12 Master in Organizational Leadership Jobs To Pursue

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published May 25, 2021

If you're interested in a role where you can inspire, lead and guide others, consider earning your Master of Science in organizational leadership. The courses typically taught in this curriculum focus on training students to inspire and motivate teams to implement organizational change or improve a company's performance. Organizational leadership graduates may work for nonprofits, large corporations, small businesses or private firms. In this article, we cover what organizational leadership is and the different master in organizational leadership jobs to pursue.

What is organizational leadership?

Organizational leadership is an area of study that focuses on motivating, guiding and setting goals for individuals or groups of people. Those who earn a Master of Science in organizational leadership typically aim to receive additional experience and knowledge in their field to lead employees effectively and make decisions. Students who graduate with this degree typically develop skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, leadership and team-building, which they can use in a wide variety of careers.

12 master in organizational leadership jobs

There are many different industries you can work in after graduating with your master's in organizational leadership, from healthcare or sales to education. Common jobs you can get with a master's in organizational leadership include:

1. Community service manager

National average salary: $49,074 per year

Primary duties: A community service manager coordinates, directs and plans the activities of community outreach or social service programs. Their main responsibilities are managing the program's budgets, directing the volunteers, ensuring all the efficient use of company and community resources and finding ways to meet community needs through policies, procedures and activities.

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2. Organizational development consultant

National average salary: $51,429 per year

Primary duties: Organizational development consultants visit different companies to identify ways to enhance their efficiencies, productivity levels and effectiveness through proper use of their resources. Other key duties include analyzing organizational processes, locating developmental needs through personnel interviews and reporting the success of their projects after implementation.

3. Healthcare manager

National average salary: $63,691 per year

Primary duties: Healthcare managers work at clinics, hospitals or other medical facilities to oversee the daily operations of the organization. They're typically in charge of coordinating patient care plans, delegating tasks to facility staff members, handling billing and budgets and hiring, training and letting go of facility staff members.

4. Training and development manager

National average salary: $63,699 per year

Primary duties: Training and development managers teach company employees about organizational procedures and goals through lectures, team exercises and seminars. Their main responsibilities include conducting educational training sessions, working with management to locate employee improvement areas, overseeing training budgets and preparing and distributing training materials to employees, like videos, presentations and modules.

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5. Marketing manager

National average salary: $65,929 per year

Primary duties: A marketing manager oversees the implementation of a company's promotional efforts through digital and print marketing campaigns. Their main duties include developing a department budget, generating new marketing and sales leads, hiring and training marketing staff members and conducting market research for trends and forecasts.

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6. Operations manager

National average salary: $67,125 per year

Primary duties: An operations manager implements strategies and policies to improve hiring procedures, training standards and other organizational processes. Most of their responsibilities center on enhancing the productivity, efficiency and performance of an organization, including tasks like reviewing current organizational policies, promoting a positive company culture, boosting employee morale and ensuring all employees feel safe and comfortable in the work environment at all times.

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7. Human resources manager

National average salary: $69,207 per year

Primary duties: A human resources manager handles an organization's recruitment, company culture and employee satisfaction efforts. They complete tasks like creating a training and onboarding process, implementing recruitment programs, resolving employee conflict and ensuring all employees remain compliant and updated on the workplace health and safety standards or policies.

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8. Sales manager

National average salary: $77,459 per year

Primary duties: A sales manager is typically in charge of a team of representatives to offer them training, mentorship and guidance. Key responsibilities include building sales plans for the team to follow, setting sales quotas for individual employees, assigning territories, tracking the department's progress and compiling department reports for the leadership team to review.

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9. Management consultant

National average salary: $86,190 per year

Primary duties: A management consultant visits organizations and identifies potential improvement areas to develop action plans to overcome challenges, enhance efficiencies and increase profits. Other duties include building policies to improve training procedures, helping management navigate changes made to the organization and suggesting action plans that prevent future issues from reoccurring.

10. Organizational change manager

National average salary: $92,205 per year

Primary duties: An organizational change manager works with other leadership members to design and implement strategies quickly, without jeopardizing employee productivity. They typically ensure all employees react effectively to changing procedures by completing tasks like executing change management strategies to maximize efficiencies, reviewing budgetary impacts and cost structures and establishing communication plans to ensure all changes run smoothly.

11. School principal

National average salary: $99,359 per year

Primary duties: School principals work at elementary, middle or high schools to oversee the teaching methods of instructors, the behaviors of students and the management of finances. Other tasks they may perform include conducting meetings with parents and students to discuss any behavioral or educational issues, monitoring teachers' job performances and deciding on programs to put toward the school's budget.

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12. Compensation manager

National average salary: $99,551 per year

Primary duties: A compensation manager compiles a company's benefits and compensation package for its employees. Their role typically consists of updating current compensation policies, creating policies that abide by current laws and regulations, assisting with the organizational recruitment process to decide on salary offers and working with third parties to develop and negotiate benefit plans that support the employees while staying within the organization's budget.

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