20 Great Jobs You Can Get With a Marketing Degree

Updated March 10, 2023

A marketing degree can qualify you for a wide variety of jobs. Raising consumer awareness about a product or service is a complex process that leads to the creation of many marketing-related roles. Advances in technology and increasing competition between companies make a marketing degree a valuable asset.

In this article, we'll discuss some top jobs you can obtain with a marketing degree.

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What is a marketing degree?

A marketing degree is an academic degree awarded to students who have completed a college, business school or university program dedicated to marketing strategy, research, management, science or any other marketing-related field. It is a potentially lucrative field for students, as it allows them to pursue a career that focuses on the promotion, sale and distribution of goods and services to final consumers.

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20 jobs you can get with a marketing degree

Here are some of the best jobs available today for marketing graduates. For the most up-to-date information from Indeed, please click on the salary link for each job title below.

1. Marketing assistant

National Average Salary: $14.64 per hour

Primary Duties: Marketing assistants are typically recent marketing graduates looking to gain valuable field-related experience. They are usually hired by senior marketing professionals and tasked with various support duties and routine tasks. Their involvement in most marketing-related aspects of an organization provides them with valuable experience and knowledge for a career in marketing.

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2. Fundraiser

National Average Salary: $15.19 per hour

Primary Duties: Fundraisers typically work for non-profit organizations and are tasked with raising money for various causes. This role is similar to for-profit product marketing as there is a need to raise awareness among potential donors and communicate in ways that resonate with their target audience.

3. Social media manager

National Average Salary: $48,267 per year

Primary Duties: A social media manager's main task is overseeing an organization's entire social media strategy, with the purpose of increasing brand visibility and customer engagement. This typically implies developing and managing the company's online presence, analyzing results and conducting various social media campaigns that are meant to boost the company's popularity and ultimately increase sales.

4. Event manager

National Average Salary: $48,532 per year

Primary Duties: Event managers plan and manage various business and social events, mostly for promotional purposes. They handle all aspects of an event's planning and preparation, while also usually running all activities during the event. Their marketing background is useful because they need to properly market the event's purpose and message, while also making sure that the attending audience is positively engaged.

5. Copywriter

National Average Salary: $51,574 per year

Primary Duties: Copywriters create written copy for a company for many uses, including advertising, brochures, billboards, promotional copy and digital content. The copy they write typically contains useful and relevant information displayed in a way that enhances the company's brand to consumers and generates consumer awareness around a product, service or event. They may work independently, for an advertising agency or a copywriting agency.

6. Media planner

National Average Salary: $53,441 per year

Primary Duties: Media planners typically work in advertising agencies and are tasked with creating and implementing various media ad campaigns for the company's clients. They constantly communicate with clients and advise them on the most effective media channels for advertising their products or services, while also evaluating the results at the end of advertising campaigns.

7. Marketing executive

National Average Salary: $54,211 per year

Primary Duties: Marketing executives are typically involved in developing all aspects of a marketing campaign, from start to finish. Their role greatly varies depending on the size and nature of the hiring company, but they are usually involved in planning a marketing campaign, advertising it, handling public relations, organizing events, conducting research and any other marketing-related task.

8. Media buyer

National Average Salary: $54,348 per year

Primary Duties: Media buyers operate on behalf of various clients and their role is to negotiate, buy and supervise advertising space through various media channels. They use their knowledge of the media market and their previously acquired marketing skills to reach the highest number of people on behalf of their clients and for the lowest possible cost.

9. Public relations specialist

National Average Salary: $56,765 per year

Primary Duties: Public relations specialists communicate with the general public on behalf of an organization. They are typically tasked with spreading the organization's messages to the public and they use a wide variety of modern and traditional media outlets to do so. They are sometimes called communication specialists or media specialists.

10. Sales representative

National Average Salary: $58,011 per year

Primary Duties: A sales representative is responsible for selling goods and services to potential customers. Sales representatives use their marketing skills to advertise the products and services sold by the organization, identify potential customers and persuade them to buy by using various sales techniques.

11. Marketing research analyst

National Average Salary: $60,061 per year

Primary Duties: Market research analysts use specific tools and strategies to assess consumer opinions on every aspect related to the hiring organization's goods and services available for sale. They gather large amounts of data, organize it and use it to draw relevant conclusions regarding customer feedback, which is then used to increase future customer satisfaction.

12. eCommerce Manager

National Average Salary: $61,957 per year

Primary Duties: eCommerce managers are responsible for overseeing an organization's online sales department. They need to maintain a positive online company image and a strong online presence, with the purpose of generating sales through the Internet. They typically oversee a team of marketing professionals and software developers.

13. Marketing manager

National Average Salary: $62,555 per year

Primary Duties: A company's marketing manager is responsible for outlining the objectives, costs and execution details of a company's marketing strategy. They lead the creation and coordination of all marketing-related activities within a company, collaborating with other departments and outside contractors to determine the most appropriate and cost-effective promotional strategies.

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14. Market researcher

National Average Salary: $65,493 per year

Primary Duties: Market researchers are tasked with collecting and analyzing information and data regarding their clients' marketing activities and presenting the conclusions to their respective clients. Although some market researchers are hired directly by companies and tasked with collecting information on marketing trends and consumer feedback, most of them work for marketing agencies that are hired by various organizations.

15. SEO manager

National Average Salary: $65,689 per year

Primary Duties: The main responsibility of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) managers is to plan, implement and manage an organization's SEO strategy. This implies handling various SEO-related tasks, such as web marketing, web analytics, keyword strategy and link building, with the purpose of increasing the organization's online visibility.

16. Account executive

National Average Salary: $65,871 per year

Primary Duties: An account executive acts as an intermediary between an advertising agency's clients and its creative department. Their main role is facilitating communication between the two parties from the moment the client approaches the agency until the advertising campaign is completed.

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17. Advertising art director

National Average Salary: $71,537 per year

Primary Duties: Advertising art directors are tasked with producing new ideas for media advertising campaigns. They usually work in tandem with the copywriting team, with the art director being responsible for the visual elements and the copywriters creating the accompanying written text. They create campaigns while taking into consideration the client's products or services, their specific needs and desires, and the general characteristics of the target audience.

18. Sales manager

National Average Salary: $75,209 per year

Primary Duties: A sales manager is typically responsible for leading an organization's sales department. They set common and individual goals, create sales plans, analyze sales figures, train sales representatives, hire and terminate sales personnel and generally perform any sales-related tasks that lead to an increase in sales. Their responsibilities can greatly vary depending on the size and nature of the hiring organization, with small company sales managers often having to perform sales representative duties.

19. Management analyst

National Average Salary: $78,952 per year

Primary Duties: Marketing analysts typically conduct internal research within the hiring organization to find new ways to improve efficiency in all departments. They evaluate procedures, systems and organizational tools, communicate with company personnel and observe day-to-day activities, attempting to find new ways to make the organization operate more efficiently.

20. Brand manager

National Average Salary: $65.85 per hour

Primary Duties: A brand manager is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the marketing process for a specific good or service. They maintain constant communication with other departments within the organization and with external contractors, with the purpose of conducting research, planning and advertising.

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