13 Jobs That Require a Driver's License (With Salaries)

Updated March 3, 2023

When hiring managers and human resources professionals are writing job descriptions for new positions, they develop a list of tasks that the new employee will perform in the role. The job description also includes requirements that candidates should possess before applying for the position because they indicate that the individual has the experience the employer needs to ensure they can perform the duties of the position. When an employee will need to drive as part of their job, a driver's license is often within the list of requirements.

In this article, we share some positions that require a driver's license for hiring, in ascending order by national average salary and with the primary duties for each.

13 jobs that require a driver's license

There are many positions that require a driver's license in order for you to complete your tasks. Here are some of the jobs where you must be able to drive a vehicle:

1. Taxi driver

National average salary: $25,413 per year

Primary duties: A taxi driver picks up and transports individuals from one location to their destination. They work with a dispatching office to drive to the pickup location, take directions from customers, operate in-vehicle GPS systems to find the best route to drive customers to their destination and may engage in conversation with the people in their vehicle. Taxi drivers also process payments within the vehicle and may need to make stops along the route per customers' requests.

2. Courier

National average salary: $28,669 per year

Primary duties: A courier is responsible for delivering mail or other documents to people, businesses and other groups. They may follow a route and will need to confirm addresses to ensure they're delivering the correct item to the appropriate location. Couriers get recipients' signatures on packages to confirm delivery and may work for a mail delivery service or law office to deliver important legal documents to individuals and the courts.

3. Home health aide

National average salary: $29,259 per year

Primary duties: A home health aide is responsible for visiting a patient's home to provide care for them in a comfortable setting. They assist patients with doing things like bathing, dressing, brushing teeth, going to the bathroom and performing other grooming needs. Home health aides also perform light housekeeping duties, run errands for their patients and may take their patients to appointments, grocery shopping and more.

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4. Parking attendant

National average salary: $32,928 per year

Primary duties: A parking attendant is responsible for orderly parking or directing cars within a lot, along the street or in a garage. They also monitor the parking facility to make sure it's clear of any criminal activity, issue tickets for vehicles that have parked without following the rules of the lot and process parking lot payments when drivers leave the location. Some parking attendants may work for a company to provide professional valet services, which involves parking customers' vehicles, then collecting them from an assigned spot when customers are ready to leave.

5. Refuse collector

National average salary: $33,546 per year

Primary duties: A refuse collector is responsible for driving along a route to collect trash and recyclables. They transport their collection to the appropriate location, whether that's a landfill or recycling center. In addition to using the equipment on their truck, refuse collectors may also need to get out of the vehicle to lift certain trash bins by hand into the truck.

6. Bus driver

National average salary: $37,790 per year

Primary duties: A bus driver transports individuals on a bus from a pickup spot to their destination. They follow a specific route, make sure that all riders are adhering to the safety measures in place on the vehicle, pay special attention to any road or weather conditions that may impact the operations of the vehicle and may perform basic vehicle maintenance to make sure the bus remains in operational order. Bus drivers may work for the city or find employment with a school district to transport students.

7. Paramedic

National average salary: $38,428 per year

Primary duties: A paramedic is responsible for responding to an emergency that occurs outside of a healthcare facility. They provide medical services such as CPR, first aid, wound bandaging and other support to individuals who are either sick or injured. Paramedics make an on-scene determination if the medical emergency warrants that the patient be transported to a nearby urgent care center or hospital.

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8. Chauffeur

National average salary: $52,312 per year

Primary duties: A chauffeur is responsible for driving passengers from one location to another or on a specified route if the passenger has to visit multiple places. They may also need to provide a certain level of customer service and make sure to maintain their vehicle so passengers have a pleasant experience.

9. Police officer

National average salary: $53,214 per year

Primary duties: A police officer is protects their community and all citizens. They may perform tasks like responding to emergency calls, performing traffic stops, investigating a case and patrolling areas that may have some criminal activity. Police officers also arrest individuals who are breaking the law, direct traffic and document their work in case files so their superiors are aware of their daily actions.

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10. Delivery driver

National average salary: $60,475 per year

Primary duties: A delivery driver is responsible for distributing packages to customers. They pick up their day's delivery items from a warehouse, store or other location and follow a route to make sure everyone receives their expected items within the day. Delivery drivers may need to get a recipient to sign off on receiving their item and enter key delivery details into a system to show they performed the delivery.

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11. Truck driver

National average salary: $62,796 per year

Primary duties: A truck driver picks up materials and other goods from one location and delivers them to another. They visit warehouses and other distribution centers to load items onto their trucks and follow a designated route to deliver the goods to what is usually another distribution center or store. Truck drivers may need to transport items within the city and state or across the country over a longer period of time.

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12. Car sales executive

National average salary: $67,001 per year

Primary duties: A car sales executive is responsible for selling cars to customers. They work with customers to understand their needs, identify the vehicles the customer may be interested in and explain the features and benefits of the vehicle. Car sales executives also take customers on test drives, get their loan started, help them fill out purchase paperwork and make sure the process for their vehicle title transfer begins.

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13. Tow truck driver

National average salary: $69,404 per year

Primary duties: A tow truck driver is responsible for towing other vehicles to a specific destination which may include an auto mechanic shop, car dealership or tow yard. They also respond to calls of individuals stuck on the side of the road from a vehicle breakdown and assist customers with getting back to a secure location.


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