Types of Marketing Major Jobs

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated March 31, 2021 | Published July 23, 2020

Updated March 31, 2021

Published July 23, 2020

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If you're majoring in marketing, you are probably planning for a career in this growing field upon which many businesses rely for cultivating business growth and brand presence. This means that with your degree in marketing, you could have access to many types of jobs that rely on the expertise you'll acquire with your education. Some jobs will lean more on customer relation skills while others may be more technically oriented. In this article, we'll explore several jobs for marketing majors to consider.

What's involved in a marketing major?

Studying a marketing major involves learning about the ways that businesses, brands and organizations form relationships with their target customers through activities that communicate product and service offerings. Marketing majors typically learn about the importance of building connections and engaging with business' target customers through creating products, services and promotional materials to fulfill audiences' needs.

Additionally, students in marketing majors work on developing the skills necessary to plan and implement strategies that help promote the missions of businesses and organizations. Throughout a marketing major education program, students commonly participate in courses that include:

  • Marketing management

  • Digital and social marketing

  • Retail and sales marketing

  • Advertising and promotion

  • Marketing analytics

  • Brand management

  • Market research

As students progress through a marketing major, the skills they develop encompass both soft skills and hard skills. Students who specialize in brand management, for example, typically work on developing skills like effective strategizing and planning, strong organizational skills and interpersonal skills. Since marketing is a customer-focused profession, students of this major spend time learning how to build relationships with and fulfill the needs of target consumers all while furthering a business' goals.

Jobs for marketing majors

If you're interested in learning about the types of careers you can pursue with your marketing major, the following 15 jobs include roles that focus on the skills and expertise you could need to be successful and advance within the industry:

1. Social media manager

National average salary: $45,003 per year

Primary duties: A social media manager is in charge of representing a business or brand across social media platforms and acting as the voice of the organization. They typically post content across a brand's social channels, respond to users' questions and comments, organize ad and social media campaigns and engage with the brand's target audience. Students who major in marketing develop the skills necessary for the job, including technical skills, communication skills and customer service skills to keep audiences engaged with the brand.

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2. Marketing coordinator

National average salary: $45,462 per year

Primary duties: A marketing coordinator is responsible for organizing and assembling advertising and marketing campaigns and analyzing forecasted sales. These professionals rely on communication, technical and analytical skills to strategize and plan out company objectives and campaigns that achieve those objectives. Marketing majors develop skills such as public speaking skills and planning to put together presentations that introduce new initiatives and update key team members.

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3. Sales coordinator

National average salary: $46,667 per year

Primary duties: Sales coordinators take care of the organizational flow of a brand's products or services to better provide an exceptional experience for consumers. These professionals manage schedules and locations of the various members of a sales team, and they set sales goals and facilitate team sales training. The sales coordinator can advance up to more directional roles, including lead coordinator, sales and marketing director and more. Marketing majors learning to become sales coordinators rely on a mix of skills including customer service and communication skills, along with analytical and organizational skills.

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4. Client relations specialist

National Average Salary: $52,183 per year

Primary duties: A client relations specialist is a nontraditional marketing role where the specialist is the main mediator between a business and its clients. The client relations specialist works to ensure each customer is satisfied with the business's products or services, and it's their responsibility to analyze and build strategies that improve client relations and satisfaction rates. Students in marketing majors typically learn how to apply communication and customer service skills, analytical skills and problem-solving skills. These are necessary to communicate clearly with customers and use customer feedback to improve business practices and offerings.

5. Event manager

National average salary: $52,788 per year

Primary duties: Event managers can take on several roles in one, depending on the industry and type of business they work in. Typically, though, event managers plan, organize, manage and coordinate different types of events, from meetings to charities and even fundraisers and special group talks. These professionals have strong planning and organizational skills and may even use technical means to keep their clients' and company's files and information organized. Marketing majors develop these skills along with soft skills like customer service, communication and interpersonal skills to facilitate and encourage brand awareness and growth.

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6. Marketing consultant

National average salary: $59,095 per year

Primary duties: Marketing consultants are advisors who work with businesses to develop and initiate marketing strategies. Marketing consultants support businesses and brands by helping to plan and outline a detailed plan for implementing marketing campaigns. Marketing majors focusing on this field develop organizational and strategic thinking to help businesses and brands identify key aspects of the brand message that they want to promote to target audiences. They also work with organizations to determine the appropriate combination of strategies to get business messages in front of their target customers.

7. Digital marketer

National average salary: $60,997 per year

Primary duties: Digital marketing managers are responsible for planning, developing and initiating marketing campaigns to promote a business and its products or services. Digital marketers help businesses and brands plan out digital marketing strategies and manage the campaigns to evaluate which strategies are working to get business messages in front of their target customers. Students of digital marketing majors develop the ability to work with digital channels, such as social media and email messages, to reach target markets and create brand awareness to bring customers to business websites and acquire leads and new customers.

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8. Public relations manager

National average salary: $61,923 per year

Primary duties: A public relations manager engages with an organization's audiences to promote and clarify the organization's mission, brand message and point of view. These professionals typically focus on the social and economic aspects of how target markets perceive a business or organization. Public relations managers also monitor trends within the economic, social and political spheres that can have an effect on the organizations they represent. Students with a major in public relations learn how to apply public speaking skills, effective communication and the ability to connect with audiences in a way that enhances an organization's public image.

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9. Sales analyst

National average salary: $64,284 per year

Primary duties: Sales analysts are responsible for evaluating and monitoring sales patterns and revenue streams for a business or organization. Typically, a sales analyst will study a business's sales data to identify ways in which they can plan strategies that help increase sales and revenue. Students who become sales analysts learn how to apply skills like analytical and critical thinking skills to evaluate competitors, perform sales forecasts and make suggestions about how a business's sales and marketing teams should be implementing strategies to help it reach its sales and revenue goals.

10. Marketing analyst

National average salary: $66,212 per year

Primary duties: A marketing analyst or market research analyst helps an organization determine which products or services will be successful, which audiences to market them to and what price to set for the product or service. Marketing analysts use problem-solving and data analysis to study the market conditions, current trends, competing businesses' activities and the behavior of their organization's target customers. Marketing analyst majors learn the skills necessary for data analysis and evaluating different aspects of a business's marketing activities, including campaign management and evaluating marketing strategies for degrees of success.

11. Marketing manager

National average salary: $70,898 per year

Primary duties: A marketing manager is responsible for overseeing all of a company's or department's marketing campaigns. Marketing managers typically brainstorm and plan for new campaign ideas, collaborate with sales teams and implement strategies that improve an organization's promotional activities. Marketing managers also work closely with analytics, such as audience engagement, to see which strategies are working best to further their organization's mission and sales goals. Marketing majors develop a range of soft and hard skills, including technical knowledge, analytical, communication and interpersonal skills.

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12. Content strategist

National average salary: $73,841 per year

Primary duties: A content strategist focuses solely on developing and creating various strategies that help an organization reach its customers through print media. A content strategist may work with copywriters, digital marketers, social media managers and other marketing and sales professionals to plan out written messages to promote across different digital and in-print channels. Common materials content strategists will work with and create include blog articles, journals, email messages, social media content, website content and other promotional messages for target audiences. Communication, digital technology, analytical and problem-solving skills are just some of the skills content marketing majors develop.

13. Brand manager

National average salary: $73,969 per year

Primary duties: Brand managers are responsible for helping their organizations plan and implement a strategy that creates awareness of the organization's offerings among its target market. A brand manager maintains their organization's integrity throughout all marketing activities and communication outlets. These professionals use a range of interpersonal and communication skills, including verbal and written communication skills, along with technical and analytical skills. Students studying to be brand managers develop strong problem-solving skills to work through the challenges of creating and maintaining a brand's image within large markets.

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14. Project manager

National average salary: $86,308 per year

Primary duties: Project managers are marketing professionals who plan, organize and direct the activities of marketing projects and campaigns for their organizations. They may commonly oversee and manage a team of marketers and will collaborate across sales and marketing teams to develop strategies that further their company's goals while staying within the company's budget, scope and time frame. Marketing majors who want to pursue a career as a project manager work on developing managerial and leadership skills, and they also learn how to apply communication and organizational skills in order to support and drive projects to completion.

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15. Promotions director

National average salary: $89,687 per year

Primary duties: Promotions directors oversee marketing programs and campaigns that combine purchasing incentives with advertising strategies that help companies increase sales. Some of the campaigns that promotions directors manage include direct mail campaigns, newspaper inserts, online marketing campaigns and even in-store retail promotional activities. Marketing majors interested in becoming a promotions director learn how to apply their skills in the promotion of a business's products or services through developing their abilities to plan and carry out special events and programs to target consumers.

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