16 Jobs With Animals for 16-Year-Olds (Plus Salaries)

Updated January 17, 2023

If you're 16 years old and looking for a job, consider applying for a role where you get to work with animals. Jobs with animals can give you valuable experience and skills for the future. There are many different types of jobs with animals that you could choose. In this article, we discuss 16 jobs with animals for 16-year-olds, their average salaries and skills that can help you succeed at these jobs.

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16 jobs with animals for 16-year-olds

If you're considering applying for a job with animals, check the company's hiring requirements to see if you meet them. You can start at an internship or entry-level job to gain experience with animals so that you can later apply for one with more responsibilities. Here are some jobs with animals for 16-year-olds:

1. Kennel assistant

National average salary: $10.75 per hour

Primary duties: A kennel assistant helps in operating a kennel and caring for dogs. Those in this role provide health services for dogs, including walking, socializing, bathing, feeding and medicating. They also can perform administrative duties such as data entry, filing and inventory. Kennel assistants keep the kennel clean and sanitary and may assist veterinarians and kennel managers in medical examinations and procedures.

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2. Pet sitter

National average salary: $11.94 per hour

Primary duties: A pet sitter, sometimes called a pet care specialist, is responsible for taking care of an owner's pet or pets while they are away. A pet sitter can care for pets in the owner's homes or at a pet care facility, and these pets can include dogs, cats, fish, parrots and guinea pigs. A pet sitter must attend to all the needs of pets, including walking them outside if necessary, providing them with food and water, cleaning up after them and giving them medicine. Those in this role should follow all the owner's instructions carefully to make sure their pets are healthy and happy.

3. Pet store associate

National average salary: $12.27 per hour

Primary duties: A pet store associate helps maintain the operation of a pet store and provides customer service to pet owners. Some of their responsibilities are caring for pets, restocking products, cleaning the store, opening and closing the store for business, operating the cash register and answering customer questions. A pet store associate can interact with pets and gain valuable knowledge about how to care for them.

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4. Animal caretaker

National average salary: $12.52 per hour

Primary duties: An animal caretaker provides support and care for animals who live in a shelter or other care facility and are awaiting adoption. A primary duty of animal caretakers is to socialize and support animals who may be shy or scared from previous experiences. Those in this role also help visitors to the shelter find a pet that is perfect for them to adopt.

5. Cat cafe assistant

National average salary: $13.24 per hour

Primary duties: A cat cafe assistant works in a cat cafe, which is a type of business where customers can spend time with cats in a cafe environment. Those who work in this role are responsible for supervising visitors, caring for cats, cleaning the cafe and providing customer services.

6. Farm hand

National average salary: $13.26 per hour

Primary duties: A farm hand can care for farm animals including horses, chickens, cows, dogs, rabbits, pigs and goats. Those in this position ensure animals have food and water and clean living areas and complete other tasks around the farm.

7. Veterinary assistant

National average salary: $13.50 per hour

Primary duties: A veterinary assistant helps a veterinary doctor or vet provide healthcare services to animals in an animal clinic, hospital or farm. Their responsibilities can include collecting and recording patient's medical histories, explaining care instructions and treatment plans to clients, assisting with exams and procedures, cleaning equipment and preparing medications.

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8. Animal trainer

National average salary: $13.54 per hour

Primary duties: An animal trainer teaches owners how to manage and coordinate the behavior of their pets in a safe and healthy way. Those in this job develop and implement training programs that prioritize the animal's well-being and improve an owner's bond with their pet. Animal trainers have skills in education, communication and organization. They build relationships with clients and coworkers to reach the common goal of overcoming pet behavioral challenges and giving animals all the care they need.

9. Receptionist

National average salary: $13.58 per hour

Primary duties: A receptionist, sometimes called a front desk assistant or client service associate, staffs the front desk at an organization, like a veterinary clinic, animal shelter or kennel. They greet visitors, guide them through the office, answer phones, schedule appointments and complete other clerical tasks. A receptionist has excellent organization, communication and customer service skills, and their primary responsibility is to support clients and make them feel welcome.

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10. Wildlife rehabilitation intern

National average salary: $14.22 per hour

Primary duties: Wildlife rehabilitation interns assist their supervisors in caring for sick and injured wild animals. Their responsibilities include administering medication and first aid, providing therapy, feeding and watering, bandaging wounds and cleaning living environments of the animals. It is important that a wildlife rehabilitation intern adheres to all safety protocols when interacting with wild animals.

11. Animal therapist assistant

National average salary: $14.73 per hour

Primary duties: An animal therapist assistant helps people who are sick, disabled or recovering from an injury by providing them access to animals. Animal therapy can involve horses, dogs, cats and even birds. The comfort that animals bring to people can aid them in healing or improving their mental and physical health.

12. Zoo associate

National average salary: $14.86 per hour

Primary duties: A zoo associate can have various responsibilities based on their specific role within the zoo. They could work as assistants to experienced animal caretakers, such as zookeepers or veterinarians. Zoo associates could also take tickets, provide information to visitors and help keep the zoo clean.

13. Dog walker

National average salary: $15.18 per hour

Primary duties: A dog walker is in charge of helping people's dogs get exercise and caring for them. They can walk dogs individually or through a dog-walking company. Sometimes a dog walker uses a car to transport dogs to and from their homes. It is important that a dog walker knows how to manage multiple dogs at once, is comfortable caring for all breeds and sizes of dogs and can keep track of the house keys and security information of dog owners.

14. Pet blogger

National average salary: $15.26 per hour

Primary duties: A pet blogger or influencer creates written and visual online content about pets, including pet-related care, trends, services and products. Those in this role are creative and skilled in communication. Pet bloggers can have their own website and social media pages where they tell interesting, engaging stories to pet fans.

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15. Animal rights canvasser

National average salary: $16.59 per hour

Primary duties: An animal rights canvasser, sometimes called an animal rights advocate, educates the public about animal rights issues and promotes solutions for animal health and safety. Their duties may include passing out informational material and demonstrating in public areas. Younger canvassers could also help organizational members with graphic design, marketing and photography.

16. Pet photographer

National average salary: $17.24 per hour

Primary duties: A pet photographer takes, edits and delivers creative and high-quality photos of pets. Pet photographers invest in their own equipment, market their work, answer customer questions and collect payments. Those who create pet photography for an organization, like an animal shelter, often use social media marketing to promote pets and encourage more adoptions. Pet photographers have patience and can interact with pets in a positive way to get excellent photos.

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Skills for jobs with animals

  • Patience: When working with animals, it is important to remain calm and allow animals to feel comfortable around you. Wait for animals to get used to you before handling them, especially if they are feral or wild. Building a strong bond between humans and their pets often takes time and effort.

  • Compassion: Compassion toward animals can help you effectively care for them. It's important to try to understand how the animal feels in the environment and toward you to approach them in the right manner.

  • Communication: It is important to communicate with animals, their owners, your coworkers and your supervisors in an animal-related job. Proper and clear communication can ensure pet owners know how to care for their animals.

  • Attention to detail: When working closely with animals and caring for them, it is critical to pay attention to the details. Look at the animals to see if they are experiencing any symptoms or signs of injury so you know how to handle them.

  • First aid: It is helpful to know basic first aid protocols when working in a job with animals. Learn first aid for humans and animals to make sure you're prepared for unexpected situations.

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