31 Low-Stress High-Paying Jobs (With Job Responsibilities)

Updated July 26, 2023

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It's possible to find a low-stress job without sacrificing your pay. There are many high-paying opportunities available for those wanting to work in a low-stress, positive work environment. Learning more about the different employment options available in this category can help you find a career that suits your lifestyle needs, compensation goals and desire for professional fulfillment.

In this article, we define what low-stress high-pay jobs are, share common low-stress high-paying jobs you can pursue, list the responsibilities of each and factors to consider when looking for these types of jobs.

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What are low-stress high-pay jobs?

A low-stress high-pay job is a role that offers above-average compensation without requiring large time or emotional commitments from employees and few high-stress situations. Even though these jobs might be challenging, they typically offer highly skilled individuals opportunities to complete specific tasks on a more relaxed timeline. Some of the least stressful jobs might involve repetitive tasks that are relatively simple once you master them or involve relaxing elements, like time spent outside or social interaction.

Roles without strict requirements or deadlines can reduce pressure and allow for a greater level of employee autonomy and a good work-life balance. Some may also allow you to set your own hours, which can decrease stress. These roles also grant employees an annual salary of $60,000 or more, which can be enough compensation to make individuals feel valued for the amount, quality and type of work they contribute.

17 low-stress high-paying jobs

Here are common high-paying jobs you can pursue that pay over $60,000 and can cause little stress, along with the average annual salaries. You can pursue some of these roles with a high-school diploma or certifications, while some might require additional education, extensive experience or certifications for you to pursue them:

For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, visit indeed.com/salaries.

1. Petroleum engineer

National average salary: $61,875 per year

Primary duties: A petroleum engineer creates and designs systems for extracting gas and oil from beneath the Earth's surface. They work to develop efficient processes and technologies for oil companies and extraction teams to use. Many petroleum engineers focus on developing more efficient and environmentally sustainable rigs and drills.

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2. Art director

National average salary: $72,005 per year

Primary duties: An art director oversees the style and visual elements of a newspaper, magazine or product package. Their responsibilities might include reviewing concepts to determine effective artistic designs to represent them, selecting art, photographs or design elements to use for various artistic projects and reviewing and granting approvals for artwork, photographs, graphics or other design pieces. Art directors also develop timelines and budgets for upcoming projects and verify that production aligns with these constraints.

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3. Purchasing manager

National average salary: $79,099 per year

Primary duties: Purchasing managers develop strategies for buying and sourcing goods, equipment and services for organizations. Common job duties are interacting closely with suppliers to track the progress of product deliveries, negotiating prices with suppliers or vendors, building timelines for deliverables, taking inventory to determine the organization's supplier needs and ensuring all items meet the company's quality specifications and standards.

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4. Research scientist

National average salary: $80,279 per year

Primary duties: A research scientist coordinates, designs and implements experiments to analyze data sets and review their results. Other job duties include developing research strategies to increase productivity and efficiency levels, conducting research to present findings on understudied topics, performing research presentations to stakeholders and supervisors and publishing findings in academic journals.

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5. Audiologist

National average salary: $82,249 per year

Primary duties: An audiologist evaluates, diagnoses and treats patients' hearing conditions. Their job duties include using tools and instruments to understand the severity of patients' hearing loss or balance issues, administering treatment plans to overcome or manage the disorder, offering advice to patients to help them better live with certain hearing challenges and fitting patients for hearing aids or similar devices.

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6. Statistician

National average salary: $84,804 per year

Primary duties: A statistician collects, reviews and interprets various numerical data sets to help organizations make more informed decisions and strategies. Common job duties include gathering production costs and sales figures, using statistical software programs to build and manage databases, cleaning, validating and reviewing data sets to ensure data integrity and applying statistical formulas, techniques and calculations to make accurate predictions and recommendations to organizational leaders.

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7. Economist

National average salary: $86,176 per year

Primary duties: An economist closely analyzes the creation and distribution of goods, services and other industry resources by analyzing trends, data and other economic issues. Other responsibilities might be gathering relevant data to review, using mathematical techniques, models and software systems, inputting results in charts, tables and reports to present to stakeholders and executives and forecasting market trends.

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8. Biomedical engineer

National average salary: $90,183 per year

Primary duties: A biomedical engineer uses a combination of scientific and engineering knowledge to design and build artificial organs, prosthetic limbs and other devices to help humans function with certain illnesses or injuries more effectively. Other responsibilities include collaborating with manufacturing team members to build and test prototypes, offering technical support or updates for current biomedical equipment items and training physicians on how to properly use new equipment ideas.

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9. Nuclear engineer

National average salary: $91,093 per year

Primary duties: A nuclear engineer monitors the operations and functions of nuclear facilities to determine the operation, design or construction methods required to improve the organization. Other job duties include locating common medical or industrial uses for a variety of radioactive materials, developing nuclear equipment items, like radiation shields, associated instrumentation or reactor cores, and overseeing maintenance activities in plants to make sure they follow safety standards and policies.

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10. Operations engineer

National average salary: $97,866 per year

Primary duties: Operations engineers ensure an organization's machinery and other technical items function efficiently. Common responsibilities include handling any machinery upgrades or repairs, collaborating with department heads to improve their operating systems, examining machinery and technology for any issues or defects and training managers or other employees on how to use different machinery items and tools.

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11. Mathematician

National average salary: $102,266 per year

Primary duties: Mathematicians use mathematical techniques and theories to offer solutions to organizational challenges. Common duties include analyzing gathered data to understand company issues, developing models to overcome these problems, using geometry and algebra teachings to develop new mathematical theories and applying these innovative theories to solve issues in business, engineering and science subjects.

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12. Information systems manager

National average salary: $105,468 per year

Primary duties: An information systems manager oversees all activities related to an organization's computer programs. Their responsibilities may include reviewing the company's current needs to recommend more effective upgrades to leadership, managing the maintenance and installation efforts of various software and hardware systems, analyzing the costs and benefits of potential programs and negotiating pricing plans with computer system vendors.

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13. Actuary

National average salary: $109,009 per year

Primary duties: Actuaries apply financial theory, statistics and mathematical methods to review the financial costs of certain organizational risks. Common responsibilities are gathering statistical data sets to analyze, creating estimates to determine economic costs of unexpected events like sicknesses, accidents or natural disasters and designing and testing the effectiveness of insurance policies, pension plans or investments.

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14. Software engineer

National average salary: $111,745 per year

Primary duties: A software engineer uses techniques and principles of computer science, mathematics and engineering to create and test organizational software applications. Other job duties include directing testing methods and system validation, implementing software programming initiatives and procedures, communicating project proposals and statuses to clients and managers and monitoring system performances to apply necessary updates and fixes.

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15. Radiation therapist

National average salary: $121,213 per year

Primary duties: A radiation therapist works directly with oncologists to provide radiation treatment plans to patients undergoing cancer and other health conditions. Other responsibilities include monitoring patients' responses during treatments, administering doses prescribed by physicians, taking patients' measurements before treatment sessions and answering questions patients have about treatments.

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16. Dentist

National average salary: $217,825 per year

Primary duties: A dentist evaluates, diagnoses and treats issues involving a patient's mouth, including their gums and teeth. Their job duties might include performing scheduled cleanings, answering patients' questions regarding their oral health, conducting complex procedures like tooth extractions, oral surgery or root canals, correcting patients' bite issues and administering anesthesia or sedatives before treatments.

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17. Optometrist

National average salary: $335,535 per year

Primary duties: Optometrists examine patients' eyes to identify, diagnose and treat certain vision injuries, conditions or diseases. Common responsibilities include performing routine eye examinations on patients, prescribing glasses, contacts or other corrective lenses, diagnosing sight issues like color blindness or nearsightedness and teaching patients the proper eye care methods and techniques.

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7 entry-level low-stress high-paying jobs

Below are some low-stress jobs you can get with little experience in a variety of industries that can pay over $60,000. Similar to the roles mentioned previously, some of these job titles might require additional education or certifications.

For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, visit indeed.com/salaries.

1. Accountant

National average salary: $61,249 per year

Primary duties: Accountants help organizations or individuals organize and administer their financial documents. They may help clients prepare their taxes, perform internal audits, reconcile their accounts and develop financial statements. They may also keep detailed financial records, create reports and monitor accounts.

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2. Auto mechanic

National average salary: $63,435 per year

Primary duties: Auto mechanics inspect, repair and maintain vehicles for customers. They're responsible for examining vehicles for safety and mechanical issues, performing tests to diagnose issues, replacing faulty parts and performing standard maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations.

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3. IT technician

National average salary: $65,054 per year

Primary duties: IT technicians are specialists who investigate and resolve issues with IT equipment, such as computers, hardware, software and networks. These individuals may analyze clients' tickets, install new programs, upgrade existing equipment and programs and document the repair process.

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4. Virtual assistant

National average salary: $73,045 per year

Primary duties: Virtual assistants perform administrative tasks remotely on behalf of their clients or employers. Their key duties include scheduling appointments, submitting expense reports, managing data, drafting correspondence and booking travel arrangements. Since many of these roles are online or part-time, this can help you balance your work-life schedule which can result in a low-stress environment.

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5. Business intelligence analyst

National average salary: $83,220 per year

Primary duties: Business intelligence (BI) analysts are data analysts who help organizations extract meaning from business data to inform strategic decisions. Their core duties include collecting and sorting data, visualizing data, forecasting sales and market data and reporting their findings to leaders.

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6. Barber

National average salary: $87,990 per year

Primary duties: Barbers cut clients' hair according to their requests. They may also trim or shave facial hair and style hair for events. They sometimes recommend hair products and teach clients how to style their hair. Barbers usually specialize in short hairstyles.

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7. Dental hygienist

National average salary: $97,166 per year

Primary duties: A dental hygienist cleans patients' teeth and educates them on proper tooth care. They often also take diagnostic images of patients' teeth, create moldings and input data into internal systems. Dental hygienists collaborate closely with dentists to provide high-quality dental care.

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7 low-stress high-paying jobs without a degree

Below are some positions to pursue if you want a minimally stressful position that pays well without a bachelor's degree. While job requirements can vary, these roles generally hire candidates with a high school diploma or equivalent. 

For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, visit indeed.com/salaries.

1. Freelance copywriter

National average salary: $61,723 per year

Primary duties: Freelance copywriters create written content, such as blogs, taglines, social media posts, video scripts and jingles, for various clients. Their duties include analyzing client needs, researching topics, creating outlines, drafting written content and revising their work per client feedback.

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2. Machine operator 

National average salary: $63,625 per year

Primary duties: Machine operators are skilled tradespeople who operate heavy machinery, typically in manufacturing or construction environments. Their duties include preparing and calibrating equipment, using equipment to perform tasks, documenting their usage and any quality or maintenance issues, reporting concerns to technicians and safety specialists and abiding by quality and safety standards.

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3. Landscape technician

National average salary: $65,291 per year

Primary duties: Landscape technicians maintain lawns, gardens and outdoor environments for residential or commercial properties. Their tasks include cutting grass and trimming plants, trees, bushes and weeds, implementing irrigation solutions to promote growth and applying fertilizers and treatments as necessary.

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4. Delivery driver

National average salary: $65,718 per year

Primary duties: Delivery drivers transport items, such as food orders, packages and supplies, between locations. Their responsibilities include securely loading cargo into their vehicles, driving safely and abiding by traffic laws, documenting their travels and updating tracking information and dropping off items in secure locations.

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5. Handyperson 

National average salary: $67,250 per year

Primary duties: A handyperson performs general household maintenance for clients on request. Their duties can be vast, but they often include repairing appliances, executing home renovations and installing equipment like security systems, lighting devices or televisions.

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6. Yoga instructor

National average salary: $64,836 per year

Primary duties: Yoga instructors lead group classes or private lessons in yoga. They demonstrate yoga poses, stretches and flows for students, educate them on proper breathing and meditation practices and help students improve their strength, balance and flexibility.

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7. Web developer 

National average salary: $78,359 per year

Primary duties: Web developers design and code websites for clients or employers. They may work with designers or design visual elements, like color schemes, fonts and images, themselves, then they write code to control these elements. Web developers also test websites to ensure all features function correctly and perform periodic maintenance.

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Factors to consider when looking for a low-stress high-paying job

Below are some considerations that may help you find a role that works for you:

Work-life balance

One way to reduce stress in your professional life is to choose a job that offers you plenty of work-life balance. When researching companies in your area, review the benefits they offer. You could prioritize organizations that offer perks like paid time off, volunteer days, gym memberships, flexible schedules and family planning services. These organizations may be more likely to emphasize work-life balance, which may reduce your stress.


Before committing to a path or company, learn more about the schedule for the job. For example, if a job is easy but requires overnight shifts, you might want to consider how it affects your life outside of work.

Growth opportunities

Most employers increase compensation as you advance, so some of the highest-paying jobs require experience. Consider starting in an entry-level role and sharing with supervisors that you hope to progress to a senior role. Working as a manager or leader often allows you to manage your workload more directly, which could lead to less stress. When interviewing for a role, ensure to ask about growth or advancement opportunities to help you better understand your chances of advancing in the organization.

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Strategies for finding a low-stress high-paying job

Here are some techniques you might use to improve your chances of finding a lucrative career path with minimal stress:

Consider your level of education and certification

It's entirely possible to find a low-stress job that pays well without an associate or bachelor's degree. Entry-level positions in skilled labor, technology and hospitality are often open to candidates with a high school degree or equivalent. Pursuing higher education in a related field, which could include a two-year associate program or vocational training, might expand your career options. You may choose to pursue a graduate degree, such as a master's degree, to further qualify you for high-paying senior roles. Certifications can also be an alternative to a formal degree. Holding some specialized credentials in your field could be leverage to request a higher salary from an employer.

Gain experience through internships and volunteering

If you want to enter a high-paying low-stress field, internships can be a great way to gain experience and make connections. Volunteering with a local organization is another way to gain experience before pursuing a job. You can learn more about the field this way, too, so you can determine if it suits your needs. For example, accounting can be a low-stress profession for many people, as it involves predictable, repetitive tasks that people with math skills may find minimally challenging. It's possible that you may intern with an accounting firm and learn that handling financial paperwork stresses you out and you'd rather pursue a different path. Internships and volunteering are low-commitment ways to test out various careers to learn which is the least stressful to you.

Network effectively

Entering a lucrative profession is often easier when you have connections who can vouch for your skills. Try to develop a robust professional network that can recommend you for roles with their employers. Networking can also be an effective way to learn about emerging professions that pay well without requiring challenging or stressful work. Talk with your peers, former colleagues and classmates about what they do for work to learn more about what fields you can pursue.

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