15 Low-Stress Jobs To Explore

Updated August 2, 2023

Like most working people, your job likely consumes a significant portion of your time. As such, you probably want to spend your time in a profession that is fulfilling and at a company that addresses your priorities. If your current position is causing excessive stress due to hours, company culture or other reasons, you may be interested in switching careers to one of many low-stress jobs.

15 of the least stressful jobs to consider

To help you find low-stress jobs that suit your interests, here are 15 of the least stressful jobs based on data from the Occupational Information Network Database. This database calculates stress tolerance on a scale of 0 to 100 (with 100 being the highest stress level). Below, you’ll find jobs with low-stress tolerance scores paired with estimated salary from Indeed Salaries.

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1. Model

National average salary: $21.25 per hour
Stress tolerance: 24
Primary job duties: Models are hired to pose in photo shoots, video shoots or live events to advertise a company’s product. Print models appear in photographs for magazines, billboards and digital ads while fashion models may appear in photographs and also participate in fashion shows.

2. Boilermaker

National average salary: $26.18 per hour
Stress tolerance: 48
Primary job duties: Boilermakers assemble, install and maintain boilers and other large containers full of liquids or gases. They may work with commercial boilers, such as those used for power generation and cooking, or with residential boilers, such as those used in central heating systems.

3. Historian

National average salary: $61,012 per year
Stress tolerance: 55
Primary job duties: A historian studies, interprets and records the past by finding and organizing data from archives, artifacts, ancient texts and other records. Often historians write books or publish their learnings in academic journals.

4. Travel agent

National average salary: $38,178 per year
Stress tolerance: 57
Primary job duties: Travel agents arrange transportation and lodging and put together itineraries for clients’ business or personal travel. Often they advise clients on several aspects of travel including choosing destinations, booking entertainment and selecting insurance plans.

5. Mathematician

National average salary: $81,851 per year
Stress tolerance: 57
Primary job duties: Mathematicians develop and use techniques and theories like mathematical modeling to solve problems in several industries such as business, engineering, government and social sciences. They also work to expand knowledge in geometry, algebra, statistics and other areas of mathematics.

6. Economist

National average salary: $100,969 per year
Stress tolerance: 59
Primary job duties: Economists conduct research and collect data to monitor economic trends and forecast inflation, interest rates, taxes, employment levels, business cycles and other economic events. Economists may work for the government or a private company.

7. Proofreader

National average salary: $20.70 per hour
Stress tolerance: 61
Primary job duties: A proofreader reviews documents for spelling, grammatical and usage errors before they are submitted to another party (such as contracts and other legal paperwork) or published (such as articles and books).

8. Massage therapist

National average salary: $26.89 per hour
Stress tolerance: 63
Primary job duties: Massage therapists massage clients’ soft tissues and joints to promote relaxation, reduce stress, improve circulation, soothe injuries, relieve pain and more. They may also assess muscle issues and offer advice or create therapy plans to help address client concerns.

9. Biomedical engineer

National average salary: $78,954 per year
Stress tolerance: 63
Primary job duties: Biomedical engineers design and develop biomedical equipment such as replacements for body parts (like bones and joints), artificial organs, medical testing machines and other devices used by medical staff in clinics and hospitals.

10. Law clerk

National average salary: $16.82 per hour
Stress tolerance: 65
Primary job duties: Law clerks assist judges in researching issues helping write opinions and make legal determinations. Typically a law clerk is an attorney or someone who has completed law school.

11. Art director

National average salary: $63,094 per year
Stress tolerance: 69
Primary job duties: Art directors oversee visual development and production for advertising agencies, magazines, television and film productions, video games and other entertainment organizations. Typically an art director manages a team of designers.

12. Technical writer

National average salary: $32.16 per hour
Stress tolerance: 69
Primary job duties: Technical writers take complex information and translate them into user-friendly how-to guides, instruction manuals, articles, procedural documents and other materials. Generally, they plan, develop, write and edit these documents.

13. Real estate appraiser

National average salary: $53,094 per year
Stress tolerance: 69
Primary job duties: Real estate appraisers assess property value and provide objective opinions to people seeking to buy, sell or lend money to invest in real estate. A real estate appraiser may do research and prepare reports about the value of commercial or residential properties.

14. Dental hygienist

National average salary: $36.06 per hour
Stress tolerance: 71
Primary job duties: A dental hygienist cleans patients’ teeth, performs X-rays, examines patients for dental issues (like cavities) and signs of oral diseases and provides advice on preventive dental care. They may also act as an assistant to dentists by sterilizing instruments and assisting during dental procedures.

15. Librarian

National average salary: $51,083 per year
Stress tolerance: 73
Primary job duties: A librarian may work in user services, technical services or administrative services. Librarians in user services help visitors find the books and information they need, librarians in technical services source, prepare and catalog books and other materials, and librarians in administrative services negotiate contracts for services, supervise employees, manage budgets and oversee library activities.

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If keeping stress levels low is important to your quality of life, working in a role with less pressure might help you enjoy a better day-to-day professional experience. The list above is just a small sample of jobs with lower-than-average stress levels.

Whether you’re looking to work at a more leisurely pace, achieve a better work-life balance or find a position that better suits your personality and interests, there are many low-stress jobs available across a variety of industries.

Frequently asked questions

How can I lower stress at work?

These are some tips you can use to manage your stress at work:

  • Identify your work stressors

  • Establish boundaries with others

  • Communicate with your supervisor

  • Schedule breaks and take time to relax

Is having a low-stress job good?

Low-stress jobs can be good for those who enjoy slow-paced or simple work. Some prefer fast-paced environments with frequent challenges and may not thrive in a low-stress job.

Is it a good idea to take a low-stress job with lower pay?

To determine whether taking a low-stress job with lower pay is right for you, it's helpful to understand your priorities when choosing a job. If your top priority is maximizing your income, this may also not be the right choice. Those who want to prioritize health or have other income means may choose a lower-paying, lower-stress job.

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