods. A retail sales associate helps customers make purchases, find items or services they're looking for and organize shelves or display cases. Some retail sales associates work during busier seasons while others work throughout the year.

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17. Personal assistant

National average salary: $40,637 per year

Primary duties: Personal assistants perform duties for specific individuals, whether privately or at an organization. A personal assistant typically handles administrative responsibilities such as booking appointments, answering emails or phones and running errands.

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