25 In-Demand Jobs You Can Do From Home or Remote Sites

By Jennifer Herrity

Updated June 8, 2022 | Published October 9, 2020

Updated June 8, 2022

Published October 9, 2020

Jennifer Herrity is a career coach at Indeed who has worked with job seekers from various industries over the last 12 years. She creates resources to help people navigate career challenges with tools and techniques she has refined through practical experience.

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Thanks to video conferencing and adaptive communication technology, the traditional work environment landscape has expanded, allowing more employees to work from home. “Going to work” no longer needs to include a lengthy commute or rigid schedule. Understanding the options available to you can help you make an informed decision regarding your future career.

In this article, we explain the benefits of working from home and provide you with a list of 25 jobs that you can do from home, their average salaries and their primary duties.

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25 work-from-home jobs that are in demand

Finding a legitimate job you can do from home that fits your schedule and financial needs can seem overwhelming. Here’s a list of jobs you can do from home, with average salaries, primary duties and responsibilities and companies that are hiring now. Note that average salaries listed below were recorded from Indeed Salaries and are subject to change at any time.

1. Data entry clerk

National average salary: $32,229 per year

Primary duties: A remote data entry clerk or data entry specialist can work directly for a company or as a contractor from a computer at the location of their choice. Data entry often involves inputting large amounts of information into a company’s server. Typing speed and accuracy are skills to hone in this position.

2. Event planner

National average salary: $40,391 per year

Primary duties: A remote event planner can work from their home office, either as an employee or an independent consultant, scheduling, organizing and planning all aspects of a successful event. Events vary in size and formality and often require music, catering, entertainment and decorations. Common event examples include weddings, baby showers, company mixers, corporate functions and release parties. Excellent communication skills, organizational skills and resourcefulness are important skills in a successful event planner.

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3. Medical billing representative

National average salary: $30,345 per year

Primary duties: Medical billing representatives communicate with insurance companies to receive payment for patient services. Since most of their responsibilities are done by phone or email, medical billing representatives are often hired as remote employees. Many employers prefer billers who are certified but certification typically only requires a few courses to complete.

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5. Medical coder

National average salary: $47,639 per year

Primary duties: Medical coding is different from medical billing, though they are often grouped together in certification training and job titles. A coder reviews medical staff notes about a patient’s visit and translates treatment and procedures to the correct billing codes for accurate billing and payment. Typically, medical coders will need to pass the Certified Professional Coder certification exam to receive their certificate and become competitive in their field. To succeed as a medical coding specialist, you should be detail-oriented, analytical and organized.

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4. Blogger

National average salary: $27,352 per year

Primary duties: Bloggers write about products, services or their particular interests online. A company might hire an individual in a remote position to create blog content as a core job task, or they might contract someone out remotely as a contributor. Additionally, if you can create, promote and maintain your own successful blog, you could work for yourself running your own blog. Bloggers need excellent writing skills and to be savvy with digital and social media.

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5. Customer service representative

National average salary: $47,136 per year

Primary duties: Customer service representatives communicate with a company's customers through phone, email, online chat or other forms of communication. They help resolve problems, listen to customer complaints and concerns, help them place orders and assist with refunds or exchanges. If you have a landline in your home office and enjoy helping people through troubleshooting, you might thrive in customer service.

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6. Transcriptionist

National average salary: $29,182 per year

Primary duties: A transcriptionist converts audio files into a textual format. To do this, they listen to a recorded dictation or meeting, interpret it and transcribe it into a written format or document. It is not uncommon for individual businesses to hire a vendor to handle their transcribing needs. Transcriptionists who work for these companies will often be hired as offsite contractors who get paid per transcribed minute.

You may need to download low- or no-cost software to assist with the transcription process. Some transcription niches—such as medical or legal transcription—may require special training, but all transcriptionists should have good listening skills along with exceptional typing speed and accuracy.

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7. Tax preparer

National average salary: $33,779 per year

Primary duties: Tax preparers help individuals and businesses find potential tax credits, ensure the accuracy of all financial information and complete tax returns by the deadline. Tax preparers also ensure tax returns comply with various policies, legislation and regulations. Please note that while most businesses, individuals and tax preparation companies hire contractors to work remotely, they often only hire just near tax season. EA certification is strongly recommended.

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8. Animator

National average salary: $33,883 per year

Primary duties: Animators create multiple images that give the illusion of movement when they're moved in rapid succession. There are many niches within animation, from flash animators to 3D modeling. Animators can work in advertising, film and television, video games or on websites. Animators are sometimes contracted onto large productions for the duration of that project. Depending on your areas of concentration, you may need a somewhat sophisticated computer workstation in your home studio, equipped with various software.

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9. Quality assurance tester

National average salary: $53,385 per year

A quality assurance tester, or QA tester, can work in different capacities for many kinds of businesses to ensure the bug-proof functionality of a product that is usually a website, software or video game. Many QA testers can work from home, contracted onto projects as new systems are created or updated. A QA tester needs relentless attention to detail, fluency with technology and they may need proficiency in a given coding language, depending upon the project.

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10. Virtual assistant

National average salary: $37,773 per year

Primary duties: Virtual assistants perform administrative and technical tasks for their clients. From the comfort of their home office, they may answer emails and phone calls, make travel arrangements and schedule client meetings. Virtual assistants use their communication and technology skills daily.

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11. Bookkeeper

National average salary: $37,856 per year

Primary duties: Bookkeepers keep track of a business's financial transactions such as its purchases, sales and payments to other individuals or organizations. Bookkeepers prepare accounts, process payments, create financial reports and reconcile reports as needed. If you are good with numbers and detail-oriented, this could be a promising work-at-home opportunity for you.

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12. Grant writer

National average salary: $41,484 per year

Primary duties: Grant writers frequently work as independent freelancers from home. They prepare and submit proposals for funding from various entities such as foundations or government departments. They maintain grant calendars, communicate with potential donors and look for new funding opportunities. Grant writers have strong writing skills and a solid knowledge of nonprofits and fundraising.

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13. Graphic designer

National average salary: $41,856 per year

Primary duties: Graphic designers can work as independent contractors or as part of creative teams. They create visual concepts by combining typography, images or motion graphics.

Based on the client’s directives, they conceptualize visuals and create various designs. Graphic designers design web pages, logos, menus, brochures, signs and other promotional or branding materials. To apply for positions, it is recommended that graphic designers keep professional work portfolios.

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14. Social media manager

National average salary: $44,425 per year

Primary duties: Many companies outsource remote social media professionals. Social media managers oversee a company's social media channels. They reply to comments, develop social media campaigns and create content for each of the company's social media platforms. Overall, they act as the voice of the brand and help companies improve their online presence.

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15. Translator

National average salary: $46,782 per year

Primary duties: Translators convert written text from a source language to a target language. To do this, they interpret the meaning of the material and convert it to a second language, all while preserving the meaning of the original message.

16. Online teacher

National average salary: $47,154 per year

Primary duties: Virtual teachers are needed in several capacities to teach various subjects. As a teacher, you will prepare and deliver lesson plans, administer and grade tests and assign homework to help students learn the material. Teachers encourage student participation and monitor student progress. When they work from home, they frequently teach via video call platforms.

These days, there is an opportunity to teach English online from home. Interpersonal and organizational skills are useful for teachers, and of course, advanced knowledge in a given subject. Depending on the age group of your class, working well with children may also be a necessity.

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17. Travel agent

National average salary: $36,506, per year

Primary duties: Travel agents provide travel- and tourist-related information to help individuals and companies plan lodging and transportation while traveling. Travel agents also offer their advice and opinions on various tourist attractions and events. A successful travel agent is a good communicator and problem solver.

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18. Tutor

National average salary: $50,544 per year

Primary duties: Tutors assist students by helping them with their schoolwork in various subjects. Virtual tutors have several options in how they teach. They can host in-person sessions at home or a local coffee shop or library. Virtual tutors can also teach for online tutoring services. If you have good interpersonal skills and knowledge in a school subject, you might make an excellent tutor. Tutors also often work with young people.

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19. Recruiter

National average salary: $56,937 per year

Primary duties: Recruiters help find and attract job candidates for their company clients. Using databases, social media and networking, recruiters curate a select group of job candidates. Recruiters also interview and select the best candidates for a company's open positions. A recruiter needs excellent communication skills and the ability to maintain a strong network.

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20. Editor

National average salary: $57,364 per year

Primary duties: Editors review written content for grammar, spelling, punctuation and readability. They also ensure the content complies with specific style guide requirements and accuracy. An editor can work for a company full time but in a remote capacity, as a traditional employee or independent contractor. A good editor has an eye for detail and an exceptional command of language.

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21. Insurance agent

National average salary: $59,657 per year

Primary duties: Insurance agents find sales opportunities for various insurance plans and sell insurance policies to their clients and manage several clients. They aim to grow their customer base, track claims and handle any policy renewals.

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22. Copywriter

National average salary: $61,837 per year

Primary duties: Copywriters create promotional written content either as employees or independent contractors. They write compelling copy to sell products or services or educate consumers on a particular matter. Copywriters work for individual businesses or agencies and create content for websites, emails, newsletters, social media posts and more.

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23. Clinical research coordinator

National average salary: $64,959 per year

Primary duties: Clinical research coordinators administer clinical trials, collect data and inform participants regarding trial objectives. They also recruit and screen participants, administer questionnaires, promote trials and report on study daily operations. Professionals with people, organizational and analytical skills thrive in this profession.

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24. Consultant

National average salary: $69,928 per year

Primary duties: Consultants provide businesses with advice and suggestions to help improve their overall structure and practices. They conduct research, interview employees and administer surveys to better understand the business.

Consultants also analyze statistics and find ways to resolve company issues. Based on the information they gather, they determine possible strategies and present this information and their suggestions to the management team and company shareholders.

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25. Web developer

National average salary: $78,223 per year

Primary duties: Web developers specialize in internet development. They create a website's layout and integrate various visual elements. Web developers use their knowledge of various programming languages such as JavaScript or Python to create a user-friendly experience and resolve any coding errors.

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Six steps to help you get a work-from-home job

Once you have narrowed your search down to your chosen path, take these steps to prepare yourself for a work-from-home position.

  1. Make sure you meet the qualifications. Whether your preferred job location is at the office or in your home, you will always need some sort of skill set. You may need some degree of schooling or certification to be a competent and competitive candidate.

  2. Create your resume. Whenever you are preparing for a new job search, you will always need to have an updated resume and cover letter tailored to your preferred line of work. In remote work, you may never meet your employer in person at all, so your written exchanges could be your only chance to represent yourself.

  3. Prepare for the interview. If you are planning to work offsite, then you should be prepared to interview offsite. Make sure you have good cell phone and internet connections. Even when interviewing remotely, you should be sure to look professional—and that includes any background that could be seen or heard during a video or phone interview.

  4. Do your research. Beyond researching the company to make sure that you meet the qualifications and can perform well during the interview, you should also be thinking about how to best avoid scams. Never give out your personal information in suspicious circumstances.

  5. Ready your workstation. Your home office will need to be as functional as a traditional workspace, so ensure you have the office furniture, applicable software, conferencing capabilities and industry tools needed for your line of work.

  6. Hold yourself accountable. Even if you have a traditional work format and are in regular contact with a team or management, you are that much more responsible for yourself when you work from home. In environments where your work or schedule is entirely self-paced, you may have to create a detailed plan to stay focused and motivated.

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