16 Jobs You Can Do With a Liberal Arts Associate Degree

Updated October 23, 2023

Many industries seek talented employees with a broad knowledge base. Candidates with relevant experience and a solid educational foundation can often find administrative, sales and service positions. Earning your associate degree can provide you with the training and general skills necessary to secure these roles. In this article, we discuss what liberal arts associate degree jobs are and list jobs you can find with an associate degree in liberal arts.

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What are liberal arts associate degree jobs?

Liberal arts associate degree jobs are positions that require or prefer an Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences, which you can earn at many community colleges and technical schools. These programs usually require a high school diploma or equivalent.

An associate degree in liberal arts often offers a basic foundation of general education courses focusing on:

  • Math

  • Natural sciences

  • Social sciences

  • Humanities

Having a broad range of knowledge can be a benefit for many job seekers as their experience is not in a single concentration. Your associate degree also helps you develop skills that appeal to many employers, including:

  • Written and oral communication skills

  • Time management skills

  • Research skills

  • Critical thinking skills

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16 liberal arts associate degree jobs

Here are 16 jobs you can explore with an associate degree in liberal arts:

1. Daycare teacher

National average salary: $14.82 per hour

Primary duties: Daycare teachers supervise children ages five and younger. They are responsible for ensuring the health and safety of their classes, teaching age-appropriate developmental and social skills and following a class schedule for meals and activities.

2. Sales associate

National average salary: $11.44 per hour

Primary duties: Sales associates sell products or services and may earn a commission in addition to their normal wages. They can work in fields such as retail sales, automobile sales, health insurance and IT. Sales associates should be personable, self-motivated and enjoy working in a competitive, performance-driven environment.

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3. Receptionist

National average salary: $13.50 per hour

Primary duties: Receptionists manage clerical duties in an office setting. They may type documents, make and answer phone calls, schedule office repairs and schedule appointments.

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4. Customer service representative

National average salary: $13.63 per hour

Primary duties: Customer service representatives respond to customer questions and concerns. They may work at physical location, a call center or from home. Customer service representatives should have strong communications skills, patience and the ability to remain calm with challenging customers.

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5. Refuse collector

National average salary: $14.29 per hour

Primary duties: Refuse collectors are responsible for unloading public and commercial trash receptacles and delivering them to refuse facilities. They should be physically fit, have strong mechanical skills and be comfortable working in challenging conditions. Truck drivers have to earn their commercial driver license.

6. Administrative assistant

National average salary: $15.72 per hour

Primary duties: Administrative assistants help their employers manage daily administrative operations, such as scheduling, answering phones and taking messages, entering data, responding to emails and filing. They should have strong organizational skills, communication skills and computer skills.

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7. Installation technician

National average salary: $18.11 per hour

Primary duties: Installation technicians work with cable providers, IT companies and retail stores to install and maintain hardware and equipment, such as cables, control boxes, computers and routers. They should have strong problem-solving skills, mechanical abilities and stamina to work in harsh conditions.

8. Human resources assistant

National average salary: $18.81 per hour

Primary duties: Human resources assistants work in human resources departments assisting in clerical and administrative functions. They may help with scheduling interviews, ordering supplies for events, inputting employee data and taking meeting notes.

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9. Freelance writer

National average salary: $19.46 per hour

Primary duties: Freelance writers work as independent contractors writing content for a variety of mediums. They may write articles, web content, advertisements and brochures.

10. Translator

National average salary: $47,662 per year

Primary duties: Translators can work in a variety industries helping individuals or companies translate materials. They may also work with government agencies or private businesses to translate in-person between parties. Translators should be highly knowledgeable of spelling, grammar and proper speech in each language they translate.

11. Office manager

National average salary: $51,385 per year

Primary duties: Office managers organize and supervise the administrative duties in an office. Their responsibilities may include ordering supplies, scheduling appointments, maintaining client databases, answering calls and emails, communicating with clients or customers and training other administrative employees.

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12. Tutor

National average salary: $25.07 per hour

Primary duties: Tutors work with all different types of learners to help teach specific subjects, supplement students' primary education or prepare them for standardized tests. Tutors can work independently or as part of a tutoring company. They should be knowledgeable of their subject areas, excellent communicators and enjoy working with a diverse set of learners.

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13. Police officer

National average salary: $54,097 per year

Primary duties: Police officers are responsible for protecting and serving their communities. This includes making arrests and charging individuals with crimes, testifying in court cases, writing reports and responding to emergencies.

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14. Editor

National average salary: $57,375 per year

Primary duties: Editors review written pieces to check for spelling, grammar, style and tone standards and submit this feedback to writers. They can work for marketing agencies, publishers and communications departments in large organizations to edit books, articles, web copy and marketing content. Editors may also work on a freelance basis.

15. Funeral director

National average salary: $57,984 per year

Primary duties: Funeral directors work with families and loved ones to plan end-of-life services. They help arrange transportation, carry out final wishes and schedule services. Requirements vary by state, but many require an associate degree and funeral director's license.

16. Sales manager

National average salary: $79,972 per year

Primary duties: Sales managers oversee a sales team. They can work in many industries selling products, automobiles, services or software. Sales managers generally have several years of experience in sales before progressing to management.

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